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I have come to posses everything in the Aoi Cosmos... by obeying the dice... and following their guidance. These dice will never betray me. It matters not if my son resorts to foolish tactics. It matters not if the Empire falls. Nor if millions... nor even billions die. The ultimate result will be the same. I will be victorious.

—Poseidon Nero, Chapter 137

Poseidon Nero (ポセイドン・ネロ Poseidon Nero), also known as the "Emperor" (皇帝 Kōtei), was one of the Oración Seis Galáctica, the founder and former supreme ruler of the Nero Empire and the ultimate authority of the entire Aoi Cosmos.[1]


Poseidon Nero is a tall elderly alien being with features of aquatic animals, having a mass of tentacles for hair and a matching "beard" and fins in place of his ears. Additionally, he has sharp eyes and spotted skin. He wears a high collared coat with a chain holding the cuffs together, ocean-themed flowing robes, and a long cape that has the symbol of the Nero Empire on the back.[2][3]


Poseidon Nero is a fatalist who leaves every one of his important decisions to the rolls of his guiding dice, which are said to be so perfectly accurate that it allowed him to build his entire empire within a single generation, and states that he is not so foolish as to defy the dice.[4]

He is also confident that it does not matter whether his son, Shura, causes his empire to eventually crash and burn by his reckless actions; the ultimate result will be the same for he will be victorious and that fate has already been determined by the guiding dice he obeys.[5]

However Nero's confidence over his dice that ensure his victory causing him to become careless and end up drop his guard down as Ziggy struck him from behind which Ziggy noted that Nero was careless and that decapitation wouldn't be enough to killed mechanical lifeform and didn't consider it possible for Ziggy to be able affect his dice with his Gravity.

Nero also has a habit of rattling the dice that he carries around with his right hand.[2][6]



In the past, Nero was an old friend of Ziggy and considers the Demon King to be a wise and thoughtful man he could call a friend. At some point, Nero created his empire in the Aoi Cosmos in a single generation with the power of his Ether and the guiding dice.[7]

15 years ago, Nero adopted Shura as his son after the guiding dice told him and intended to pass his power to him, but the boy was incompatible.[6] Instead, Shura was taught by Ziggy how to use Satan Gravity.[8] He asks his son to leave him and Ziggy alone, watching the boy run off the room. When the Demon King pointed out that Shura is a human, Nero simply explains to his old friend that he is a child chosen by the guiding dice but was incompatible with his power before Ziggy came along.[6]

By X492, Nero's power and notoriety earned him a spot among the Oración Seis Galáctica, where he became known as the "Emperor" who ruled the Aoi Cosmos with the ultimate authority.[1]

At some point, Nero won a game of Lost Card against Lyra, making her lose her left eye, and he became the only person to ever beat her since.[9]

Foresta arc[]

Nero in his meeting with the Oceans 6

Assembling his top officials, the Oceans 6 and his son Shura for a meeting on Nero 1[10], Nero remarks that the ocean weeps, though its tears are a drop of the blue sea, they will become a desolate darkness to reduce his flesh to ash as he rattles around the guiding dice in his hand. The Emperor informs his son and the Oceans 6 that Foresta has been violated by Ziggy.[11] When Nasseh notes that Ziggy was dead, Nero tells them that the Demon King has returned to life, and wonders if Ziggy has lost his heart and will become "a cadaver of darkness" to strike him down.[8] After hearing the opinions of Mirrani, Cyca, and Fabiano about Ziggy's actions on Foresta, Nero wishes to know the skull-faced bot's true intentions, stating that the Demon King was a wise and thoughtful man he could call a friend. Rolling the guiding dice on the table, he wonders what has happened to the skull-faced bot. When Shura protests his use of the dice to make important decisions by chance, Nero tells his son to hold his tongue. He explains to Shura that the eyes of his dice will never betray him for that is the power of his Ether, and it is with this power that he built his empire in a single generation for they are his "Sacred Guiding Dice". Glancing at the results of rolling the dice on the table with a contemplating look, Nero remains silent as Fabiano asks him what do their eyes tell him. Getting up from his chair to leave, the Emperor states that if it is their fate, he must obey and declares that he will do nothing, surprising his son and the members of Oceans 6. Exiting the meeting room, Nero tells Shura that he will leave the matter with the Demon King entirely in his hands. When Shura wonders if his father means that, the Emperor explains to his son that he is not so foolish as to defy the dice.[4]

