Hi, guys and this is my first blog. And I would like to say that Eden's Zero is quite a fun series that I grow to like since Chapter 1. Now recently in the new arc, we have Ziggy apparently turn evil after reactivating and showed Shiki and his crew the Eden's One with Captain Connors and the Four Dark Stars.

Of course, the topic of the subject would be the Instellar Union Army where Justice, Victory, Creed and Jaguar are members of. One thing I hope is that Mashima give the space law enforcement some justice, no pun intended, and show that they are not pushovers at all even in the face of threats like the Oracion Seis Galactica and recently Ziggy the Demon King who became the villain.

Heck, we even saw a glimpse of Justice about to use his Ether Gear in Chapter 14 when the Interstellar Union Army fleet engaged Elsie Crimson's ships who are buying time for Shiki and his friends to escape with Eden's Zero.

I mean I noticed the trend of Mashima apparently making law enforcement organizations like The Imperial Army (from Rave Master) and the Rune Knights (from Fairy Tail) seemed useless and ineffective against the Big Bads that only the protagonists can defeat them.

It would be cool if Shiki and his friends get some help from Justice and his fellow officers thanks to connections with Amira and Noah of G.I.A. Heck, it'd be funny and wholesome that Shiki make friends with them too as well since that's what he would do.

What do you think?

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