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Don't worry. No matter how much it hurts, I won't kill you. I'm the Life of Edens. I can bring you back to life as many times as I want.

—Sister Ivry, Chapter 90

Sister Ivry (シスター・イヴリィ Shisutā Ivurī) is a machine and one of the Four Shining Stars that manage Edens Zero.[2][3] As the Life of Edens, she is responsible for healing and repairing any damage sustained by the ship and crew.[4]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Sister is a machine with the appearance of a slim, well-endowed young woman with blue eyes and long, white hair.[3]

Her main attire is a nun's habit with E2 on the head piece and brown boots.[3] Beneath her robes, she wears skimpy black underwear.[5]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Contrary to her appearance as a nun, Sister is a rude, coarse, foul-mouthed tomboy. She has a frightening temper, especially towards her enemies, and reacts to those who harm her or her loved ones by attacking them with extreme prejudice, no matter how understandable or sympathetic their reasons are.[6] She is also prone to teasing others, including her closest friends and crewmates,[7] and enjoys high-adrenaline situations, seen through her excitement during the crew's harrowing escape from the Chronophage on Guilst, and over the chance to "bust some heads" aboard the Belial Gore. She is also quite brazen, saying and doing inappropriate things such as threatening to sentence her impostor to "latrine duty" aboard the Edens Zero,[8] and inexplicably removing her clothes when using her Dispel Driver.[9]

In spite of her harsh and bullying attitude, however, Sister is compassionate and considers her crewmates to be like members of her family.[10] She also takes her duties as a healer very seriously, believing that failing to fulfill a promise would disgrace her fellow Shining Stars.[11] She is capable of showing mercy to her enemies as well, provided that they are in need of her services,[12] or if she believes their lives are already at risk.[13] However, she has difficulty accepting death as a finality for machines, going as far to believe they can be fully revived by using their cloud's stored data,[14] and does not allow herself to openly cry or express sadness until Witch Regret encourages her to do so in private over Valkyrie's death.[15]

Beyond her duties as a healer, Sister is an experienced dominatrix,[16] to the point of having a "training room" in the back of the Edens Zero's infirmary,[17] and even acting as something of an instructor to the torturer Daichi during their battle.[18] When engaging in BDSM, she prefers being in a position of dominance because it's more "fun" for her; however, she briefly allows Daichi to gain the upper hand so she could experience being a victim as a change of pace before growing bored of it.[19] She also darkly applies her healing ability to her torture victims to ensure her their survival, giving her the freedom to fulfill her sadistic urges as she pleases.[20] However, she does have her own standards and limits, being left speechless and disturbed while viewing the memory of what Müller did to children like the Rutherford siblings in his sadistic experiments.[21]

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

Sister Ivry imprisoned by Rogue Out

Sister was built by Ziggy on Planet Granbell and accompanied him on his adventures before being being released from service.[22] At some point, Sister joined Shooting Starlight as its member. In the year X482, Sister was tasked with freeing the women that were petrified in Illega Tower. Before she could accomplish the task, Sister was captured by the leader of Rogue Out and had her healing powers and identity stolen by her.[23]

Guilst arc[edit | edit source]

Homura and Weisz discover an unconscious Sister strung up in the basement of the Rogue Out HQ after hearing an Ether reaction from below.[24]

As Shiki gains the upper hand in his battle against Jinn, Ganoff, and their leader Sister, the real Sister Ivry strides into the room and declares that she won't just let the impostor Sister get away with using her healing powers anymore, and humorously sentences her to the Demon King's latrine duty.[25]

Homura and Weisz follow Sister into the room as the imposter Sister looks at her in shock. Sister questions the imposter on who she is and recounts the original reason she came to Guilst before being captured. The imposter attempts to explain that she only intended to borrow Sister's power for temporary use and that she revered her, but Sister kicks her in the chin and violently rebuffs her excuses with several more strikes to punctuate her anger.[26]

Sister Ivry freeing the girls in Illega Tower

Sister greets Shiki as the new Demon King. Though she observes that he appears kind of wimpy at first, she warms up to him and explains that she heard about the whole situation from a communication with Witch and that she supports gathering the Four Shining Stars once more aboard the Edens Zero.[27] Before leaving with them, Sister disrobes herself and activates her Dispel Driver throughout the entirety of Illega Tower, reversing the petrification of all of the girls captured by Illega. She reveals that it was her original mission to save them and states that it would be a disgrace to the Four Shining Stars if she failed them. With the mission accomplished Sister gestures to Shiki and the others that they should go.[9]

