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Mother (マザー Mazā) is a female entity that exists beyond the Sakura Cosmos, and is regarded by adventurers as the Goddess of the Cosmos.


Mother is a colossal woman, larger than any planet, with long, flowing cyan hair and five jewels on the crown of her head. She appears to be wearing a tight suit, appearing as if she is robotic, having a white and light blue color pattern across her body, along with grey gloves and boots.[1]


Mother's personality is currently unknown.


Intro arc[]

Powers and Abilities[]

Rebirth: It is said that those who make it to Mother are born again.[2]

Wish Granting: Mother is said to have the ability to grant any wish.[3] So far Xiaomei is the only known person to have their wish granted by Mother.[3]

  • Empowerment: Mother has the ability to gift others with special powers through wishes made to her.[4]

Manga Appearances[]

Intro arc
1. Into the Sky Where Cherry Blossoms Flutter Absent
2. A Girl and Her Blue Cat Debut
3. Adventurers Hologram
Norma arc
4. Norma Mentioned
5. A Man Named Weisz Visually
6. Thief Absent
7. Iron Tears Absent
8. Clash!! The Sibir Family Absent
9. vs. The Foote Brothers Absent
10. We're Friends, Aren't We? Absent
11. Machina Maker Absent
Skull Fairy arc
12. The Skull Fairy Absent
13. Shiki vs. Elsie Mentioned
14. Born Again Visually
Guilst arc
15. Warship of the Demon King Mentioned
16. Sister Hologram
17. The Collection Absent
18. Wind Howls on the Highway Absent
19. Geniuses at Coming Up with Fun Ideas Absent
20. Planet Guilst Absent
21. Soul Blade Absent
22. The Great Naked Escape Absent
23. Million Bullets Absent
24. Sister Ivry Absent
25. Take Aim Absent
26. Two Sisters Absent
27. The Great Guilst Escape Absent
28. New Friends Mentioned
Digitalis arc
29. Iron Hill Mentioned
30. The Super Virtual Planet Absent
31. The People of Digitalis Absent
32. Mass Murderer Jamilov Absent
33. The Girl on the Hill Mentioned
34. Survive the Night Absent
35. The Girl and the Monster Absent
36. The G.I.A. Absent
37. Great Kaiju Shiki Absent
38. 22 Hits Absent
39. Spider the Genius Hacker Absent
40. Operation C7 Absent
41. Fireworks Absent
42. Pino's Dream Visually
43. Smells Like Money Absent
Mildian arc
44. The Temple of Knowledge Absent
45. The Battle Coliseum Absent
46. Footsteps of the Warrior Maiden Absent
47. Words Will Give You Strength Absent
48. From the Planet of Eternity Visually
Belial Gore arc
69. Rebecca's Nightmare Absent
70. Belial Gore Absent
71. The Steel Sorceress Absent
72. The Element 4 Absent
73. Don't Shed a Tear Absent
74. Weisz vs. Laguna Absent
75. A Wind Blows Through the Sakura Cosmos Absent
76. Rebecca vs. Sylph Absent
77. The Winds that Bind Absent
78. No.29 Absent
79. That Which Obstructs and That Which Steals Absent
80. 60-Day Commemorative Coin Absent
81. Intercession Absent
82. Scolding Absent
83. The Shot Heard Round the Underworld Absent
84. A World Without Shiki Absent
85. Our Future Absent
86. EZ-Attack!! Absent
87. 4 on 4 Absent
88. Eye of God Absent
89. Hermit vs. Fie Absent
90. Sister vs. Daichi Absent
91. Homura vs. Sylph Absent
92. The Sword of Edens Absent
93. The Execution Site Absent
94. Shiki vs. Drakken Absent
95. Kris Rutherford Absent
96. A Young Man's Memories Visually
97. The Time Is Now Absent
98. Advent of the Demon King Absent
99. The Pendant Absent
Edens One arc
100. Edens One Hologram
101. Singularity Absent
102. Time to Say Goodbye Absent
103. Clash of the Cosmos Absent
104. The Woman They Called Pirate Absent
Red Cave arc
105. Dragonfall Absent
106. Prayer Council Mentioned
107. A Planet Where Stars Fall Like Rain Mentioned
108. Nadia, Love of My Life Absent
109. Red Cave Mentioned
110. A Robot in Love Mentioned
111. The Sky of Days Long Past Mentioned
Foresta arc
112. When You Live Life on a Ship Mentioned
113. In the Doghouse Absent
114. Glue Absent
115. The Battle of Foresta Absent
116. The Sky Sweeper Absent
117. Shiki vs. Orc Absent
118. Star Drain Absent
119. Homura vs. Mora Absent
120. Rebecca vs. Britney Absent
121. Darling Little Piece of Junk Mentioned
122. Titanic Victory Absent
123. The Light of Justice Absent
124. Kiss & Die Absent
125. Heart of Gravity Absent
126. This Doctor, Armed and Dangerous Absent
127. The Doomsday System Absent
128. What's Important Absent
129. So We Can Smile Brighter Absent
130. Oceans 6 Absent
131. VR-C Absent
132. Chrono Witch Absent
133. Following Ziggy's Path Absent


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