I don't follow your rules. My friend is more important. And I'm not some hero fighting for justice... If you hurt my friends...I'll show you the kind of Demon King I can be!!

—Shiki Granbell, Chapter 53

Shiki Granbell (シキ・グランベル Shiki Guranberu?) is an adventurer from the planet Granbell[2] and the Demon King (魔王 Maō?)[3] of the warship Edens Zero, as well as the leader of its crew. He is also a member of the Guild Shooting Starlight and the adopted grandchild of the Demon King, Ziggy.


Shiki is a lean young man of average height with spiky black hair which partially covers his ears, slanted dark eyes and thin eyebrows. He dons a small, white bandage on his left cheek as well as a red pouch around his waist.

His initial attire consists of a high-collared, red-and-black open jacket with the sleeves rolled up to his forearms, pockets on either side of the chest, and two black laces attached to the neck of his jacket hanging behind his head. Underneath, he wears a simple white shirt with a v-neck collar and a red design on the front which patterns out into a Y-shape. He also sports baggy, green-colored trousers which possess a noticeable white details on both sides. Lastly, his choice of footwear are a pair of simple, black boots.[4] However, his clothes were destroyed after fighting a parasite imitating the space pirate Elsie Crimson .[5]

He later changes into a second outfit which consists of a buttoned up, short-sleeved, and copper-trimmed black tunic with an open high collar, has two black laces behind the neck of the collar, white round details on the sides and a zig-zag patter at the end of the sleeves on either side. He also wears a pair of brown goggles over his forehead, sports a pair of white baggy trousers with a single line going down in the middle and tucked into black-and-copper boots.[6]

After the events on planet Guilst, he later returns to his initial outfit which now has a black t-shirt with a silver-white insignia of the Edens Zero's emblem on the center.[7] While in Digitalis, his avatar takes the appearance of a young-looking caveman with his hair in a long and wild style similar to before he met Rebecca and Happy on Granbell. His attire are a set of torn clothes with leopard prints, a necklace with shark teeth, and sandals.[8] When encountering Spider in his Jamilov avatar, his hair is reverted back to his usual hairstyle like in the real world.[9]

During the Mildian arc, he later changes into an outfit resembling that of a ninja. It has a short-sleeved, dark-colored jumpsuit with white lining around the shoulders, a Y-shaped white line going down the center, and a pair of diamond-shaped designs on the knees. It is also tied by a white sash, the legs are tucked into a pair of black boots, has a black scarf around his neck and a black-and-white striped handkerchief wrapped around his forehead.[10]

While on the planet Sun Jewel, he wears his signature attire, but now has a white shirt with a red-colored insignia being the number "0" crossed out on the center, a homage to the second half latter in the Edens Zero's name[11] and after leaving, later replaced it with a black undershirt with gold-trimmed lines between the lower part.[12] After leaving Belial Gore, he starts wearing a black shirt under his jacket.


Shiki is a carefree, blunt, and eager individual. Because he lived his entire life in the robotic Granbell Kingdom, he never saw another human in his life before meeting Rebecca. Due to this, he's very curious and awkward around people - best exemplified by his habit of asking strangers to "be his friend" and his invasion of people's personal space.[13] Shiki has a strong sense of loyalty and refused to leave Granbell for many years so that he could take care of the robots of the park.[14] And even when he was apparently betrayed by the robots who appeared to turn hostile, he still considered them his friends and tearfully thanked them and promised to always remember them.[15] However, he also has a strong sense of justice as when his friends seemingly betrayed him, he attacked them in order to protect the people he had just met, going as far as to put himself in harms way to allow strangers to escape.[16]

Despite his fearlessness, Shiki seems to have a crippling fear of bugs, demonstrated when he didn't wish to believe that the Kawpicatt S4 was a species of bug and instead wanted to view them more like an "octopus."[17]

It is also shown that Shiki has a perverted side, which first started at Granbell when he saw Rebecca for the first time. However, it seems to have gotten worse over time thanks to Weisz' influence, to the point he becomes ‘lustful’.[18]



Many years ago, Shiki was found by his adoptive grandfather, the Demon King Ziggy who brought him to the planet Granbell in order to raise him.[2] One day, as Shiki along with Ziggy and Michael watched comets fly, his grandfather told imparted on him the importance of exploring the universe and finding friends.[19]

