Overdrive (オーバードライブ Ōbādoraibu) is an advanced state of Ether Gear.

Description[edit | edit source]

By utilizing Ether Gear throughout their body, the user's appearance becomes more like a machine, having three-dimensional Ether lines appear around their body, and their skin and hair changes to a lighter color.[1] However, as mentioned by Drakken Joe, Overdrive can truly be achieved when the user pushes their own Ether to its critical point, thus changing to their physical appearance into a different form.[2]

According to Kris, Overdrive is the true power of Ether Gear.[3]

Usage[edit | edit source]


The Rudimentary usage of the Overdrive ability causes the user to undergo a basic transformation, with numerous Ether lines showing up along and around their bodies.


The complete Overdrive causes it's user to undergo a full body transformation as well as augmenting their physical abilities.

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References[edit | edit source]

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