Sandra arc[]

Nero assures his victory, so long as he has the Empire Dice

Within his throne room at The Temple, Nero rattles around his guiding dice with his right hand and asks Fabiano why did he not go with Shura and the other Oceans to Nero 66. After Fabiano expresses his concern regarding Shura's actions that could endanger the Nero Empire and implores the Emperor to stop his son, Nero tells the older Oceans 6 member that he has come to possess everything in the Aoi Cosmos by obeying the dice and following their guidance as he makes a roll on the small round podium next to him. Nero states that the dice will never betray him and that it does not matter whether if his son resorts to foolish tactics, if his empire falls, or if millions or even billions of people die, the ultimate result will be the same. With a serious face, the Emperor confidently declares to a horrified Fabiano that he will be victorious in the end and that fate has already been determined and will remain unchanged as long as he possesses the absolute power of the "Emperor Dice".[12]

Aoi War arc[]

Nero faces off against Ziggy and Jaguar

After Fabiano is defeated by Jaguar of the Oración Seis Interstellar, Nero enters the scene while rattling the dice in his hand. He compliments the Beast Lord for defeating Fabiano, whom he states to be the strongest soldier in his empire, with such ease. The Emperor advises Jaguar to be patient for he is not the only guest in the Deep Snow Imperial palace and asks the approaching Ziggy if he sneaked in with the private army rabble, calling him an old friend. When the Demon King coldly declares that he has no friends, Nero questions if he is now his enemy.[13]

Nero watches silently as Ziggy brushes off Jaguar as a small fry and orders Brigandine to attack the captain. He asks the Demon King if he has not heard of Beast Lord Jaguar, before explaining about the man's background as a part of the Oración Seis Galáctica before joining the Oración Seis Interstellar in the past. When Ziggy bluntly states that he doesn't care, Nero chides him that he is deriding a man who possesses a power that rivals theirs.[14] When Ziggy stops Jaguar in his tracks with his gravity, Nero shoots his dice through the man's head, explaining that the captain's competence made him a nuisance and he simply took advantage. He tells Ziggy that he knows what he wants, his empire. After Ziggy states his intention of building a world of mechanical lifeforms, Nero wonders if the bot's dream to find Mother has faded. However, he is confused when Ziggy explains that Mother, machines, and Chronophages are all connected. He learns that Ziggy intends to claim the empire on the day he was born, calling it a birthday present. Preparing himself for battle, Nero declares that Ziggy's death will be on his birthday and boasts that as long as he controls the Empire Dice, he will never know defeat.[15]

Nero reveals his Ether Gear

Nero stands impassive as Ziggy uses his gravity to levitate a large chunk of the floor they stand on and destroy the upper portion of the imperial palace. Unfazed when Ziggy tells him to watch as his capital planet crumbles to dust, Nero states that while The Temple may perish and his empire may cease to exist, he will never be defeated and claims that the outcome is already decided. He attacks the Demon King with his dice, which are momentarily stopped, but maneuvers around to strike again. Nero refutes Ziggy for thinking his dice cannot be affected by gravity and explains that the Empire Dice are not a ranged weapon but a Relic that assures his victory. He states that some Relics possess singularly mystical powers and his set of dice is one such Relic. Nero adds that he simply obeys the eyes of his dice and always triumph for he built his empire with them. Though, he reveals that his victories always come with a price; the lives of his friends, his family, and his people, and notes that all who were by his side have faded. Nevertheless, he confidently proclaims that he has always been victorious thanks to the power of the Empire Dice and attacks Ziggy once more. However, he is surprised when Ziggy brings down an Interstellar Union Army starfighter from the sky to shield him from his dice before defending himself from the missiles aimed at him. Nero is then punched in the face by Ziggy before he easily recovers back on his feet and strikes the skull-faced bot in the face with his dice while sustaining head injuries from his enemy's gravity-empowered punch. Nero states to Ziggy that the greater the prize, the more certain his victory, suddenly appearing behind him and removes his cloak. Activating his Ether Gear, Nero declares that on this day, he will lose his empire and that is the price he must pay to kill the Demon King.[16]