Intro arc

Shiki meets Rebecca and Happy after they arrive in Granbell Kingdom, literally dropping in on them as they were faced with a giant robotic cat monster. After realizing that Rebecca is another human and being punched for invading her personal space, Shiki asks Rebecca to be his friend but is rejected. He then follows Rebecca and Happy as they flee back to the town. After greeting them again, Shiki introduces them to all of his friends before taking part in a large celebration with them and then falling asleep. After waking up to discover that his long hair had been cut, he discovered the robots had captured Rebecca and Happy and tried to kill them in order to take their ship in order to get revenge on humanity for abandoning them. (This was later revealed to be just an act to get Shiki to leave with them before the robots of Granbell ran out of battery power, leaving him alone.) After saving Rebecca and Happy from the robots and offering to stay behind to give them time to escape, Rebecca pulls him along with her acknowledging him as a friend. They then begin their adventure into the Sakura Cosmos and Shiki expresses that he misses his friends but is eager to make one hundred more in the universe.[20]

Now traveling with Rebecca and Happy, Shiki begins to learn about the outside world such as B-Cube and multiple other things, even learning about Rebecca's B-Cube channel. Rebecca eventually landed the Aqua Wing on Blue Garden with hopes of registering Shiki into her Guild Shooting Starlight as an Adventurer.[21]

In the Guild, Shiki was surprised to see so many people that he wanted to touch them, much to Rebecca's dismay.[22] After Rebecca stops him from touching someone's face, he notices the giant hologram of Mother. After Rebecca's explanation, Shiki claims that he met Mother before, causing everyone to laugh much to Rebecca's embarrassment. When Labilia Christy's insults caused Rebecca to cry, he used his Ether Gear on the latter and told her not to make fun of his friends before Rebecca dragged him out of the place. After obtaining his Adventurer Card, Shiki tells Rebecca that they should find Mother themselves and make it into a video. This excites Rebecca, but tells Shiki that they need find to get a better ship in order to make the trip beyond the Sakura Cosmos. They are later seen flying the Aqua Wing towards Planet Norma.[23]

Norma arc

While they were on their way to Norma, Rebecca tells Shiki that he could stay in a room, At that moment Shiki asks why they couldn't use the same room and if the ship could sail alone, Rebecca tells him that whenever she has a destination. At that time, Shiki tells him if he can let him pilot the ship, which Rebecca makes him happy because he could make a video of that, Shiki already persisted the reason why Rebecca should improve as B-Cuber, already piloting the ship, Shiki collides the Aqua Wing on Norma's surface, Rebecca gets angry about it as a result. Right there Shiki uses his Ether Gear to make the Aqua Wing lighter, Rebecca asks if Shiki can also do light things, which he affirms with which he did with her against Bro's gang.

At that moment a rock Ether Pillar is formed next to them, Rebecca Explains that Norma has that kind of climate, which creates and destroys rock formations, Shiki questions what Ether is, which Rebecca exclaims with how he can use Ether Gear but does not know what Ether is. There she explains to Shiki that Ether is the latent power in all matter and energy particles, and gives a brief explanation of what she understands by Ether Gear. Shiki then asks how people live on Norma, Rebecca says they live underground to avoid the impacts of Earth Ether.

Already in the city, the Group arrives at the house of Professor Steiner but there is no trace of him, There Shiki finds a pair of strange goggles and dons it to use it. When Rebecca tells him not to touch the Professor's things. Suddenly, there comes a young blonde man who points a pistol at them and asks them what are they doing there, Rebecca tells him that they are looking for Professor Weisz Steiner. He replies that he is Weisz Steiner, leaving Rebecca and Happy perplexed.

Skull Fairy arc

While escaping from planet Norma, Shiki along with Rebecca, Happy, Wiesz met Elsie Crimson. Shiki challenges Elsie Crimson saying that he will capture their ship.Elsie crimson accepts his challenge and Shiki finds Elsie crimson which was actually her andriod.

During the fight Shiki masters the Gravity Comet while remembering his grandfather. His rising Ether level was detected by Creed of the Interstellar Union Army who identified him as the Demon King.

After defeating the fake Elsie Crimson, she gave the ship to Shiki while her fleet engaged the Interstellar Union Army. The Armored Space Pirate tells Shiki that she already intended to give him the ship as the ship belongs to his grandfather, Demon King Ziggy and told him that while traveling to reach Mother he found him.

