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I am the Shield of Edens. I will eliminate whatever enemy I must to protect my family. That is the reason I fight.

—Witch Regret, Chapter 90

Witch Regret (ウィッチ・リグレット Witchi Riguretto?), known as the "Shield of Edens", was a machine and one of the Four Shining Stars that manage Edens Zero.[2] As the "Shield of Edens" she was responsible for defending the ship.[3]


Witch is a tall, well-endowed female android with a slender, voluptuous figure. She has long green hair that is braided and wears a black dress along with a visor that covers her eyes and has "E4" etched on it. She usually walks barefoot and seems to have painted nails.[4] Without her visor, Witch's face is described by Rebecca and Homura as beautiful.[5]

Witch's first main outfit is a black, half-cut, long-sleeved dress. The dress has yellow stripes with a deep cut in the back exposing her back, grey sleeves, and a heart-shaped cut in the chest exposing Witch's cleavage.

During the Midlian arc she wears a long skirt, an open vested crop top covering her breasts, and a witch's hat.

Witch's second main outfit is a strapless leotard with purple markings, a cape, long gloves, boots, and a horned helmet. She wears this after the crew's return from Sun Jewel.[6]

Witch's Third main outfit is similar to her outfit in the Sun Jewel arc but it is longer in the form of a dress. She wears this after the crew's return from Belial gore.


Witch is very dutiful and she holds deep respect to Ziggy and his adoptive grandson Shiki. Although she is usually calm, Witch is capable of showing emotions as she shed tears while proclaiming the Demon King's return to Edens Zero, expressing worry over Happy when he was damaged, panic when a Chronophage was making its way to Guilst, happiness when seeing Sister again for the first time in ten years, and grief when learning Valkyrie had died three years ago, and tranquil fury when she had enough of Connor's shenanigans in Edens Zero when he piloted the ship unauthorized as the last straw before learning he brought them to Sun Jewel faster for them than expected. Witch is shown to be a mother figure to the crew as she takes the lead in dangerous situations and is always head in charge behind Shiki. She is very protective and comforting to the crew. Witch is shown to be wise and knowledgeable often speaking for the group and explaining situations. She is shown to be completely submissive and somewhat oblivious as she is willing to follow any order whether it be sexual or childish. Witch is kind and caring often smiling.

She has shown to express immense anger and judgment upon those who threaten the crew. She is very protective over Shiki and always refers to him in honorific's. She brutally stomped on Maria and attacked Laguna when they tried to overthrow the Edens Zero.

She finds it embarrassing to show her face without her visor to other people.[7]



Witch was created by the Demon King Ziggy on Planet Granbell to serve aboard Edens Zero as a member of the Four Shining Stars.[8][9] After Ziggy's discovery of an infant Shiki during their voyage for Mother, he disbanded the crew and retired so they could pursue their own individual lives; Witch chose to remain aboard the ship, disguising it where Elsie repurposed it as a storage vessel, and went into sleep mode, waiting for Shiki's succession as the next Demon King of Edens Zero.[10][11]

Skull Fairy arc[]

Witch emerges from her stasis pod in the ship's hangar shortly after Shiki and his friends acquire the Edens Zero as their new ship.[12]

Guilst arc[]

Witch using Purge to cleanse Edens Zero of its Kawpicatt infestation

Witch activates Protocol A7 when Shiki sits on the throne in the Demon King's Room, registering him as the new Demon King and transferring command of the ship to him. Witch greets her new master and his friends, introducing herself as the ship's caretaker and demonstrating her obedience to Shiki by fulfilling his joking order of barking like a dog. When Weisz complains about the ship's infestation of Kawpicatt S4 eggs, Witch uses Purge to immediately remove the infestation and then uses Restore to return the ship to its original form as Edens Zero. She then kneels in front of Shiki and tearfully proclaims the Demon King's return to Edens Zero.[13] Witch explains that the Edens Zero has yet to regain its true power and that if the crew wishes to achieve their goal of finding Mother, they must first assemble the rest of the Four Shining Stars, or else the ship would never make it past Dragonfall.[14]

