Now is the age of mechanical life-forms. We will rule over all humankind.

—Ziggy, Chapter 101

Ziggy (ジギー Jigī?), also known as the Demon King (魔王 Maō?), is a machine of Granbell, of Shiki Granbell's surrogate grandfather, former ruler of the Sakura Cosmos, and creator of machines such as the Four Shining Stars, Four Dark Stars, and E.M. Pino. Originally the leader of the warship Edens Zero, he currently uses the ship's successor, Edens One, in order to conquer humankind.


Ziggy has a silver face vaguely reminiscent of a skeleton. He is made completely from metal and has black, metallic pieces covering his neck and surrounding his face. He wears a gold crown with a dark purple jewel in the middle and he has large, gold horns protruding from either side of the crown. He adorns himself with a large, red cape with gold trimmings with two gold skeletons on each shoulder. This cape covers his metallic body armor which has a beast with an open mouth and silver teeth adorned on the front.[2]


Ziggy was once a kind and caring robot, and seems to possess tremendous knowledge on a great many things, even those that lie outside the Granbell Kingdom. He seems to have deeply loved Shiki as his grandson, having brought him along the Granbell Kingdom and teaching him everything he knew about the universe, the meaning of friendship and how friends were the most important thing a person can have.[2] His caring nature was shown even further, as seen with him requesting the other robots to manipulate Shiki into leaving the island knowing that their batteries wouldn't last long and they would deactivate soon, leaving him all alone on the planet.[3]

After somehow revived by an unknown evil Ether, Ziggy turned cold and heartless, easily wanting to harm those he loved before without a second thought.[4][5][6][7]



Ziggy was built along with many other Robots for the Granbell Kingdom back when it had many visitors. After the park was abandoned a century ago, he and the rest of the robots were left to fend for themselves. Sometime after Granbell was abandoned, Ziggy built the Edens Zero along with four female machines to bring the ship to its full power: Witch Regret, Sister Ivry, Hermit Milon, and Valkyrie Yuna, who became known as the Four Shining Stars, with the goal of finding Mother.

During his travels, Ziggy met Elsie Crimson the captain of a fleet of space pirates and became her benefactor. When close to finding Mother, Ziggy discovered an orphaned boy named Shiki, which caused him to give up his search for Mother, return to Granbell and raise Shiki as his grandson and teach him his signature Ether Gear: Satan Gravity.[8] Sometime before he broke down, Ziggy gave the Edens Zero to Elsie and requested her to give the ship to Shiki when it was time for him to leave Granbell. Sometime later, Ziggy had built E.M. Pino and left her on Norma for unknown reasons.

One day, while Ziggy, Shiki, and Michael were watching shooting stars, Ziggy told Shiki of the importance of finding friends and traveling the universe.[2] Eventually, his body broke down and he ceased to function sometime afterward, leaving Shiki to be looked after by the Granbell robots in his stead. Distraught, Shiki tried to repair Ziggy to save him, only to learn there was nothing he could do to save his grandfather. He passed away before he could teach Shiki the Gravity Comet technique. Before he ceased to function, however, he requested the other robots make Shiki leave them behind and send him to space by whatever means necessary as he knew he would be all alone on the planet once their batteries died.[3]

Back when Shiki was a kid, Ziggy was the one who told him that robots too have similar lifespans as humans, such as only has both one soul and memory of their past life that cannot be returned, even after their mechanical bodies revived. Ziggy’s references to Shiki eventually foreshadowing the death of Valkyrie Yuna at Sun Jewel, who was the first known robot to die in the past before Shiki’s robot friends does in the present.[9]

Edens One arcEdit

On the planet Granbell, Ziggy approaches Shiki and the others from behind. Shiki and Hermit are happy to see Ziggy is alive. While Rebecca, Weisz , and Homura are confused as to how the Demon King is alive. Shiki then runs toward Ziggy in tears happy to see his grandpa alive. Suddenly, Ziggy then uses his Ether Gear to destroy the landscape much to Shiki and his friends' shock. Ziggy says to Shiki that he was wrong and that he never should have raised him or sent him to the skies. He calls humans, ugly, foolish creatures and then says that the the age has come where mechanical life forms will rule over human kind as the Edens One descends from behind him.

