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The Oración Seis Galáctica (銀河六魔将 Ginga Rokumashō, lit. "Galaxy's Six Demon Generals") is a loosely associated group of six powerful outlaws who operate in the Sakura Cosmos and beyond.[1]


An organization consisting of the six most infamous criminals in the cosmos, each one being strong enough to crush entire planets according to Amira.[2] However, despite being referred to as such, the Oración Seis Galáctica does not work together as a cohesive team at all. In fact, most of them have never actually met each other face-to-face, instead preferring to mind their own business and run their respective organizations in the cosmoses with their own separate agendas.[3][4][5][6]

However, it would be dangerous if two or more members of the Galáctica were to meet each other according to Creed and Victory.[7] That also includes the possibility of two Galáctica members joining forces together according to Justice.[8] The appearance of so many Galáctica members in one place is more than enough to warrant the full attention of all Interstellar members.[9]

The Oración Seis Galáctica is mainly opposed by the Interstellar Union Army and their special forces unit, the Oración Seis Interstellar[10], whose power supposedly rivals even that of their own.[11]


  • Elsie Crimson: Known as the "Armored Space Pirate" and also the "Pirate Queen", Elsie is feared by many as the woman who conquered the Seven Cosmic Seas as well as for being the captain of a vast fleet of space pirates. She also shares her Ether Gear, Star Drain, with that of her archenemy, Justice of the Oración Seis Interstellar.
  • Deadend Crow: The most dangerous machine in the cosmoses prior to Ziggy's reawakening. He is known as the "Titan of Eternal Darkness" due to being 420 meters tall and is described by Holy to be a living fortress.
  • Saintfire Nox: He is known as the "Archbishop".
  • God Acnoella: She is known as the "Mother of Dragons" due to her control over the massive swarms of Dragons as her army and her children.
  • Shiki Granbell: The new captain of the legendary warship, Edens Zero as well as the adopted grandson-turned-archenemy of Ziggy the Demon King. Shiki is also known as the "Demon King" and also the "King of Magimech" by his crewmates. Wielding the powerful Ether Gear, Satan Gravity, Shiki and his crew travel the universe in search of Mother with the goal of taking down Ziggy and his army. By the year X495, he was declared a threat to the universe by the Oración Seis Interstellar and is now recognized as the newest member of the Oración Seis Galáctica.

Former Members[]

  • Drakken Joe: Formerly the most powerful and notorious man in the Sakura Cosmos' underworld as well as the CEO of his own criminal organization, Drakken is known as the "Dark Alchemist", a title stemming from his complete mastery over his Ether Gear. Currently, Drakken has been imprisoned by the Interstellar Union Army following his defeat by Shiki and his crew, having been left as nothing more then a helpless feeble old man.
  • Jaguar: A former member of the Oración Seis Galáctica who was described as a man beyond anyone's control in the past, Jaguar was known as the "Beast Lord" due to his Ether Gear allowing him to transform into a bipedal jaguar, hence his namesake and epithet. At some point, he left the Oración Seis Galáctica and joined the Oración Seis Interstellar where he rose through the ranks of the Interstellar Union Army, eventually becoming a captain.
  • Poseidon Nero: Once the supreme leader of the Nero Empire; which spans the entirety of the Aoi Cosmos, giving him the largest organization out of all the members of the Oración Seis Galáctica. Nero is known as the "Emperor" and is the adoptive father of Poseidon Shura. Though most well-known for his Empire Dice, Nero also possesses a secret Ether Gear known as Wormhole, allowing him to create portals to move across vast distances instantly. After his fierce battle with Ziggy on Nero 1, Nero's powers were absorbed by the robot which resulted in his death.


  • Rave Master and Fairy Tail, two of Hiro Mashima's previous works, feature antagonist groups with similar premises, "Oración Seis", which is written with similar kanji in those series. However, this group is not directly called "Oración Seis" in Japanese.


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