Later, Witch takes Rebecca and Happy to the Spa of Eden for a massage. Having overheard Rebecca's desire to learn Ether Gear, Witch hypothesizes that it may be possible if she continues to soak in the Spa's bath every day. Rebecca believes Witch's massage is meant to enhance the bath's effects, but Witch denies this, saying it's just a service she provides. Their conversation shifts to the creation of Happy and E.M. Pino before Rebecca asks where they can find the remaining Shining Stars. Witch responds that she has had no contact with them since they left the ship and doesn't know where they are, but remembers that one of them, Sister, spoke of traveling toward Blue Garden before her departure.[15]

Meanwhile, Witch contacts Shiki, Weisz, and Pino as they are investigating Code 3173 in the ship's hangar, telling them that the door will not open without all Four Shining Stars, and warning them against unnecessary entry. Weisz complains about the lack of privacy on the ship, but Witch responds that she is simply an object with no concept of the word. To her surprise, Shiki tells her that she isn't an object because she has a heart, which Witch muses is the same thing Ziggy used to say.[16] She remains on board the Edens Zero as the crew visits Blue Garden, saying that she is unable to leave the ship, and advising them to contact her through Rebecca's communication device if the need arises.[17]

Witch soon learns that Rebecca was kidnapped and taken to Guilst along with other B-cubers and Happy was heavily injured. She flies The Edens Zero in the direction Guilst is in while an enraged Shiki is determined to get Rebecca back. To help with easing everyone, she reveals that Guilst used to be a tourist planet but in recent years became a planet for criminals only for Shiki to brush it off and show determination they need to get Rebecca back. Pino then asks Witch if Happy will be okay to which she expresses she hopes so but her mechanical skills are limited so she only managed to make enough repairs to Happy to where his life was no longer in danger but wishes Sister was with them as mechanical repairs were more of her forte.[18][19]

While mentioning Sister, she begins to tell the group about the other members of The Four Star Shines and their roles. She explains that her title is "The Shield Of Edens", Sister is "The Life of Edens", Valkyrie is "The Swords of Edens" and Hermit who is "The Mind of Edens". After explaining this, Witch looks to Pino and explains that it is a possibility that Pino may become the replacement model for "Edens Light." Shiki soon interrupts, hollering to make the ship go faster and Witch calmly tells him that Hyper Drive is almost full so they will be able to arrive at Guilst soon, but is then interrupted by the presence of Weisz and Homura.[20]

Homura formally introduces herself and explains she is not the enemy. Witch, concerned for Shiki's well-being, explained that Homura being aboard the ship is an unauthorized entry on the ship and asks what Shiki would like to do about this. Shiki begins to question why Weisz returned who explained what happened after they split up on Blue Garden. After listening to Weisz' story, Witch explained to Homura that she shouldn't dare try to take The Demon King's life aboard the ship as well as the fact Weisz had no authority to bring someone on the ship. Homura explains to Witch she doesn't wish to bring harm to Shiki but with her goals aside, she wishes to help in the rescue of the missing girls. Uncertain, Shiki allows her to join but isn't sure she will be much help but soon witnesses as Homura reveals her Ether Gear, causing Witch to automatically recognize this style of Ether Gear.[21]

Sometime soon, the Hyper Drive is fully charged and they arrive to Guilst. Pino searches in the Edens Zero's database over the mercenary known as Jinn and learns that he is a member of the group Rogue Out. The group decides it's best to start at their hideout. Witch wishes the group the best of luck on the planet, asks them to be careful and warns them that common sense doesn't exist on this planet.[22]

When arriving at Rogue Out's hideout, Shiki and co, meet a droid claiming to be Sister. Pino, who had made a connection to herself and The Edens Zero, signals a message to Witch with live video footage of the droid claiming to be Sister. Witch expresses to Pino that she received the footage and is in disbelief that Sister's name is being mentioned. She explains to Pino that the droid looks nothing like the Sister she remembers but her identification code matches. The Shield of Edens admits this doesn't add up to her but warns Pino and the rest to be careful. Witch continues to watch the footage as Homura uses her Ether Gear in battle and confirms to herself she knows who Ether Gear it belongs to.[23]

Sometime later, she receives word from Pino that the rescue mission was a success. Happy soon wakes up and learns from Witch that he was brought onto the Edens Zero and that the rescue mission was a success. However, while some repairs were made to Happy, not all of his damage was repaired. As they chat, the Edens Zero begins to send out multiple warning signals which causes Witch to learn the ship is picking up a large amount of Ether heading their way. She watches the map and witnesses multiple neighboring planets suddenly disappear from the map. She suddenly began to express fear as she realizes a Chronophage is heading to Guilst.[24]