Ziggy calls out to Pino telling her that she belongs with him. He tells her that she was created to follow his orders and that she has no will of her own. He tells her that if she joins him he will tell her why he made her. He then uses his Ether Gear to destroy Granbell Kingdom. After Shiki helps Pino return to her senses, he tells her to stay here and rot with her humans. Ziggy than proceeds to float up toward the Edens One. As he does so he calls to Hermit telling her that he no longer needs her or other Shining Stars. He then unleashes another wave of destruction. Ziggy tells them that the Edens Zero is a prototype for the Edens One. He then says with the One now awakened, the Zero will cease to exist.

Ziggy then introduces the Crew of Edens to the Demon King's Four Dark Stars a more advanced generation of Four Shining Stars. Ziggy then says that he will leave Shiki the blessing of dying with his friends. While confirming Valkyrie Yuna’s death due to Homura’s presence as her human successor, Ziggy orders a recently reluctant Connor to kill all the people on Edens Zero.

However, Elsie’s Skull Fairy intervene and rescue Edens Zero, causing Ziggy to order Captain Connor to retreat for now.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Satan Gravity (サタングラビティ Satan Gurabiti): Ziggy taught Shiki his Ether Gear, Satan Gravity, which allows him to control and manipulate gravity.[10] Ziggy's mastery over this ability allows him to perform feats such as destroying an entire city around him without moving from the spot he is standing, and levitate into the air.[11] Over time Ziggy's gravity was able to destroy the surface of Granbell, completely altering its shape.[12]

Mechanical Engineering: Ziggy was shown to have a great degree in mechanical engineering, going as far as to be able to build other droids such as The Four Shining Stars, Pino and The Four Dark Stars. His skill was great enough to build a ship such as the Edens Zero and later the Edens One.[13]


Edens Zero (エデンズ・ゼロ Edenzu Zero?): A large spaceship owned by Ziggy before giving it to Elsie Crimson so she can pass it on to Shiki.[14]

Edens One (EDENS(エデンズ) ONE(ワン) Edenzu Wan?): A large spaceship he created to be the successor of the Edens Zero.[13]

Manga AppearancesEdit

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Norma arc
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5. A Man Named Weisz Absent
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7. Iron Tears Mentioned
8. Clash!! The Sibir Family Absent
9. vs. The Foote Brothers Absent
10. We're Friends, Aren't We? Absent
11. Machina Maker Mentioned
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Skull Fairy arc
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25. Take Aim Absent
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Digitalis arc
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45. The Battle Coliseum Absent
46. Footsteps of the Warrior Maiden Absent
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Sun Jewel arc
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50. Madame Kurenai Absent
51. Stones Absent
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58. A Silent Reunion Absent
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60. Until the Day it Turns to Strength Absent
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62. The Legend of Me Absent
63. Taking Up the Torch Absent
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65. The Swordswoman Incapacitated Absent
66. Gravity's Gonna Crush You Absent
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Belial Gore arc
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90. Sister vs. Daichi Absent
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94. Shiki vs. Drakken Absent
95. Kris Rutherford Absent
96. A Young Man's Memories Absent
97. The Time Is Now Absent
98. Advent of the Demon King Absent
99. The Pendant Absent
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Edens One arc
100. Edens One Appears
101. Singularity Appears
102. Time to Say Goodbye Appears
103. Clash of the Cosmos Appears
104. The Woman They Called Pirate Flashback


We bots die just like humans do. That "death" is exactly what teaches us to appreciate life. We don't have the same lifespan as humans, and the values we attach to life might be different. But even so, we have life just like you, and that means...we have hearts.

—Ziggy, Chapter 68

Shiki... I was wrong. I should never have raised you. Or have sent you into the skies.

—Ziggy, Chapter 101



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