Witch informs Sister that she's sending the coordinates of the rescue site to E.M. Pino, and Sister excitedly expresses enjoyment that the inbound Chronophage is only ten minutes away from the planet, shocking Weisz while Shiki is satisfied to have made another friend.[28]

As the Ether of Guilst begins flowing in reverse causing enormous tree growth across the surface of the world, Sister Ivry remarks in disgust at the sight of the creatures moving like living creatures and orders them to stop. She spots the Edens Zero through a gap in the trees and informs the others.[29] Homura and Weisz begin clearing a path for them through the foliage and Sister recognizes Homura's swords with great shock before expressing surprise that Weisz pulled a flamethrower out of nowhere.[30]

With the gap to the Edens Zero not big enough for the ship to land, Shiki decides to have the entire group fall directly to the ship through the power of his Ether Gear with Sister hanging on to Rebecca and E.M. Pino hanging onto her. Sister smiles warmly at him as she is reunited back with the Edens Zero and they leave Guilst just before the Chronophage arrives.[31]

Safely aboard the Edens Zero, the crew witness the departure of the Chronophage and Sister comments that not everybody made it off the planet. She then talks with Witch who emerges with Happy to greet her.[32] The two of them discuss Shiki for a moment and Sister confirms to Witch that she recognizes Shiki as being the child that Ziggy adopted and gave up his quest to find Mother for.[33] Sister heals Happy shortly afterwards.[34]

The crew have a meeting where they recap their latest adventure and declare that their next goals are to find Hermit and Valkyrie. Sister introduces Mosco to the group as the Edens Zero's caretaker and expresses a desire for revenge against whoever shot him full of bullets on Guilst. Weisz shushes Homura before she can reveal that Weisz was the one responsible.[35]

Digitalis arc[edit | edit source]

Sister and Witch share a drink and a conversation together about the changes over the past ten years and how E.M. Pino is the next generation and one who might become the "Light of Edens". Mosco asks Sister if he has a position and Sister humorously refers to him as the "Pig of Edens" which he is touched by.[36] The ship travels onwards to Iron Hill where the statues of the Heavenly Knights of the Dancing Sakura are located, at Sister's suggestion as one of the possible places they'll find Hermit. To Sister's astonishment the crew spots Hermit sitting atop one of the statues and claims that she didn't expect her first guess to pay off.[37]

Sister comments that Hermit always loved Iron Hill and figured that she might be here, however she notices quickly that something is wrong with Hermit and orders the others to get her on board immediately. Hermit is brought aboard and inspected by Sister who finds no external damage but discovers multiple system errors that are beyond her ability to heal.[38]

Witch deduces that the issue with Hermit is that her "heart" has been damaged and Shiki comes up with the spontaneous plan to go inside Hermit and fix her heart which is met with ridicule. Witch realizes that there may be a way to do that and states that her heart may be found in Digitalis, a virtual world. Sister comments that they will need to use "Dive Mode" to access it and explains to the others that Digitalis is both a virtual dimension and a real planet.[39]

When the main crew suit up inside the Dive Room aboard the Edens Zero, Sister stays behind with Witch and Mosco to watch over the bodies of Shiki and his friends.[40]

As the crew undergo their mission within Digitalis, Witch and Sister look over Hermit's comatose body. Sister informs Witch that she has discovered some strange data attempting to blend in with their circuits. Witch is in disbelief since the security for the Edens Zero should be perfect, but Sister notes that is only when they have Hermit. She states that they can't stick around or else in the team in Digitalis will be in trouble.[41]

Later, after the crew in Digitalis have rescued Hermit, Sister Ivry is present for her awakening from her coma. She welcomes Hermit back, but Hermit refuses to commit to rejoining them and claims to only want a break from Digitalis. Hermit collapses to the ground as she tries to leave the table she has been lying on which Sister explains is due to a lack of maintenance and she offers to fix her up, but Hermit refuses.[42]

Mildian arc[edit | edit source]

Sun Jewel arc[edit | edit source]