After learning of the Chronophage, Happy asks her if the planet's time will be turned back 50 years in the past. Witch explains she doesn't know but if anyone who is on the planet wasn't there fifty years ago, will cease to exist. She further explains that it will be exactly 60 minutes before the Chronophage arrives. Worried, Witch decides to pilot The Edens Zero closer to Guilst to get everyone off the planet safely.[25]

After the real Sister was rescued by Weisz and Homura, Witch managed to make contact with Sister and explained Shiki is the new Demon King and is looking to get The Four Shining Stars back together. She later contacts her again with news that they have ten minutes before the Chronophage arrives and gives Sister the pinpoint location of Pino. Sister jokes to Witch that she sounds older than she remembered before disconnecting with her.[26]

Witch eventually manages to get The Edens Zero closer to where the group has met but couldn't land the ship due to the tree ether on Guilst growing out of control. Homura and Weisz manage to make a small opening, but Witch expresses that the ship cannot land since the opening is too small. Shiki decides the best thing to do is grab onto everyone and use his ether gear to get them onto the ship. Once everyone arrived safely, Witch manages to pilot the ship safely off Guilst and far enough away from Guilst to watch the Chronophage devour the planet.[27]

After watching the Chronophage's actions. Pino ponders if everyone made it off the planet safely only for Witch and Happy to rejoin the group and she explains she calculated that the Chronophage had stolen 1,200 years from Guilst, therefore everyone who didn't make it off the planet had died. Sister then jokes it's possible the people who lost their lives will be seen in 1,200 years. Witch and Sister then express that they are happy to see each other again. As both droids watch the happy reunion between friends, Sister comments to Witch that she finds the New Demon King to be quite odd. Witch asks Sister if she doesn't remember Shiki and explains to her he is the child Ziggy brought back with him before he retired. Sister confirms she remembers Shiki and expresses that she can't believe how much he's grown since that day.[28]

After the joyous reunion, the group decides to meet in the meeting room to discuss their next course of action which is to find Valkyrie and Hermit. Weisz asks both Witch and Sister if either have any form of contact with the missing Shining Stars to which both Witch and Sister sadly deny.However, Witch then looks to Homura and says out loud that Homura has Valkyrie's sword, creating a large amount of shock in the room. Homura confirms this and reveals that just like Sister and Witch, she has no idea where her master had gone and wishes to find her like the rest of the group. After listening to Homura, Shiki decides to allow Homura to join The Edens Zero and help in their quest of finding Valkyrie.[29]

The eyes in the room soon turn to Weisz and Pino questions if Weisz is going to stay as well. Weisz watches soon everyone pointed out all the good deeds he did for everyone despite his attitude. Shiki offers Weisz his hand in friendship to which Weiz explains that he doesn't have anywhere to go, but will join the group for now. When he goes to shake Shiki's hand, Mosco gets in between them both and shocks them. Both boys grow angry that Mosco was here after everything he did back at Guilst only to have Sister reveal that Mosco is her assistant. Witch confirms this and explains that Mosco was programmed to help with chores on the ship before the Star Shines separated for Sister to add that the fake Sister took Mosco and reprogrammed him to follow her orders. Sister then angrily explains she found Mosco lying in that church filled with bullet holes and hotly expresses that whoever did that to Mosco deserves the same treatment. Mosco then expresses happily to please take good care of him before trying to push the "Don't Push" button on his stomach and watch along with everyone else as Sister hollers at Mosco to not press the button.[30]

Digitalis arc[]

Witch and Sister are catching up after 10 years in the storage. They talk about Witch staying on the ship, and how it was defended by Elsie, who Sister remembers as the little girl who attached herself to Ziggy. They then talk about Pino and how she will become the Light of Edens in the future. Mosco asks Sister about his role and she calls him the Pig of Edens.

