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Now is the age of mechanical life-forms. We will rule over all humankind.

—Ziggy, Chapter 101

Ziggy (ジギー Jigī?), also known as the "Demon King" (魔王 Maō?), is a machine from Granbell, Shiki's surrogate grandfather, the former ruler of the Sakura Cosmos,[3] as well as the creator of the Four Shining Stars, Four Dark Stars, and E.M. Pino. Ziggy was originally the leader of the warship Edens Zero and is currently using the its successor ship, Edens One, to conquer humankind. He was also Xenolith's pupil and is known as the "King of Robots", commanding his Skeleton Army in his conquest.


Ziggy is a tall robot, built with a demonic appearance, fitting to his title of the Demon King. The majority of his body appears to be in a silver, metallic coating, as well as black in certain areas on his body. He has a skull face and wears a gold crown with a dark purple jewel in the middle and he has large, gold horns protruding from either side of the crown. He adorns himself with a large, red cape with gold trimmings with two gold skeletons on each shoulder. His chest appears to have a large opening with sharp spikes sticking, making it resemble a mouth. On the back of his cape has the crest of the Edens Zero.[4]

Following his resurrection, much of his appearance remains relatively the same, but he has become more battered looking and has grown moss on certain parts of his body. He appears to have lost a chunk of his left horn and his cape has been torn a bit at the bottom ends.[5] After he boards the Edens One, he is restored back to his original appearance.[6]

After the failed uprising on planet Foresta, Ziggy transforms his appearance into a more menacing form, with his horns being more defined and intimidating, befitting his role as the Demon King.[7]

On planet Lendard, Ziggy now wears a cape with two vampire-like skulls on each shoulder, a new type of metallic body armor in black, and wears a pair of light-colored belts around his waist in a crossed fashion.


Ziggy was a robot who loved those around him, be they machines or humans, as shown when he raised Shiki as his grandson. He appeared to possess a vast knowledge of the world beyond the Sakura Cosmos and shared that knowledge with Shiki. Ziggy was the one that taught Shiki how he'll meet lots of people in various kingdoms and how important friendship was, believing it was the most important thing in the world. Ziggy believed that friends will support you when you need them and that it's important to treasure them forever.[4] Ziggy's knowledge of the universe gave him a reputation among others, who believed him to be a wise and intelligent being according to Nero.

However, all of this was because he had forgotten his old memories and therefore his original purpose. Once Ziggy had regained his memories after his revival, he remembered what his purpose was and that was to destroy humanity. He has become a ruthless tyrant that is determined to conquer and destroy humanity, placing the machines above everything else. Despite this, Ziggy has found some use in having humans as his allies, such as Connor, who pilots his warship.[5]

Though Ziggy believes machines to be the far superior race in the world, he doesn't actually appear to value his kind either despite what his goals may suggest, specifically towards his creations. He believes that his creations have no free will of their own and tells them they are to obey their programming and his orders.[8] When Pino resists his orders and stays with Shiki, he abandons her without hesitation and tells her to rot along with the humans. This suggests that Ziggy doesn't see anything beyond his creations as nothing more then mere tools for him to use and throw away.[9] Further displayed when he uses the bots of Foresta to start a rebellion,[10] in order to get the All-Link System.[11]



Ziggy was built along with many other robots for the Granbell Kingdom back when it had many visitors. After the park was abandoned a century ago, he and the rest of the robots were left to fend for themselves. Sometime after Granbell was abandoned, Ziggy built the Edens Zero along with a group of four female machines to bring the ship to its full power: Witch Regret, Sister Ivry, Hermit Mio, and Valkyrie Yuna, who became known as the Four Shining Stars, with the goal of finding Mother.

15 years ago, during his quest to find Mother, Ziggy journeyed to the Aoi Cosmos and visited the planet Red Cave. He entered the Temple of the Mother Beacon without the Four Shining Stars and managed to survive the burning cave within the temple to reach the clue to find Mother on the far side.