The crew discuss how long the journey will take to reach Sun Jewel and Weisz brings up the Edens Zero's fast travel function but Sister clarifies that it can only be used to travel to places they have visited before. Hermit claims that all fast travel destinations outside of the Sakura Cosmos were deleted by Ziggy which Sister believes was done for a reason.[43]

After the crew discover Captain Connor in his spacesuit drifting in space among a group of fish from the Aoi Cosmos, Sister congratulates him on his luck to be alive and ignores his request that she address him as "Captain".[44] She later expresses distaste that he has to stay on the ship with them and dislikes having too many outsiders onboard.[45]

When some of the crew go down to the surface of Sun Jewel, Sister stays behind on the Edens Zero with the other Shining Stars.[46]

Sister tries calling Rebecca's phone but powerful jamming signals from the planet prevent her from making contact.[47]

She becomes more and more infuriated at failing to get in contact with Rebecca and takes some of her anger out on Mosco by claiming she cares about Rebecca more than him, and proves it by displaying that she changed her lock screen to a cute picture of Rebecca. Hermit gives Weisz the Arsenal Suit to draw out the full potential of his Ether Gear and Sister gives Weisz his orders to go down to Sun Jewel and bring everybody back in one piece.[48]

After the group returns to the Edens Zero, Shiki relays the news of Valkyrie's passing to the other Shining Stars. Sister demands to know why they did not bring Valkyrie's body back with them as she belonged with them and there was a chance that she could heal her or restore her from an early back-up of her memories. Witch disagrees with her as the earlier version may retain the memories but not the feelings she experienced and so she would not truly be the same, only a shallow copy. Sister demands that Shiki make the final decision as the captain but Shiki tells them of a story involving his granfather Ziggy who taught him that bots die just like humans and that it is proof that they have hearts.[49]

Homura stands up and agrees with Shiki that Valkyrie has passed, and that she will take Valkyrie's place among the Four Shining Stars as the new Valkyrie which shocks Sister. Homura expresses her own doubts on being able to fulfill Valkyrie's mission to take the ship to Mother but Sister corrects her that it is no longer Valkyrie's mission to do that since they were released to act freely ten years ago. Sister stands up and angrily leaves the room leading Witch to volunteer to follow and talk to her.[50]

Witch finds Sister beneath the Edens Zero's main dome, leaning on a balcony. She informs Sister that they managed to lose the Belial Gore which has now realized it has been chasing a hologram and expresses regret that Valkyrie was not with them since she could have fought them off. Sister comments that Valkyrie loved the deck they're on as she could stare out at the stars and goes on to recount how every time Valkyrie would be hurt in battle she would heal her so she never grasped how difficult it would be to lose her.[51]

She asks Witch how she can be so calm but stops when she notices tears flowing down Witch's cheeks silently. The two of them embrace each other and freely cry in mourning for their friend.[15]

Belial Gore arc[edit | edit source]

World No. 29[edit | edit source]

When Witch Regret confronted Maria Slime, Diego Reyes and Seth Anderson inside Edens Zero, Sister Ivry chided Mosco for blushing after believing he's a princess from Maria's sarcastic comment, and after her fellow Four Shining Star defeated the intruders, she eagerly rushed over to capture the three of them for interrogation at her torture.

Although the two androids self-destructed, Sister will have to settle with Maria Slime instead. She managed to get Maria to squirm after listing off several ways to make her talk in her torture chamber. She sympathizes with Maria for being Drakken Joe's unwilling henchwoman and offered her to leave to another planet away from Belial Goer in exchange for information about the Dark Alchemist. Sister tells Maria to discard her human form, which she complied and revealed herself to be a Space Slime. Maria agrees to divulge information to Sister but warns her that there is no one who faced Drakken Joe and lived to tell the tale.

Unfortunately, later on, it turns out that Diego and Seth are still alive and took over the Edens Zero ship from within. Sister and her fellow Four Shining Stars were disabled by Seth the sentient computer program while Diego held Captain Connor at gunpoint. Maria Slime, in her human-looking Space Slime form, had Sister pinned and chided her not using Battle Dress, but noted that she can't after Seth shut down the Four Shining Stars.

