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Mildian (ミルディアン Mirudian?), also known as the Planet of Time (時の惑星 Toki no Wakusei?), is a planet that exists outside the universe's flow of time.[1]


From a distance, Mildian is a small planet with a pair of clock-shaped rings, small gears around its body, and a pair of hands.[2] From an outside perspective, the planet is perpetually frozen in time;[2] contrary to beliefs that nothing on the planet can move, time flows normally for those on the planet while it stands still for the rest of the universe.[3][1] Therefore, visitors could remain on the planet for years, and when they leave, time would proceed from the exact moment of their arrival.[1]


Mildian does not have a fixed location as it moves eratically, never staying in the same cosmos for long.[4]

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  • The planet shares its name with the ancient city and mage village from both of Hiro Mashima's previous manga, Fairy Tail and Rave Master, respectively. All relating to the concept of time while referencing different things.


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