Labilia Christy (ラビリア・クリスティ Rabiria Kurisuti) is an adventurer and B-Cuber who works at the Shooting Starlight guild.


Labilia is a young girl with long blue hair and a ponytail attached to a ball that levitates next to her head.


Labilia has an impudent, dismissive and an overall unpleasant personality, making unprovoked insults to those she believes to be less talented than herself. She is also extremely arrogant vain and self-centered, taking great pride in her film-making abilities and believing there isn't a person within the Sakura Cosmos who is unfamiliar with her. She mocks those around her that inferior to her, an example being Rebecca, another B-Cuber. She tends to charge her fans copious amounts of money for autographs and handshakes. When faced with someone who catches her interest, she becomes resolute in making a video of that subject, even if they have caused her pain or humiliation.

Labilia has developed an admiration for Shiki ever since he demonstrated his Ether Gear and it has strengthened after he rescued her from being kidnapped.


Labilia became an adventurer and a B-Cuber in the past.


Norma arcEdit

Labilia sarcastically greets Rebecca and Happy when they come to Shooting Starlight with Shiki Granbell, eliciting an enthusiastic response from other guild members who are fans of her work. After giving one fan an autograph that consists solely of drawing a picture of turd, she arrogantly tells Rebecca that her videos have not been as interesting as of late and suggests she should quit being a B-Cuber, but then retracts the statement and "encourages" her to continue making videos that would make her own look superior by comparison. When this hurts Rebecca's feelings, a livid Shiki uses his Gravity Ether Gear to levitate Labilia's body upside-down, much to the shock of Labilia and several onlookers. After Rebecca pulls Shiki out of the building to avoid making a further scene, Labilia recomposes herself and decides to make Shiki the subject of her next video.

Later, Shiki, Rebecca, and Happy overhear a group of people fawning over a new video Labilia has uploaded, causing Rebecca to begrudgingly compliment the quality of her work and the amount of effort she must put into making them.


B-Cube (B・キューブ B Kyūbu): She uses a B-Cube terminal with a diamond-shaped symbol to record, upload, and share videos on her channel.




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