Anyone who cries in front of me, will never stand back up again.

—Laguna, Chapter 73

Laguna Husert (ラグナ・ヒューゼルト Raguna Hyūzeruto), also known as the "Spirit of Water" (水の精霊 Mizu no Seirei), is an actor and was one of the Element 4 that served under Drakken Joe.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Laguna is a tall, slim young man with an effeminate appearance. He has short, light-blue wavy hair and matching eyes, and small, full lips.[1]

His attire consists of a leather jacket with a key-shaped insignia at the center of it, checkered sleeves, a pair of leather trousers, and black stilettos. Additionally, he wears a pair of thin rectangular-shaped earrings.[2]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Laguna is shown to be a kind person when compared to the other members of Drakken's crew. While most laugh along when Drakken commits cruel acts, he instead holds a solemn look.[3] He also attempts to comfort Rebecca during her imprisonment.[4]

In battle, he is quite a crafty trickster when he goaded his opponents into crying by any means in order to use his Ether Gear against them such as making up a false sob backstory or even use the Oedo Onion as a last resort.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

Laguna Husert used to be an actor before he suddenly joined Drakken Joe's organization.[5] He became part of the Element 4 with his real name as "Laguna"[6], as the Dark Alchemist needed Ether masters of each element to help maintain the balance of his Ether.[7]

Belial Gore arc[edit | edit source]

World No. 29[edit | edit source]

Laguna battling Weisz

When Maria Slime, Seth Anderson and Diego Reyes are defeated at the hands of Witch Regret, Drakken Joe decides to call in his special forces, the Element 4, which includes Laguna.[8]

Laguna appears before Shiki and his team in their holo disguises outside the city when Shiki starts to cry. He claims that those who cry in front of him, will never stand up again, and he turns Shiki into a puddle of water as a demonstration.[9] He states that he will make all of them cry and turns Pino into water when she begins to cry after seeing Shiki.[10] When Weisz approaches Laguna, he steps on Weisz's foot with his stilettos, drawing tears from him and he turns Weisz into water.[11] Homura draws her Soul Blade sword and Laguna summons a water blade, using his Ether Gear, and the two engage in combat.[12] Laguna then attempts a number of tricks to get Homura to cry. He eventually succeeds by crushing an Oedo Onion in her face and turns her into water. As he's collecting the puddles in small bottles, he notices one is missing. Weisz then reveals himself, explaining how he tricked Laguna, and he summons his Arsenal Suit.[13]

Surprised, Laguna asks Weisz what he is wearing before being punched in the face by his armored opponent who reveals it to be Arsenal Mark I, proclaiming to be the hero who soars across the cosmos. He blocks Weisz's bullets with his Ether Gear, telling him not to underestimate the power of water. Directing the water, Laguna attacks Weisz and damages his suit in retaliation, stating that water cuts through metal. The Spirit of Water assaults Weisz with a water whip, pushing him back. He raises the water to block Weisz's Vise Cannon and says that such little pellets will not work on him. Laguna dodges Weisz's Drum Buster with water as his transportation, surfing away to safety. Hearing Weisz about to make another hero speech with another weapon, Laguna asks him if he can load his gun without doing that. When Weisz unleashes Atlas Flame, Laguna believes him to be stupid if he thinks the flamethrower is going to work against his Ether Gear only to learn that his opponent made a ring of fire around them. Trapped, Laguna is shocked that the fire is everywhere and coughs with tears from the smoke which Weisz notices. Wiping away the tears in annoyance at his opponent messing with him, the Spirit of Water states that he will flush Weisz down the toilet after making him cry and turn him into water. Laguna blocks Weisz's Metallica Explosion with his Water Hand and blasts him with Water Shot, injuring his opponent and further damaging his suit. Ready to finish Weisz off, Laguna unleashes Water Laser which his opponent tries to block with the Metallica Explosion gauntlet. Laguna tells Weisz to not bother for his water can crush iron and it is time for him to weep and wail in defeat. Changing his mind with sadistic glee, he proclaims that Weisz will already be dead before he gets the chance to cry. However, Laguna is shocked to see Weisz using the cooling system of his suit to freeze the Water Laser, leaving himself wide open. Screaming that it is impossible, Laguna is defeated by Weisz who uppercuts him and crashes on the ground injured and unconscious.[14]

