Wizard (ウィザード Wizādo?) is a Machine and one of the Demon King's Four Dark Stars.


Wizard is a machine with the appearance of a slim young man with long, light-colored hair and his eyes are always shut.

His attire consists of a typical wizard's cloak with a light-colored coat draped over his shoulders, and a type of battle armor underneath.




Edens One arcEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Divine Lightning (神の雷 Kami no Ikazuchi): Wizard summons streaks of lightning to destroy numerous targets.[1]

Machine Physiology: As a machine, Wizard is able to survive in the vacuum of space unprotected with no negative effects.[2]


Staff: Wizard wields a staff that he keeps on his back and uses in combat.[1]

Manga AppearancesEdit

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Edens One arc
100. Edens One Absent
101. Singularity Absent
102. Time to Say Goodbye Debut
103. Clash of the Cosmos Appears
104. The Woman They Called Pirate Absent


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