Ziggy helped his old friend Nero, who wanted him to teach Shura how to use Satan Gravity, as the boy was incompatible with the Emperor's power.[12]

At an unknown point, Ziggy had built E.M. Pino and sent her to be repaired by Professor Weisz.[13]

When close to finding Mother, Ziggy discovered an orphaned boy named Shiki, which caused him to give up his search for Mother, returned to Granbell to raise Shiki as his adoptive grandson, and taught him his signature Ether Gear: Satan Gravity.[14] During his trip back he met Elsie Crimson and became her benefactor. Before arriving on Granbell with Shiki in a pod, Ziggy gave the Edens Zero to Elsie and requested her to give the ship to Shiki when it was time for him to leave Granbell.[15]

One day, while Ziggy, Shiki, and Michael were watching shooting stars believed to be a Dragon, Ziggy told Shiki of the importance of finding friends and traveling the universe.[4] Eventually, his robotic body broke down and he ceased to function sometime afterward, leaving Shiki to be looked after by the Granbell robots in his stead. Distraught, Shiki tried to repair Ziggy to save him, only to learn there was nothing he could do to save his adoptive grandfather. He passed away before he could teach Shiki the Gravity Comet technique. Before he ceased to function, however, he requested the other robots make Shiki leave them behind and send him to space by whatever means necessary as he knew that his adopted grandson would be all alone on the planet once their batteries died out.[16]

Back when Shiki was a kid, Ziggy was the one who told him that robots also have similar lifespans as humans, such as both only have one soul and memory of their past life that cannot be returned, even after their mechanical bodies are revived.[17]

Skull Fairy arc[]

Ziggy's grave is visited by Eslie after she escaped the Interstellar Union Army inorder to tell him that she had kept her promise. However, Ziggy's broken-down body gave small traces of a dark, evil Ether that was not familiar to her. Concerned over the strange Ether, Ziggy's remains is secretly monitored by Elsie's Fairy Drone.[18]

Edens One arc[]

On the planet Granbell, Ziggy approaches Shiki and the others from behind, telling the machines of Granbell to rest in peace. Shiki and Hermit are happy to see Ziggy is alive, while Rebecca, Weisz, and Homura are confused as to how the previous Demon King is alive. Shiki then runs toward Ziggy in tears happy to see his grandpa. Suddenly, Ziggy uses his Ether Gear to destroy the landscape, much to Shiki and his friends' shock. He says to Shiki that he was wrong and that he never should have raised him or sent him to the skies. With a sneer, he calls humans ugly, foolish creatures and then says that the age has come where mechanical lifeforms will rule over humankind as the Edens One descends from behind him. He calls out to Pino telling her that she belongs with him.[19]

Ziggy tells her that she was created to follow his orders and that she has no will of her own. He tells her that if she joins him he will tell her why he made her. He then uses his Ether Gear to destroy more of the Granbell Kingdom.[8] After Shiki helps Pino return to her senses, Ziggy tells her to stay here and rot with her humans. He then proceeds to float toward the Edens One and boards inside it, as he does so he calls Hermit, telling her that he no longer needs her or the other Shining Stars. He then unleashes another wave of destruction upon the surface of Granbell.[9] After restoring himself back to his original appearance, Ziggy tells them that the Edens Zero is a prototype for the Edens One. He then says with the One now awakened, the Zero will cease to exist. He introduces the the Crew of Edens to the Demon King's Four Dark Stars, a more advanced generation of Four Shining Stars. Ziggy then says that he will leave Shiki the blessing of dying with his friends.[20]

After Killer note's of Valkyrie’s death, Ziggy remarks that it saves them the trouble of disposing her. Ziggy then orders a recently reluctant Connor to sink the Edens Zero. He remains quiet when Connor tries to reason with him, but he again orders him to sink them, which the latter complies.[21] When the Star Bringer of the Edens One is about fire at the Edens Zero, Ziggy declares that this is destiny.[22] However, Elsie’s Skull Fairy intervenes and manages to rescue the Edens Zero, causing Ziggy to order Connor to retreat for now and says that Edens One has no chance of emerging unscathed from fighting one of the Oración Seis Galáctica at their present stage.[23]

