The Skull Fairy arc is the third story arc of the Edens Zero series.

After escaping from Norma and returning to their time with two new companions—a younger version of Professor Weisz and an amnesiac android called E.M. Pino—Shiki and co. have learned the truth of the planet's true fate from the present Weisz: that fifty years of Norma's original time was eaten by a Chronophage. Meanwhile, they are captured by the notorious space pirate Elsie Crimson on her battleship, the Skull Fairy. Shiki challenges her to a duel in order to take her ship for himself, but will he succeed, or fall to the strong opponent who claims she will surpass the Demon King?




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Skull Fairy arc
Chapters 121314
Battles & Events Shiki Granbell vs. Elsie Crimson (Kawpicatt S4)