Edens Zero is broken up into several story arcs. The following are the arc names, a description of the arc's plot and the chapters they comprise.

Please note that some of the following arc names or divisions may not be canon.

Intro arcEdit

Intro arc

Shiki is a boy who's always dreamed of making new friends from outside the Granbell Kingdom, his amusement park home filled with robots. He gets his wish when two young adventurers Rebecca and her talking blue cat, Happy come looking for interesting things to record for their B-Cube channel. So begins the tale of Shiki Granbell, who learns the world beyond Granbell is far bigger than he could have possibly imagined.

Volumes 1
Number of Chapters 2

Norma arcEdit

Norma arc

After becoming the newest member of the adventurers guild Shooting Starlight, Shiki proposes his first adventure that will rocket him and Rebecca to the top: proving the existence of the Goddess of the Cosmos known as Mother. In need of a more space worthy ship, they decide to pay Rebecca and Happy's dear old friend Professor Weisz a visit on the Planet Norma and somehow wind up traveling 50 years back in time! Can they make it back to their own time without changing the future? Or have events already been altered beyond what they're aware of?

Volumes 1-2
Number of Chapters 9

Skull Fairy arcEdit

Skull Fairy arc

After escaping from Norma and returning to their time with two new companions—a younger version of Professor Weisz, and an amnesiac android called E.M. Pino—Shiki and co. have learned the truth of the planet's true fate from the present Weisz: that fifty years of Norma's original time was eaten by a Chronophage. Meanwhile, they are captured by the notorious space pirate Elsie Crimson on her battleship, the Skull Fairy. Shiki challenges her to a duel in order to take her ship for himself, but will he succeed, or fall to the strong opponent who claims she will surpass the Demon King?

Volumes 2
Number of Chapters 3

Guilst arcEdit

Guilst arc

Shiki and co. discover that their hard-earned pirate ship, the Skull Fairy, is actually the Demon King's old warship, Edens Zero. Before they can take it into deep space, they'll first need to assemble the Demon King's old crewmates called the Four Shining Stars, starting with one known only as "Sister". Little do they realize, their search for Sister is connected to a depraved criminal's plot to bring kidnapped B-Cuber girls to the lawless planet of Guilst, Rebecca included!

Volumes TBA
Number of Chapters 14

Digitalis arcEdit

Digitalis arc

After rescuing Rebecca from Guilst, Shiki and company set out on the Edens Zero to seek out the other remaining members of the Four Shining Stars; Valkyrie and Hermit. On their way past Iron Hill, they discover the seemingly comatose body of Hermit and deduce that her mind must be trapped within the super virtual planet Digitalis.

Volumes TBA
Number of Chapters TBA