Foresta arc[]

After arriving in the Aoi Cosmos, Ziggy hacks into the systems of Foresta and broadcasts himself to the human and machine population of the Verdant Planet. He declares that robots will rule over humans and states that he will start with Foresta, where the machines started attacking the humans and enslaving or killing them, causing a huge panic on the planet that has lasted a week.[10]

Sandra arc[]

After watching Shura's public announcement across the Aoi Cosmos, Ziggy muses that it is the kind of Nero's son to react as exactly as he expected. When Wizard asks if he means about the robot massacre, the Demon King explains that if Shura wants to destroy all of the robots at once, then he has one option. He reveals the "All-Link System", the last resort allowed only to the rulers of Nero 1: The Temple, and this is what he has been waiting for.[11]

Aoi War arc[]

X495 arc[]

Powers and Abilities[]

Ziggy is an Ether Gear user and perhaps one of the most powerful to exist. Having been trained under Xenolith, Ziggy masterfully wields Satan Gravity and would later pass on his knowledge to Shiki afterwards. It is later revealed that Ziggy is currently stronger than Xenolith, as his old mentor himself stated his own power is nothing compare to Ziggy's, meaning he's long surpassed him. After killing Nero and taking his Ether Gear, Ziggy has become the first known person to have two different Ether Gears. Outside of his strength and power, he has proven to be a very talented and gifted individual with exceptional skill, as he was able to master every technique of Satan Gravity in just one day.

Satan Gravity (サタングラビティ Satan Gurabiti): Ziggy taught Shiki his Ether Gear, Satan Gravity, which allows him to control and manipulate gravity.[24] Ziggy's mastery over this ability allows him to perform feats such as destroying an entire city around him without moving as well as levitating into the air.[25] Over time, Ziggy's gravity was able to destroy the surface of Granbell, completely altering its shape.[26] By directing his gravity with a raised hand, Ziggy was able to completely immobilize Jaguar as the powerful fighter was charging towards him.[27]

Wormhole (ワームホール Wāmuhōru): Ziggy is able to use this Ether Gear after absorbing it from Nero. He is able to make wave-like portals to other locations, even distant planets, and pass through them.[31]

Machine Physiology: As a machine, Ziggy is capable of surviving decapitation.[32] Should Ziggy's head ever be removed from his body, he can simply reattach it.[33]

  • Immense Heat Resistance: Ziggy's mechanical body boasts an impressive degree of heat resistance, surpassing the bodies of the Four Shining Stars, which allowed him to traverse through the intense flames of Red Cave and return alive all by himself.[34]

Mechanical Engineering: Outside of his powers, Ziggy is talented at mechanical engineering as he created various machines and weaponry such as the Four Shining Stars and the Four Dark Stars, as well as his warships the Edens Zero and Edens One.[6]

Transformation: By activating his Ether and having it spread across and throughout his body, Ziggy is able to transform himself to have a more menacing form, befitting the title of Demon King.[35]


Edens Zero (エデンズ・ゼロ Edenzu Zero?): A large spaceship owned by Ziggy before giving it to Elsie Crimson so she can pass it on to Shiki.[36]

Edens One (EDENS(エデンズ) ONE(ワン) Edenzu Wan?): A large spaceship he created to be the successor of the Edens Zero.[6]

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We bots die just like humans do. That "death" is exactly what teaches us to appreciate life. We don't have the same lifespan as humans, and the values we attach to life might be different. But even so, we have life just like you, and that means...we have hearts.

—Ziggy, Chapter 68

Shiki... I was wrong. I should never have raised you. Or have sent you into the skies.

—Ziggy, Chapter 101



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