Later on, Laguna regains consciousness at some point and turns Rebecca into a puddle of water by using her tears, saving her from Daichi's torture with Pain's Tree inside the prison cell. He reprimands his fellow Element 4 member that anyone who cries in front of him turns into water and that Rebecca is not supposed to get hurt. When Daichi is angry at him for ruining his torture session on Rebecca, the Spirit of Water swiftly reminds him that the young woman belongs to their boss and he would get in trouble if something happens to her, knowing how scary Drakken can be. After Daichi immediately stands down and offers him chocolate, Laguna refuses.[15]

Laguna is with his fellow Element 4 and Drakken Joe at the Execution Site where Shiki and his friends are held captive and at gun point before them.[16] When Drakken destroys the Sister Energy meant for Weisz and laughs, the actor did not laugh with Fie and Daichi, remaining silent along with Jinn and Kleene.[17] Laguna remains quiet as Drakken is pleased to see the Crew of Edens being shocked and afraid after Weisz loses his arm to Fie as a demonstration for defying the Dark Alchemist. Seeing Rebecca cry, he sees her tears which Daichi tells him that it is not the time to not turn her into water. Laguna understands and comments that it is real tears he is seeing.[18] The Spirit of Water stays silent with Daichi as Drakken lectures Shiki and his friends that there are some people in the cosmos they should not mess with.[19] He listens in silence when Shiki in tears tells his friends that it was not supposed to be like this in their adventure and tries to stand up to Drakken.[20] After the Dark Alchemist shoots Shiki in the head for his defiance, Laguna remains impassive while Fie and Daichi sadistically smirk.[21][22]

Seven days later after Drakken Joe executed Shiki, Laguna visits the room where Rebecca is confined and reassures her that it is just him and not his boss. He advises Rebecca that she needs to start eating or else she would end up getting stick. Noticing her in her fearful state, Laguna tells the young woman that sitting around in a stupor all day will not change anything and that his boss told him and his colleagues to treat her as one of them. He advises Rebecca to forget the past and that she will have everything she could want if she stayed here. The Spirit of Water explains to her that they got off to the worst start possible and she should understand where Drakken Joe is coming from as moneylenders cannot do business if people think they are soft. Laguna points out that the Crew of Edens invaded the Belial Gore in the first place and they suffered the consequences for it as a result. Still not getting any response from her, Laguna concedes and advises Rebecca to at least take a shower for her stink smell brings tears to his eyes. He mentions to Rebecca that there are surveillance cameras in her room but not in the bathroom for they are not that crude before leaving her alone.[23]

World No. 30[edit | edit source]

Laguna pushed back by Witch's lightning

When the Crew of Edens launches an attack directly at the Belial Gore, Laguna and his fellow Element 4 confront the intruders.[24] Laguna and Daichi are shocked when Hermit interferes and disables Fie's sniper rifle in the process. He tells Kleene to go after the Aqua Wing, but she is intercepted by Homura Laguna faces Witch Regret as his opponent when she and her fellow Four Shining Stars equip their Battle Dresses and are ready to fight against Drakken's special forces which Laguna notes is going to be a four-on-four battle.[25] Clashing with Witch, Laguna attacks her with a water blade but is blocked by her Ether Shield. He expresses disappointment to fight a machine as he is unable to use his Ether Gear effectively on them as machines cannot cry in his honest opinion. Witch pushes back Laguna with lightning and reassures him that they do shed tears and have hearts as well.[26]

Falling to his knees injured, Laguna realized that Witch is too strong. Witch compliments his skills, however, she tells him that one who has no reason to do battle can never defeat the Four Shining Stars which confuses Laguna. She notes his previous occupation as an actor before he left show business and worked under Drakken Joe when she looked up his profile and asks him his reason to fight for the Dark Alchemist. In response, Laguna tells her that it is none of her business, which Witch understands. Laguna is then intimidated by Witch's serious proclamation that she is the Shield of Edens and her reason to fight is to protect her family from whatever enemy threatens them.[27] At the end of their fight, Laguna is struck down by Witch who uses Edens Glitter on him as a finishing move. He and his fellow Element 4 are lying on the ground defeated by the Four Shining Stars.[28]