After Shiki, Rebecca, Happy, Pino, Sister, Weisz, and Mosco find Hermit, Sister notices something wrong and orders Mosco to bring her on board. Once Hermit is on the ship, Witch and Homura rush to the infirmary where Sister explains that Hermit isn't responding, but her vitals are normal. Sister further explains her healing won't fix this, and Weisz adds in his Ether Gear can't fix this either. Witch concludes that Hermit's heart has been damaged. Happy and Homura wonder if Hermit went through something traumatic while Shiki asks for a way to save her. Witch and Sister admit they don't know how, then Shiki suggests they go inside Hermit and fix her heart, which baffles Rebecca and Weisz. After the crew shoots down Shiki's idea, Shiki claims he feels bad for Hermit and begins to cry. Witch then realizes something and then commends Shiki for his idea, bows in respect, and claims that Hermit's mind may actually be on the planet Digitalis.

Witch explains that Hermit is in "Dive Mode" which means her mentality is in a digital world. Sister then explains that Digitalis is both a virtual dimension and a real planet, which confuses Weisz, and it's a super virtual planet where the physical body has no influence. Witch claims they all must dive to access the world. She explains that the game was abandoned when the NPCs became self-aware and the game became impossible to manage, but the society continues as if populated by normal people. When asked why Hermit would go there, Witch answers that Hermit used to like the game, but it's still possible to log into Digitalis. Witch also expresses she trusts Shiki's instincts, to which Shiki promises that he'll save Hermit.

The crew, except Witch, Sister, and Mosco, make their way to the Dive Room, wearing specialized diving suits, and enter the diving pods. Witch explains that they will only be able to take in their real-world abilities. She then warns them that any damage sustained in Digitalis will affect their physical bodies. Shiki claims they know the risks and are ready to go. Witch begins the dive sequence and logs the party into Digitalis.

Later, on the Edens Zero, Witch asks the unconscious Hermit why she would close her heart to everyone before Sister gets her attention to tell her that there is some foreign data hiding in the ship's software. Witch realizes that they were being hacked, then comments that the ship's security was the best. Sister corrects her by explaining that The Edens Zero's security was the best when Hermit was in charge. She then explains to Witch that they need to keep an eye on the recent hacking, because it could effect everyone who is currently in Digitalis.

After the other crew members return from saving Hermit, Witch welcomes Hermit back, only to get the cold shoulder from the android. Hermit begins to stumble thanks to not using her body in so long, only for her to brush Witch and Sister's efforts to help her off and leave the room, still not trusting of humans or droids who serve humans. During the crew meeting, Witch tells the others Hermit use to have a great smile and cheerful personality. Suddenly, Spider hacks into the Edens network which causes Witch to yell in distress and scream for Hermit to help as she is the only one who can beat him. Spider soon sets The Edens Zero to destroy itself, so sends Weiz and Sister to fix the damage done

When Hermit is saved by Shiki and the others and defeat Spider. Witch welcomes Hermit back and tells her not to feel guilty about anything, playfully teasing Sister and Hermit as they reconcile after 10 years.

Mildian arc[]

While the crew begins trying on new outfits in the dressing room, Witch asks the others if she should change to. She explains how she wears her "default" outfit but would be willing to try new clothes every now and then. Weisz recommends her wearing a witch costume, which she complies. After Witch changes her outfit she reveals her face for the first time. The crew is shocked by her beauty with Shiki and Weisz blushing profoundly, causing her to blush in embarrassment.

While Shiki, Weisz, Homura and Rebecca go to planet Mildian to search for Valkyrie's location, she along with Hermit and Sister stay aboard the ship.

After the others return, Witch expressed surprise after hearing that Valkyrie was currently located on Sun Jewel as it was the last planet she would expect to find her. Rebecca asks if The Shining Stars know anything about Sun Jewel, only to listen as Hermit and Sister explain Sun Jewel's history as a planet of two classes; Rich and poor. They soon make their destination to Sun Jewel and Witch expresses happiness at the idea of The Four Shining Stars will be soonreunited, and they can finally travel into the Cosmo's to find Mother.

Sun Jewel arc[]

As they travel to Sun Jewel, Witch, Sister and Hermit explain to the rest it will take three days to get to Sun Jewel due to a large debris field and due to The Edens Zero never visiting Sun Jewel, so they can't fast travel. During their travels, they come across Captain Connor who had recently lost his ship and allow him to board the Edens Zero until he could find a place to go. During his stay, Connor proves to be problematic, although Witch tolerates him, until he began to steer the ship, causing Witch to revel in anger. The crew soon arrives to the helm and discovers that Connor managed to get through the debris field and cut their journey to Sun Jewel short, much to everyone's shock. Witch asks Connor who he really is and Connor reveals he was the Captain of The Edens One.

