Sister Ivry (シスター・イヴリィ, Shisutā Ivurī), better known as the "Life of Edens", is a machine and one of the Four Shining Stars that manage Edens Zero.[1][2]


Sister Ivry is a machine who appears to be a young woman with blue eyes and long white hair. She wears a nun's habit.[2]


Sister Ivry is rather short tempered as she violently kicked her impersonator for stealing her identity and threatened to destroy and rebuild her over and over.[3] Nevertheless, she can be friendly to her allies and she has shown to be grateful to Shiki and his friends for rescuing her.[4] She is also quite teasing, as shown when she made fun of Shiki's physique and she joked about Witch sounding older after 10 years.[5][6]

Despite her laid back attitude, Sister Ivry is dutiful as she was determined to complete the task that she vowed to accomplish 10 years ago.[7]


Sister was built by Ziggy on Planet Granbell.[8] In the year X482, Sister Ivry was tasked with freeing the women that were petrified in Illega Tower. Before she could accomplish the task, Sister Ivry was captured by Sister and had her powers and identity stolen by her.[9]


Guilst arcEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Healing: Sister Ivry has the ability to heal living and mechanical beings.[10]

  • Dispel Driver (ディスペルドライバー Disuperu Doraibā): Sister Ivry uses this ability to reverse the petrification that all of the B-Cubers in Illega Tower are afflicted by.[11]

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