Red Cave arc[edit | edit source]

Sometime after Drakken Joe's defeat and arrest, Laguna starts working as an actor again at the Scheherazade Theatre on Blue Garden, using a hologram to change his face into that of a middle-aged man. After his spectacular performance in a theatre play, he is confronted backstage by Witch, Jinn and Kleene. He drops the holographic disguise when Witch explains that once she makes an enemy, she will never stop tracking them, but that she comes to him as a friend and asks for his help.[29]

He agrees to help the Crew of Edens with surprisingly little resistance and one condition. Laguna travels with Witch to Red Cave and entered the Temple of the Mother Beacon, surprising Rebecca. He reminds Witch to not forget it. Laguna explains to Shiki and his friends, who recognize him as one of Drakken Joe's minions, that he really did not know of Drakken's true age and that the Dark Alchemist needed Ether masters of each element to help him maintain the balance of his Ether, hence the "Element 4". Laguna further states that by defeating the Element 4 and destroying the Life Support Machine, that is how Shiki defeated Drakken who was not at full strength and reminds the gravity user to not forget that fact. Seeing Rebecca, Laguna recognizes her as the woman Drakken was trying to find and learns from her that she jumped through time with Cat Leaper, realizing how he and the Element 4 lost in the first place. Dropping the subject, he tells the Crew of Edens that he is here to help after making a contract with Witch. Laguna cannot believe someone like Shiki was the one who beat Drakken Joe and refuses the boy's offer to be his friend.[30]

Laguna enters inside the cave full of fire with Shiki and Witch where he comments on it and is concerned about Witch's way of thinking when she seemed unfazed about losing her swimsuit to the intense heat and ends up naked in front of him and Shiki. Although Laguna actually does find Witch cute after she covers her face in embarrassment. After Laguna is given instructions to turn Shiki into water while Witch gives him Ether coating to maintain his shape and use his Satan Gravity to traverse the cave, the actor bluntly states Shiki is gonna die. He explains that any water he makes will evaporate in this fiery cave but Witch reassures that's what her Ether coating is for. Conceding reluctantly, Laguna activates his Ether Gear and informs Witch that he needs Shiki to shed tears first. After Witch easily makes Shiki cry by using his fear of bugs, Laguna turns him into a puddle of water and comments with surprise, noting how easy it was. He witnesses Witch using her Ether coating on Shiki, giving him a human-shape while he is made of water and Shiki proceeds to traverse through the cave of fire. Laguna asks Witch if Shiki can just use his Ether Gear to push the flames down which she interjects that the Ether of the cave is preventing Shiki from doing that. He is surprised when Shiki makes it through the fiery cave with ease and reaches the destination.[31]

After Shiki obtains Mother's Ether through his Aquatic Adaptation Lacrima, Laguna returns back to the temple with him and Witch where he remains silent.[32] When Weisz suggests absorbing all of Mother's Ether from the temple, Laguna calls him stupid that it brings tears to his eyes. He explains that many people have been here and no one has done that, making it not possible, which Nadia supports his statement about it. Laguna remained silent as the crew converse with each other to search for more of Mother's Ether to absorb and witness Witch revealing the truth of Andrew's demise to Nadia.[33] Outside the temple, the actor provides himself and Shiki water bubbles around their heads to breathe, watching Witch comfort the grieving Nadia over Andrew's corpse in front of her.[34] Laguna notices Nadia shedding real tears after the Relic from the crashed ship restores the machines of Red Cave back to life and the planet's ocean levels reverts back to normal.[35]

Foresta arc[edit | edit source]

Onboard at the Edens Zero, Laguna is at the Briefing Room with Jinn and Kleene, remaining quiet in the back as Weisz is agitated by their presence. Laguna reminds Weisz that he and Witch made a deal and that he is wearing stilettos, further annoying Weisz. The actor reassures that once he finds what he is looking for, he will leave the ship. Kleene asks about it, where he reveals that as he is a wanted man in the Sakura Cosmos, he wants a nice, comfortable planet in the Aoi Cosmos to live on. He is allowed onboard until he finds it, with Witch reassuring him that she will keep her promise. Laguna once again denies Shiki's request to be his friend, bluntly stating that it is not part of the deal and leaves with Jinn and Kleene.[36]