When The Edens Zero arrives at Sun Jewel, Witch, Sister, Weiz, and Hermit stay on board the ship as Shiki and the rest head down to find Valkyrie's location.

Witch, along with Sister, and Hermit soon learn about Valkyrie's death after they return from Sun Jewel. Hermit begins to cry along with Mosco, and witnesses as Sister asks the crew why they didn't bring Valkyrie's body back. Homura explains the reason they left her remains behind was because she was a symbol of hope to Sun Jewel, and they want her to stay as a beacon of hope. Sister venomously tells them they should've brought her back because she could fix her. Sister then explains she could also build Valkyrie a new body and upload her memories from the cloud storage, only for Witch to tell her that it wouldn't be Valkyrie anymore because she wouldn't have the same emotions from her memories.

Sister then angrily asks Shiki for his help, only to have Shiki reveal what Ziggy once said to him about death being a finality for robots. Uncertain what to do without a Sword of Edens, Homura soon steps up and offers to take Valkyrie's place as the new Sword of Edens. Witch asks her if she's certain about taking this position as its difficult, but Homura accepts it. After allowing Homura to become the new Sword of Edens, Sister storms off, upset that no one would take her side. Witch makes the decision to then go speak with her to help her calm down.

Witch soon finds Sister in the observatory which was Valkyrie's favorite spot on The Edens Zero. The two Shining Stars converse and Sister reminisces on how reckless Valkyrie always was, and how she used to care for her wounds, only for Witch to agree. Sister was about to snap at Witch, but soon noticed Witch was silently crying. Witch then explains to Sister how she envies Hermit's ability to express her emotions, but since it's just her and Sister right now, it was okay to cry. At that moment, Sister broke down in tears, and hugged Witch as both droids mourned Valkyrie's death.

Belial Gore arc[]

Edens One arc[]

Red Cave arc[]

After learning Shiki and the others are having a problem at the Temple of the Mother Beacon, Witch goes to Blue Garden with Jinn and Kleene. She attends a theatre play at Scheherazade Theatre and clapped in applause when it ended before confronting the middle-aged actor, who reveals himself as Laguna Husert with a holographic disguise. Witch notes that actors nowadays can use holograms to change their faces. She explains that once she makes an enemy, she will never stop tracking them. However, this time she comes as a friend and asks him for his help.[31]

Later, Witch returned to Red Sun with Laguna and entered the Temple of the Mother Beacon, thanking Shiki and his friends for waiting. She explains that she assumed prolonged negotiations with Laguna and brought Kleene to help but the actor agreed to aid the crew with surprisingly little resistance and one certain condition. Laguna reminds Witch to not forget it which she reassures him. When Laguna explains that Drakken Joe needed Ether masters of each element to balance out his Ether, Witch assumes that's what makes up the Element 4.[32]

Foresta arc[]

Sandra arc[]

Aoi War arc[]

Powers and Abilities[]

Shield Ether (シールドエーテル Shīrudo Ēteru): Witch can create a shield of hexagonal panels formed from Ether for defense.[33]

Element Ether (属性エーテル Zokusei Ēteru): Witch has the ability to change her Ether's elemental properties and manipulate it in a manner similar to magic.[34] Witch can apply an Ether coating to somebody who has been transformed into water by Laguna Husert's Tears Lover, allowing them to roughly maintain their original form and use their Ether Gear.[35]

  • Ice Ether (アイスエーテル Aisu Ēteru): Witch conjures Ether that surrounds its target and encases it in ice.[36]
  • Air Ether (エアエーテル Ea Ēteru): Witch conjures Ether beneath her own feet to create a burst of air, allowing her to jump greater distances.[37]
  • Lightning Ether (ライトニングエーテル Raitoningu Ēteru): Witch generates electricity from her hands to shock her targets, then performs a hand motion that strikes them with lightning.[38]

Purge (浄化 Jōka): Witch uses this ability to instantly clean the whole interior of Edens Zero of its Kawpicatt S4 infestation.[39]