Guilst arc

Digitalis arc

Mildian arc

Sun Jewel arc

Belial Gore arc

World No. 29

World No. 30

Edens One arc

Red Cave arc

After escaping the giant fish in the Poseidon Nero Sector, Shiki marvels with the others at the sight of the Aoi Cosmos outside their windows, wonding how there is an ocean above and below them. They are informed by Jinn and Kleene of the Cosmos's name, but when he ask him about it, Jinn ignores him and walks away with his sister, claiming to have no intention of fraternizing with the crew of the Edens Zero, confusing Shiki as he thought he made friends with him.[24] They soon arrive at the Fire Planet Red Cave, but are confused by the sight of an ocean.[25]

Foresta arc

Powers and Abilities

Satan Gravity (サタングラビティ Satan Gurabiti): Renowned as "the power of the Demon King," which he inherited from his adoptive grandfather, Ziggy, Shiki uses this Ether Gear to control and manipulate gravity itself, giving him "Demon King Ether". He is capable of changing the direction of gravitational force around himself which enables him to stick to walls, float in the air,[26] and make objects and people weightless to an extent. When using its power throughout his body, Shiki is identified as the new Demon King. He also describes it as a power he inherited from his grandfather,[27] and that it took him a month to learn it.[28]

  • Magimech Attack: Gravity Fist (魔械流 重拳 Makai-ryū: Jūken): Shiki's arm begins to glow for a brief moment and then he punches his opponent with enough force to rupture the ground in several places, destroying nearby buildings.[29]
    • Magimech Attack: Gravity Fist Frenzy (魔械流 重拳乱舞 Makai-ryū: Jūken Ranbu): Shiki's fists begin to glow and he initiates a barrage of punches onto his opponents causing them to be thrown away.[30]
  • Magimech Attack: Gravity Center (魔械流 重心 Makai-ryū: Jūshin): Shiki exerts an immense amount of force on an airborne target by boosting its gravity, pulling the target to the ground.[31]
  • Magimech Attack: Gravity Wave (魔械流 重力波 Makai-ryū: Jūryokuha): Shiki's palm is placed on the ground, creating spiral force that pulls targets towards him.[32]
  • Magimech Attack: Gravity Windmill Kick (魔械流 重旋脚 Makai-ryū: Jūsen Kyaku): Shiki's leg begins to glow while in midair and releases a spinning kick onto his targets.[33]
  • Magimech Attack: Gravity Cannon (魔械流 重弾 Makai-ryū: Jūdan): Shiki creates an energy sphere made of gravity from his fist and throws it onto his target, pushing them back due to the heaviness of the attack.[34]
  • Magimech Attack: Gravity Comet (魔械流 重彗星 Makai-ryū: Jūsuisei): Shiki enhances his feet with gravity and jumps from above onto their target, causing sheer force and blunt damage.[5]
  • Magimech Attack: Gravity Tackle (魔械流 重身 Makai-ryū Jūshin): Shiki rotates himself in mid-air and uses gravity to push himself down at the opponent with a downward kick, sending them onto the ground.[35]
  • Magimech Attack: Gravity Impact (魔械流 グラビティインパクト Makai-ryū: Gurabiti Inpakuto): Shiki absorbs kinetic energy from an external source and then converts it into concentrated gravity to perform a devastating downward punch.[36]
  • Magimech Attack: Gravity Field (魔械流 重力場 Makai-ryū Jūryokuba): Shiki slams the ground with his fist, generating a gravitational field that crushes and negates attacks.[37]
  • Magimech Attack: Anti-Gravity (魔械流 反重力 Makai-ryu: Hanjūryoku): Shiki generates an anti-gravitational field around whatever he touches, causing anything that moves into it to fly away in other directions.[38]
  • Magimech Attack: Meteor Breaker (魔械流 (メテオ)崩し(ブレイカー) Makai-ryu: Meteo Bureikā): Shiki charges Ether at the end of his fist to create a gravity sphere, which becomes a giant meteor of gravity when fired.[39]

Overdrive (オーバードライブ Ōbādoraibu): As a user of Ether Gear, Shiki is able to access Overdrive, also known as the true power of Ether Gear. When used throughout his entire body, Shiki gains a transformation which identifies him as the new Demon King. His hair and skin color change into a lighter shade, light-colored Ether markings appear all over his body, and a pair of energy horns appear on both sides of his head. In this form, all of Shiki's physical abilities are greatly augmented and he can utilize his Ether Gear techniques to the maximum.[40][41] However, his grasp of Overdrive is rudimentary, according to Drakken Joe.[42] After having memories of his death from World No. 29, Shiki uses his Overdrive at its fullest, thus gaining a new appearance that truly identifies him as the Demon King. His hair becomes white, both his arms are darkened with purple Ether markings, and a pair of black horns with the same markings appear out of his head. His clothing also changed into a sleeveless, high-collared tunic and his bandage is gone, revealing a small scar.[43][44] With it, Shiki's gravity becomes significantly more powerful, comparable to a black hole, as he can pull in surrounded objects and even memories from World No. 29.[45][46] With his first usage of the complete Overdrive, his Ether capabilities were compared to those of Drakken Joe and Elsie Crimson of the Oración Seis Galáctica and he was able to defeat the former.[47]