World No. 30[edit | edit source]

When the Edens Zero landed inside Belial Gore where the Element 4 are confronting the intruders directly, Sister Ivry reassures Rebecca that the Four Shining Stars will take care of them.[52] She faces Daichi as her opponent after punching him in the face mid-air, stopping him from attacking Hermit. Sister tells Daichi that she is his opponent, calling him a pig.[53]

Then Sister and her fellow Four Shining Stars changed their forms with Battle Dress and are ready to go all out against Drakken Joe's special forces.[54]

Facing Daichi as her opponent, Sister Ivry takes his flattering words about her beauty as a compliment and he reminded her of Mosco she referenced. Daichi claims that he cannot take anymore of Sister's beauty and wanted to torture her after bending his 60 days coin and made a flamboyant dance about torture. Sister Ivry rudely interrupts Daichi by kicking him in the groin up front, calling him cute for having a 60 days coin.[55]

Sister then reveals to have possessed a 10 years coin before she bends it too. She proudly proclaims to be a 10 year torture-free ex-dominatrix and threw the bent coin on Daichi from behind much to his masochistic dismay and pleasure.[16]

Edens One arc[edit | edit source]

Red Cave arc[edit | edit source]

Foresta arc[edit | edit source]

At the meeting room of the Edens Zero, Sister gazed upon the Aquatic Adaptation Lacrima containing Mother's Ether and comments on it upon examining the item with Hermit and Mosco. After learning from the crew that they need to find another Relic, absorb more of Mother's Ether and build up the power where they'll eventually reach Mother, Sister finds it a pain.[56]

When Shiki discuss about the Demon King title shared between him and his adoptive grandfather who turned evil, Sister states that Ziggy is their enemy now.[57]

Arriving at Foresta, Sister notes that they are following the same route again after Hermit analyzed the Edens Zero log and revealed that the Edens Zero previously under Ziggy did visit the Verdant Planet 15 years ago.[58]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Heal Atomizer (ヒールアトマイザー Hīru Atomaizā): Sister has the ability to heal living and mechanical beings with Healing Ether. Although she can revive mechanical beings, Sister herself unable to recover their past memories, confirmed by Witch and Shiki (the latter told by Ziggy in the past).[59]

  • Dispel Driver (ディスペルドライバー Disuperu Doraibā): Sister uses this ability to fix or reset abnormal status effects such as petrifications and bindings.[60][61]
  • Overheal Destroy (オーバーヒールデストロイ Ōbāhīru Desutoroi): Sister heals her target, which increases the amount of energy in their body, until it explodes.[62]

Battle Dress (バトルドレス Batoru Doresu): As one of the Four Shining Stars, Sister possesses the ability to requip into a different outfit designed for combat purposes.[63]

  • Unnamed Battle Dress: Sister's signature Battle Dress which gives her a winged uniform with a pattern of hearts on her sleeves.[64]

Enhanced Senses: As with all modern androids, Sister should be equipped with heat sensors and thermal imaging allowing her to easily detect high temperatures in her surroundings.[65]

Longevity: As a machine, Sister is resistant to aging and lives far longer than humans.[66]

Skin Customization: Sister, along with the other members of the Four Shining Stars, can customize the appearance of her skin at will, allowing her to hide her mechanical seams to appear more human or give herself an instant tan.[67]

Enhanced Strength: Sister possesses a large degree of physical strength as she could stop Daichi in his tracks with a punch to the face mid-air, bend a coin in her hand, and inflict painful injuries on him with strikes of her whip.[68][69]

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Sister Energy (シスターエナジー Shisutā Enajī): Sister can create a canned medicine out of her Healing Ether which can be used on both humans and bots.[70]

Paradise Whip (極楽鞭 Gokurakuben): Sister has a bladed whip that she uses to torture her opponents during combat.[71]

Battles & Events[edit | edit source]


Manga Appearances[edit | edit source]

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Sandra arc
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137. Empire Dice Absent
138. Prelude to the Aoi War Appears
139. White Flash Absent

Appearances in Other Media[edit | edit source]

Mashima HERO'S[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Attack ☆☆
Defence ☆☆☆
Marksmanship ☆☆☆
Ether Power ☆☆☆☆
Intelligence ☆☆
Healing ☆☆☆☆☆
  • According to E.M. Pino's Analysis, Sister's stats are:[1]
  • According to Hiro Mashima, there is no special meaning behind Sister Ivry's name; he just likes the way it sounds.[72]

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