Restore (再生 Saisei): She uses this ability to restore Edens Zero to its original appearance.[40]

Battle Dress (バトルドレス Batoru Doresu): As one of the Four Shining Stars, Witch possesses the ability to requip into a different outfit designed for combat purposes.[41]

  • Assault Witch (アサルトウィッチ Asaruto Witchi): Witch equips her Assault Witch outfit which is her primary combat form.[42]
    • Edens Glitter (エデンズグリッター Edenzu Gurittā): Witch channels Ether into her open hand and conjures a pillar of light on her opponent, causing great damage.[43]

Enhanced Senses: As with all modern androids, Witch should be equipped with heat sensors and thermal imaging allowing her to easily detect high temperatures in her surroundings.[44]

Skin Customization: Witch, along with the other members of the Four Shining Stars, can customize the appearance of her skin at will, allowing her to hide her mechanical seams to appear more human or give herself an instant tan.[45]

Longevity: As a machine, Witch is resistant to aging and lives far longer than humans.[46]

Piloting Skills: Witch is programmed as the Edens Zero's caretaker, and therefore has full knowledge on how to pilot the ship and all its functions.

Massage Skills: Witch is programmed with knowledge of multiple forms of massage, including oil massage, electric massage, and "mind-numbing torture & pleasure" massage.[47]

Minor Mechanical Skills: Witch seems to have some skill in repairing machines, but she explains that her mechanical repair skills are minor, since there is a limit to what her powers can do.

Battles & Events[]


Manga Appearances[]

Skull Fairy arc
12. The Skull Fairy Absent
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14. Born Again Debut
Guilst arc
15. Warship of the Demon King Appears
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Digitalis arc
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Mildian arc
44. The Temple of Knowledge Appears
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Sun Jewel arc
49. Captain Connor Appears
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52. Kurenai's Gauntlet Appears
53. Wibble Wobble Ruby Bobble Absent
54. The Truth Is in the Cube Absent
55. Black Rock Absent
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57. My Mother, the Machine Absent
58. A Silent Reunion Absent
59. I Know You Can Keep Pressing On Absent
60. Until the Day it Turns to Strength Absent
61. Enter Arsenal Absent
62. The Legend of Me Flashback
63. Taking Up the Torch Absent
64. Leaper Absent
65. The Swordswoman Incapacitated Absent
66. Gravity's Gonna Crush You Absent
67. Someone to Love Absent
68. Valkyrie Appears
Belial Gore arc
69. Rebecca's Nightmare Appears
70. Belial Gore Appears
71. The Steel Sorceress Appears
72. The Element 4 Appears
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80. 60-Day Commemorative Coin Absent
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83. The Shot Heard Round the Underworld Appears
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97. The Time Is Now Appears
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Edens One arc
100. Edens One Appears
101. Singularity Mentioned
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Red Cave arc
105. Dragonfall Appears
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Foresta arc
112. When You Live Life on a Ship Appears
113. In the Doghouse Appears
114. Glue Appears
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117. Shiki vs. Orc Absent
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120. Rebecca vs. Britney Absent
121. Darling Little Piece of Junk Absent
122. Titanic Victory Appears
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125. Heart of Gravity Appears
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130. Oceans 6 Screen
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133. Following Ziggy's Path Appears
Sandra arc
134. Judgment Day Appears
135. Desert Oasis Flashback
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138. Prelude to the Aoi War Appears
Aoi War arc
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141. A World of Ash Appears
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143. You Didn't Do Anything to Deserve This Appears
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148. Eye of Horus Mentioned
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157. The Red String of Destiny Absent
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160. Scattering in the Starry Aoi Sea Absent
161. Life Continues to Fade Appears
162. Ziggy vs. Nero Mentioned
163. Wormhole Absent
164. Downpour of the Black Heavens Appears
165. Crossroads Appears
166. I Love You Death
167. Proof in Our Hearts That She Lived Flashback
168. The Sea of Stars Fantasy
169. Declaration Mentioned

Appearances in Other Media[]

Mashima HERO'S[]


Attack ☆☆☆☆
Defence ☆☆☆☆☆
Marksmanship ☆☆☆
Ether Power ☆☆☆☆☆
Intelligence ☆☆☆☆
Dog Impersonation
  • According to E.M. Pino's Analysis, Witch's stats are:[1]


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