Immense Strength: Shiki possesses great physical strength, having enough power to push someone back with a single punch. When using Ether Gear, his strength is greatly increased to the point that a single gravity punch caused enough sheer force and blunt damage to send an opponent flying or destroy the ground beneath them.[48] According to Hermit, Shiki's physical strength is recorded to be 2000 to 2500.[49]

Immense Durability: Shiki possesses a high amount of durability, making him capable of taking heavy damage from opponents such as Sibir with his enhanced mechanical arm, Jinn's wind-based ninjitsu attacks, and also heavy attacks from Kurenai's Knight Gear. As well as being able to take attacks from Justice and survive his Grand Chariot, surprising the soldier.[50]

Enhanced Reflexes: Shiki has great reflexes, making him able to keep up with many opponents in battle and dodge gunfire with ease.

Acrobatic Skills: Shiki has displayed great acrobatic skills. When using his Ether Gear, he can easily jump higher than a normal person due to his changing his own weight.[51]

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Shiki is highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat. When combined with his Ether Gear, he is capable of overpowering large numbers of attackers with ease and can go toe-to-toe with stronger opponents.


Edens Zero (エデンズ・ゼロ Edenzu Zero?): A large spaceship given to him by Elsie Crimson which was originally owned by his grandfather.[52]

X-Ray Goggles: Shiki picked up a pair of goggles from Weisz's House which allows him to see through clothing.[53]

Aquatic Adaptation Lacrima (水中適合の星水晶(ラクリマ) Suichū Tekigō no Rakurima?): During his stay on Red Cave, Shiki wore one of these devices which allowed him to breathe and communicate underwater without any issues.[54] After reaching the end of the cave within the Temple of the Mother Beacon, Shiki's Aquatic Adaptation Lacrima became the host of a portion of Mother's Ether, transforming it into a beacon to find other pieces of Mother's Ether throughout the cosmos.[55]

Battles and Events


Intro arc

Norma arc

Skull Fairy arc

Guilst arc

Digitalis arc

Mildian arc

Sun Jewel arc

Belial Gore arc (World No. 29)

Belial Gore arc (World No. 30)