At the Edens Kitchen, Laguna converses with Jinn and Kleene at the dining table while eating food. He is glad that they are well and informs them that "Laguna" is his real name, not a codename. When Jinn comments on Laguna leaving showbiz to commit acts of evil and not even used a codename like him and Kleene, Laguna retorts back at Jinn that Drakken's "business" is evil and his sister was a part of it too. Although, Laguna admits that they were in the underworld and honestly did not think he did any wrong either, also stating that Drakken did not kill people for no reason. However, the true nature of the Dark Alchemist made his skin crawl. The actor learns from Jinn that Weisz's mother was one of Drakken's victims and reassures that he will not cause trouble until he finds the planet he likes and leaves the ship. When Mosco serves them another fresh set of food at their table, Laguna asks about him which Kleene mischievously replies that he is her brother's best buddy much to Jinn's chagrin.[37]

In his room, Laguna hears an emergency alert from Witch who informs everyone that several hostile attack drones are currently approaching the Edens Zero from the airspace above Foresta and since he is on the same ship as them, he decides to fight for it. After Witch unlocks the hanger containing starfighters and tells him to board it, Laguna understood.[38] During an aerial dogfight with the attack drones, Laguna in his starfighter comments that bots are outside his specialty as he shoots down multiple drones with ease. Laguna understands Sister's orders to not let the enemy near the Edens Zero. But then the actor sees Mosco flying in the air by slapping while destroying the drones at the same time beside his starfighter, leaving him quite confused.[39] Laguna in his starfighter continues shooting down Foresta's drones until Witch informs him that it is time to go after the main unit in space, which he asked about it with curiosity. After being informed about the giant server that is the source of the machine virus, Laguna complies with the request to back up Weisz and Hermit.[40] During the orbital battle near the server, Laguna notices Kleene moving slow in her starfighter and tells her about it.[41] The actor complies to Witch's request to head inside the satellite server where Hermit and Weisz lost contact with her.[42]

Upon entering the satellite server, Laguna uses his Tears Lover to shock Müller with his exposed circuitry. He saves Weisz who lost his Arsenal Suit earlier, and surprises Hermit with his presence. When Weisz states that he does not need his help, the actor dryly comments that it looks like he did. While continuing to electrocute the O-Tech, Laguna agrees to help Weisz and jokingly gives him a discount price. He carries Weisz with his water, directing him towards Müller. After Weisz blows up the mad scientist's O-Tech body with Mortal Crash, Laguna remarks that the move was so brutal it would make Arsenal Suit cry.[43] At the computer terminal, Laguna stands silent as Hermit attempts to break through Müller's security and begins to overheat. He offers to cool her with his water by touching her on the shoulder, which she accepts. The actor remains quiet amidst the banter between Weisz and Hermit until he hears the still living cyborg head of Müller calling out her name.[44] Laguna is stoically shocked to learn that the psychopathic scientist was responsible for ruining the Rutherford siblings' lives.[45] He remains silent as Müller pathetically begs Hermit to spare his life.[46] After Hermit punches the head of Müller into unconsciousness, Laguna scoffs that his tears are filthy.[47]

Returning to the Edens Zero, Laguna is standing silent with Weisz in the Briefing Room as Shiki and his friends converse with Elsie Crimson via holographic screen transmission. After Elsie ends her communication, the actor asks them if they knew the Armored Space Pirate. After Rebecca tells him that it was a long story, Laguna comments that he can see why they would pick a fight with Drakken Joe. When Weisz corrects him that Elsie had nothing to do with as this was their fight, Laguna shrugs that he has a good point. The actor notes that the Crew of Edens could have teamed up with her but they didn't and does not understand them, annoying Weisz before leaving the Briefing Room. Walking through the hallway of the ship, Laguna internally muses to himself that until he accomplishes a certain goal, he will just keep playing the part: the part of a man who has no goal.[48]