When Shura boasts about his impending victory, Nero contacts his adopted son and inquires him if he is jesting. He tells Shura that the word "victory" exists only for him and there is no victory for the prince. He reveals to Shura the heavily damaged head of Ziggy he holds in his hand, asking him if he is referring to the Demon King much to his adopted son's shock. Nero declares that it is over for Shura and explains that he used his Ether Gear, Wormhole to transport 20,000 Imperial antimatter bombs from The Temple over to him on Nero 66. He remarks that Shura's ulterior designs were obvious from the start and calls him a foolish boy. Nero asks an irate Shura, who tries to dismiss it as a bluff, if he truly believes that he would reveal his Ether Gear to him. He dares his adopted son to hit the All-Link System's switch and see if it will obliterate either The Temple or Nero 66.[17] Noticing Shiki from the transmission, he wonders who the boy is before he is pierced in the back by the hand of Ziggy's headless body standing up. Nero is shocked to see that Ziggy is still alive.[18]

Nero clutches his chest as Ziggy explains that decapitation is not enough to kill a mechanical lifeform, calling the man careless. Nero states that his injury is not enough to kill him either and that it is not in his destiny. However, Ziggy asks him about destiny while holding the dice, shocking Nero as they should not be affected by gravity. He is shocked even more when Ziggy crushes them into pieces, who claims that they are just matter and that it can not resist true gravity. Angered, Nero uses his Ether Gear in an attempt to grab Ziggy from behind, but the Demon King states that he likes his power and wants it to fall to him. His head is grabbed by Ziggy as he enters the portal, where he screams in horror as Ziggy uses Gravity Drain on him, which later on killing him after been defeated.[19]

Powers and Abilities[]

Poseidon Nero was a member of the Oración Seis Galáctica, a group that is stated to be the cosmos's strongest warriors, being renowned for crushing entire planets.[20] He is the ultimate authority of the Aoi Cosmos, outranking every planetary monarch and president there, and has a reputation as being the one person in the Aoi Cosmos that should not be crossed.[1]

Wormhole (ワームホール Wāmuhōru): Nero possesses an Ether Gear that allows him to manipulate space which he primarily uses to warp to create wave-like portals, allowing him to appear directly behind his opponent.[21] He is also capable of teleporting items across planets, being able to move 20,000 Imperial antimatter bombs from Nero 1 to a far off place like Nero 66 with ease.[22]

Enhanced Endurance: Despite being stabbed through his torso from behind by Ziggy's arm, Nero proved to still be in fighting condition, regarding the injury as a "minor flesh wound" that was incapable of killing him.[19]


Empire Dice (帝国歴程 Enpaia Daisu?): Poseidon Nero utilizes three dice (a d6, d8, and d12 respectively)[23] that he refers to as his "Guiding Dice" (導きのサイ Michibiki no Sai), using these dice Nero is able to accurately predict outcomes that are in his favor through the dice rolls. He claims that the eyes of the dice never lie to him, which is the power of his Ether.[24] Nero claims that fate has already been determined and will remain unchanged as he possesses this power.[5] He is also capable of using these dice as weapons in battle, being able to throw them at his target with enough force and precision to pierce right through them and having return straight back to his hand.[25] These dice come from Mother, having mystical powers to assure Nero's victory but at a price, which becomes greater the more certain his victory. Because of this, they are unaffected by gravity.[26]

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  • Poseidon is the god of the sea in Greek mythology, while Nero was a Roman emperor, whose rule is usually associated with tyranny and extravagance.


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