Foresta arc

Manga Appearances

Intro arc
1. Into the Sky Where Cherry Blossoms Flutter Debut
2. A Girl and Her Blue Cat Appears
3. Adventurers Appears
Norma arc
4. Norma Appears
5. A Man Named Weisz Appears
6. Thief Appears
7. Iron Tears Appears
8. Clash!! The Sibir Family Appears
9. vs. The Foote Brothers Appears
10. We're Friends, Aren't We? Appears
11. Machina Maker Appears
Skull Fairy arc
12. The Skull Fairy Appears
13. Shiki vs. Elsie Appears
14. Born Again Appears
Guilst arc
15. Warship of the Demon King Appears
16. Sister Appears
17. The Collection Appears
18. Wind Howls on the Highway Appears
19. Geniuses at Coming Up with Fun Ideas Appears
20. Planet Guilst Appears
21. Soul Blade Appears
22. The Great Naked Escape Appears
23. Million Bullets Appears
24. Sister Ivry Appears
25. Take Aim Appears
26. Two Sisters Appears
27. The Great Guilst Escape Appears
28. New Friends Appears
Digitalis arc
29. Iron Hill Appears
30. The Super Virtual Planet Appears
31. The People of Digitalis Appears
32. Mass Murderer Jamilov Appears
33. The Girl on the Hill Appears
34. Survive the Night Appears
35. The Girl and the Monster Appears
36. The G.I.A. Appears
37. Great Kaiju Shiki Appears
38. 22 Hits Appears
39. Spider the Genius Hacker Appears
40. Operation C7 Appears
41. Fireworks Appears
42. Pino's Dream Appears
43. Smells Like Money Appears
Mildian arc
44. The Temple of Knowledge Appears
45. The Battle Coliseum Appears
46. Footsteps of the Warrior Maiden Appears
47. Words Will Give You Strength Appears
48. From the Planet of Eternity Appears
Sun Jewel arc
49. Captain Connor Appears
50. Madame Kurenai Appears
51. Stones Appears
52. Kurenai's Gauntlet Appears
53. Wibble Wobble Ruby Bobble Appears
54. The Truth Is in the Cube Appears
55. Black Rock Appears
56. Reset Appears
57. My Mother, the Machine Flashback
58. A Silent Reunion Appears
59. I Know You Can Keep Pressing On Appears
60. Until the Day it Turns to Strength Appears
61. Enter Arsenal Appears
62. The Legend of Me Appears
63. Taking Up the Torch Appears
64. Leaper Appears
65. The Swordswoman Incapacitated Mentioned
66. Gravity's Gonna Crush You Appears
67. Someone to Love Appears
68. Valkyrie Appears
Belial Gore arc
69. Rebecca's Nightmare Appears
70. Belial Gore Appears
71. The Steel Sorceress Appears
72. The Element 4 Appears
73. Don't Shed a Tear Mentioned
74. Weisz vs. Laguna Appears
75. A Wind Blows Through the Sakura Cosmos Appears
76. Rebecca vs. Sylph Appears
77. The Winds that Bind Appears
78. No.29 Appears
79. That Which Obstructs and That Which Steals Appears
80. 60-Day Commemorative Coin Appears
81. Intercession Appears
82. Scolding Appears
83. The Shot Heard Round the Underworld Appears
84. A World Without Shiki Mentioned
85. Our Future Appears
86. EZ-Attack!! Appears
87. 4 on 4 Appears
88. Eye of God Appears
89. Hermit vs. Fie Appears
90. Sister vs. Daichi Appears
91. Homura vs. Sylph Appears
92. The Sword of Edens Appears
93. The Execution Site Appears
94. Shiki vs. Drakken Appears
95. Kris Rutherford Appears
96. A Young Man's Memories Appears
97. The Time Is Now Appears
98. Advent of the Demon King Appears
99. The Pendant Appears
Edens One arc
100. Edens One Appears
101. Singularity Appears
102. Time to Say Goodbye Appears
103. Clash of the Cosmos Appears
104. The Woman They Called Pirate Appears
Red Cave arc
105. Dragonfall Appears
106. Prayer Council Appears
107. A Planet Where Stars Fall Like Rain Appears
108. Nadia, Love of My Life Appears
109. Red Cave Appears
110. A Robot in Love Appears
111. The Sky of Days Long Past Appears
Foresta arc
112. When You Live Life on a Ship Appears
113. In the Doghouse Appears
114. Glue Appears
115. The Battle of Foresta Appears
116. The Sky Sweeper Appears
117. Shiki vs. Orc Appears
118. Star Drain Appears
119. Homura vs. Mora Absent
120. Rebecca vs. Britney Appears
121. Darling Little Piece of Junk Appears
122. Titanic Victory Appears
123. The Light of Justice Appears
124. Kiss & Die Appears
125. Heart of Gravity Appears
126. This Doctor, Armed and Dangerous Appears
127. The Doomsday System Appears
128. What's Important Appears
129. So We Can Smile Brighter Appears
130. Oceans 6 Appears
131. VR-C Appears
132. Chrono Witch Appears
133. Following Ziggy's Path Appears
Sandra arc
134. Judgment Day Appears
135. Desert Oasis Appears
136. Goodwin Appears
137. Empire Dice Appears
138. Prelude to the Aoi War Appears
139. White Flash Appears

Appearances in Other Media

Mashima HERO'S


Attack ☆☆☆☆
Defence ☆☆☆
Marksmanship ☆☆
Ether Power ☆☆☆☆
Intelligence ☆☆
Love for Friends ☆☆☆☆☆
  • According to E.M. Pino's Analysis, Shiki's stats are:[1]
  • Shiki shares his first name with the protagonist of Monster Hunter Orage, one of Hiro Mashima's previous manga.
  • The name "Shiki" means four seasons (四季?) in Japanese, which follows Hiro Mashima's trend of naming his main characters after seasons. According to Mashima, he chose the name to represent the culmination of his past works.[56]
    • Shiki's name in the earliest draft of the manga was "Ziggy", based on the David Bowie song "Ziggy Stardust", which Mashima gave to the Demon King Ziggy in the finished version.[56]


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