Rave Master Volume 1

Rave Master Volume 1 Cover

Rave Master (known as RAVE (レイヴ) and Groove Adventure Rave in Japan), is a manga by Hiro Mashima, author of Monster Soul, Fairy Tail and Edens Zero, which ran in Weekly Shonen Magazine from 1999 to 2005.

It tells the story of Haru Glory, a teenager who becomes the second Rave Master and is destined to bring peace to his world and save it from the threat of Dark Bring (Shadow Stones in the English version). Along the way, Haru gains friends who join him on his quest and they slowly unravel the mystery of the Rave Stones (his power source), the Dark Bring, and his destiny and how it affects those around him and the fate of the world in general.

Rave Master AppearancesEdit

  • A creature resembling Tanchimo is seen at the end of Chapter 30.

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