Witnessing Shiki and the crew exiting the VR Training Facility, Laguna compliments Kleene's training. The actor states that he will think about joining the training himself while commenting that Kleene looks cute when she smiles, which upsets Jinn.[49] Laguna participates at the VR Training Facility where he spars with Kleene in a clash of water and wind.[50] After a week of training, Laguna asks Couchpo what is she doing on the Edens Zero, which Jinn points out that he is one to talk. However, the actor and the O-Tech mercenary are creeped out when the unconcerned large B-Cuber darkly asks them if the war is more dangerous than taking the food away from her.[51]

Sandra arc[edit | edit source]

Laguna is sitting at a table with Jinn and Kleene where they watch the Aoi News news report claiming that Salton and five other planets suffered a similar robot revolt like Foresta which the Oceans 6 are dispatched to suppress and restore order and declares that The Temple has declared all bots to be dangerous with Poseidon Shura making a public statement about it.[52]

Overhearing Shiki's intentions to storm The Temple and stop Shura from killing all of the machines of the Aoi Cosmos in the Briefing Room, Laguna tells him to stop his jokes and asks when did the Edens Zero turn into a cruise ship for suiciders, annoying Weisz. He explains that The Temple is where Poseidon Nero lives and if a civilian ship even thinks about getting close, it will end up as fish food for its 60,000-strong defense fleet, shocking Rebecca and Happy. When Shiki remains undeterred, Laguna bluntly points out that the Nero Empire has 60,000 ships and 100,000 battlecruisers standing by on the planet which the young man stubbornly refuses to understand that they have zero chances of victory much to the Crew of Edens' distress. Contemplating, the actor notes that if Shiki is serious about it, he knows someone who is willing to help but they can't call him. He states that they will have to go and visit him in person on Sandra, the Planet of Sand.[53]

10 hours later, Laguna and the Crew of Edens are on Sandra where they traverse the city. He explains to Homura that nine-tenths of the planet's surface is covered in desert. The actor bluntly tells Rebecca, who wants to make a B-Cube recording of her riding the Camelish, that they are not here to play around and tells the crew to follow him to the alleyway.[54] After hearing Rebecca and Happy commenting that it is peaceful on Sandra than expected after Shura's announcement that caused chaos on other planets, Laguna states that this planet is special. He asks Rebecca if she was too terrified to make the landfall. After hearing Weisz wondering if they are there yet, Laguna informs the Crew of Edens that they are here and shows them the entrance of the base which Homura finds rather suspicious. The actor tells Shiki that they can't talk about it here and knocks on the metal door. Laguna answers the password and is allowed to enter the base, surprising Shiki and his friends. He reminds Rebecca to not record it which gets the attention of Ibaraki who recognizes his voice. Then, Laguna and the Crew of Edens are surrounded by Ibaraki and his comrades who point their weapons at them and call him a coward. The actor states to a confused Shiki that they were his old friends. Laguna tells Ibaraki that he wants to talk to their boss, and witnesses Shiki easily disarming everyone of their weapons with Satan Gravity. He demands a shocked Ibaraki that they should let the Crew of Edens see their boss after witnessing the young man's gravity powers, only for Goodwin to appear before them instead. Laguna remains silent when Homura and Weisz learn that Oasis is a rebel army and that he was one of them.[55]

When Goodwin notices Rebecca and Happy and lowers down for a closer look, Laguna remains silent.[56] However, the actor is stoically surprised that the Oasis leader reveals himself to be a huge fan of the Aoneko Channel run by Rebecca and Happy in front of everyone, remarking with a sweatdrop that he did not expect this.[57] Laguna is unfazed of Goodwin's glare towards him when the Oasis leader calls him a miserable coward who abandoned their cause. The former Element 4 member states that this may not get them to Nero but Oasis has a chance to crush Shura and the Crew of Edens wants their help. Laguna remains silent when Goodwin declares that he will deal with him and his faiure to abide by their rules later.[58] He answers a panicked Shiki that every planet in the Aoi Cosmos has an Ether atmosphere and they never really go underwater during an Aoi High Tide. Laguna implores Goodwin to help Shiki and his friends, informing him that the young man uses gravity just like Shura and he can defeat the Emperor's son. The former Element 4 member is mildly annoyed at Goodwin bluntly stating that Oasis doesn't need help from outsiders.[59]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Tears Lover (ティアーズラバー Tiāzu Rabā): As one of the Element 4, Laguna can use Ether Gear to manipulate water by turning his target into said element through their tears[10], which the science behind the liquefaction remains unknown.[60] The power behind his water-based attacks can cut through metal and crush iron.[61][62]

