Sibir (シビル Shibiru) is the leader of a gang of criminals who operated on Planet Norma in the year X442.


Sibir appears to be a tall muscular man, with striped tattoos on his head, which he has no hair. He also has some sort of piercings on his chin with dark orb like earrings.[1] He also appears to have a robotic arm on his right side, with a type of shirt that only covers the sleeve on the left, exposing his abdomen, he also appears to be wearing some sort of futuristic baggy pants.[2]


Sibir appears to be a ruthless leader, eager to get back what was stolen from him, he doesn't seem to care who he has to hurt or cause massive damage to do it.[3][4] He also appears to know how to speak bird as he is shown talking to a bird.[3] He is also extremely cruel, as he mocks, tortures both physically and mentally against those weaker than himself, and gets angry when he doesn't get what he wants.[5]



Norma arcEdit


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