Since we are at the Edens One arc where Ziggy apparently became evil and disregarded everything he had preached to Shiki and the Four Shining Stars after reactivating at Granbell and took command of the Edens One piloted by Captain Connors along with the Four Dark Stars in World No. 30, it made me wonder who was behind the destruction of Edens One where Captain Connors was the only survivor and is taken in as a guest and ally too as well in Edens Zero in World No. 29?

Considering Ziggy had claimed that the Four Dark Stars, who were first introduced inside Edens One, are supposed to be the more advanced generation of machines compared to the Four Shining Stars and also seeing how powerful Edens One is with Captain Connors in command compared to Edens Zero, I can guess they are apparently not strong enough to prevent Edens One's destruction in World No. 29.

That is Fridge Horror I'd say.

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