  • Water Hand (ウォーターハンド Wōtā Hando): Laguna shapes water into a massive hand to attack his opponent.[63]
  • Water Shot (ウォーターショット Wōtā Shotto): Laguna throws a barrage of water projectiles at his opponent.[64]
  • Water Laser (ウォーターレーザー Wōtā Rēzā): Laguna clasps his hands and fires a laser surrounded by a helix of water towards his opponent.[64]

Enhanced Reflexes: Laguna's reflexes are quick enough to block a hail of Ether bullets with a shield of water at close range.[65]

Enhanced Durability: Laguna is tough enough to take a direct punch to the face from Weisz's Arsenal Suit and be almost unscathed after the attack.[66]

Swordsmanship Specialist: Laguna has demonstrated the ability to expertly use swordplay in conjunction with his Ether Gear. His skill is to such a degree that he is able to keep up with Homura Kōgetsu, a powerful swordswoman, who even complimented his skill with a sword.[67]

Battles and Events[edit | edit source]


Manga Appearances[edit | edit source]

Belial Gore arc
69. Rebecca's Nightmare Absent
70. Belial Gore Absent
71. The Steel Sorceress Debut
72. The Element 4 Appears
73. Don't Shed a Tear Appears
74. Weisz vs. Laguna Appears
75. A Wind Blows Through the Sakura Cosmos Absent
76. Rebecca vs. Sylph Absent
77. The Winds that Bind Absent
78. No.29 Absent
79. That Which Obstructs and That Which Steals Absent
80. 60-Day Commemorative Coin Absent
81. Intercession Appears
82. Scolding Appears
83. The Shot Heard Round the Underworld Appears
84. A World Without Shiki Appears
85. Our Future Absent
86. EZ-Attack!! Flashback
87. 4 on 4 Appears
88. Eye of God Appears
89. Hermit vs. Fie Absent
90. Sister vs. Daichi Appears
91. Homura vs. Sylph Absent
92. The Sword of Edens Appears
93. The Execution Site Absent
94. Shiki vs. Drakken Absent
95. Kris Rutherford Absent
96. A Young Man's Memories Absent
97. The Time Is Now Absent
98. Advent of the Demon King Absent
99. The Pendant Absent
Red Cave arc
105. Dragonfall Absent
106. Prayer Council Absent
107. A Planet Where Stars Fall Like Rain Absent
108. Nadia, Love of My Life Absent
109. Red Cave Appears
110. A Robot in Love Appears
111. The Sky of Days Long Past Appears
Foresta arc
112. When You Live Life on a Ship Appears
113. In the Doghouse Absent
114. Glue Appears
115. The Battle of Foresta Appears
116. The Sky Sweeper Absent
117. Shiki vs. Orc Absent
118. Star Drain Mentioned
119. Homura vs. Mora Appears
120. Rebecca vs. Britney Absent
121. Darling Little Piece of Junk Appears
122. Titanic Victory Appears
123. The Light of Justice Absent
124. Kiss & Die Absent
125. Heart of Gravity Appears
126. This Doctor, Armed and Dangerous Absent
127. The Doomsday System Appears
128. What's Important Appears
129. So We Can Smile Brighter Appears
130. Oceans 6 Absent
131. VR-C Absent
132. Chrono Witch Appears
133. Following Ziggy's Path Appears
Sandra arc
134. Judgment Day Appears
135. Desert Oasis Appears
136. Goodwin Appears
137. Empire Dice Appears
138. Prelude to the Aoi War Appears
139. White Flash Absent

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Laguna means "lagoon" in Spanish and Italian.

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