Tears are a flaw of the weak. Winners always wear a smile.

—Kurenai Kōgetsu, Chapter 60

Kurenai Kōgetsu (クレナイ・コウゲツ Kurenai Kōgetsu) is Homura Kōgetsu's mother and the former ruler of Sun Jewel, where she was known as Madame Kurenai (紅婦人 Kurenai Fujin lit. "Crimson Lady").

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Madame Kurenai is a curvaceous woman of average height with her dark hair in a pair of two buns, wears lipstick, and is in a decorated, light-colored kimono with detached sleeves.[1]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Madame Kurenai is an extremely sadistic and ambitious woman. In spite of Drakken Joe offering her a sizable cut of 30% interest in exchange for helping him acquire the Edens Zero, she intends to acquire it for herself with 100% interest.[2]

When Valkyrie Yuna first came to free her with the belief that she would reunite with her daughter, Kurenai cried with tears and appeared grateful, but instead, she continued to stay on Sun Jewel, so that she could takeover the planet and became the tyrant she is now, much to Nino’s dismay as she belittled the deceased Valkyrie’s memory in front of her affiliates.[3][4]

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

Kurenai Kōgetsu was born on the planet Oedo. During her youth, Kurenai desperately turned to Drakken Joe for money;[5] when she was unable to return her loan, Drakken put her to work that made use of her beauty until her debt was repaid.[6] Kurenai later gave birth to a daughter, Homura, from an unknown man. After raising her on Oedo for several years, Kurenai abandoned her by the year X482 in the hopes of making money at the casinos on Sun Jewel;[7] at some point before leaving, Kurenai gifted Homura with a stuffed animal, which Homura interpreted as a means for Kurenai to recognize her in case she returned.[8] Unfortunately for Kurenai, she once again amassed an enormous debt, and she was sentenced to work in the labor district mining several million metals from Stones for the planet's ruler, Baron Mordo. However, her lack of combat experience made gathering metals difficult for her, and she became despondent with no means of escaping her debt.[9]

In the year X487, Kurenai was approached by Valkyrie Yuna, whom she learned had been raising Homura in her place. Unaware that Kurenai abandoned her daughter, Valkyrie intended to reunite the family so that Homura would avoid persecution for being raised by a machine.[10] When Kurenai explained her situation, showing the collar that kept count of her debt while also informing Valkyrie that Homura would be in danger if she tried to escape, the latter offered to take her place by letting her self-proclaimed disciple Paul use his Steal Hand Ether Gear to remove the collar so that Kurenai could return home.[9]

Although she appeared to be moved to tears by Valkyrie's kindness, Kurenai did not fulfill her promise; over the next two years, Kurenai became Mordo's wife and then killed him, taking his place as ruler of Sun Jewel. Dubbing herself "Madame Kurenai" and completely losing interest in Homura, she sought to further increase her wealth by provoking a nest of Stones into stampeding through the labor district so the workers could send their metals to her as they fought in self-defense; this act unwittingly resulted in the death of Valkyrie, who sacrificed herself to slay the entire horde and protect the workers.[11]

Over time, Kurenai acquired the Satellite Blaze—christened by her as the "Oculus Kurenai"—to inflict punishment on those who threatened the security of Sun Jewel, executing criminals for serious offenses such as robbery, and sentencing others to the labor district for petty crimes so they could spend their lives providing money for her. Kurenai's dominion garnered conflicting opinions for her among the planet's populace: to the citizens of the Rich Sector who directly benefited from her rule, she became a beloved icon whom they credited for turning Sun Jewel into the "safest planet in the Sakura Cosmos"; to those she sentenced to the Labor District, however, she was despised and seen for her tyrannical ways, resulting in the birth of a resistance movement known as Valkyrie's Army named after the deceased Sword of Edens led by Paul, dedicated to ending her reign.

Sun Jewel arc[edit | edit source]

After Shiki and Homura defeated a group of robbers on an exclusive VIP casino, Kurenai uses the Satellite Blaze to vaporize them on spot as punishment by being "dyed in crimson", declaring she does not tolerate crime on Sun Jewel she rules much to the joy and praise of the Rich Sector's citizens and the shock of Rebecca and her friends.[12]

At the Gold Palace, Kurenai is in a meeting with Drakken Joe who compliments the Satellite Blaze and its capabilities which Crimson Lady tells him to call it "divine retribution". The Dark Alchemist questions her divinity which Kurenai simply says it's merely her job to protect the people of Sun Jewel before he piques her interest about Edens Zero he wanted to find with her Satellite Blaze.[13]

After her meeting with Drakken Joe, her assistant Ward introduces Kurenai a model from the planet Genos named Cedric who is applying to be her attendant. Kurenai asks Cedric to undress himself and come closer to her which he complies with pleasure. The Crimson Lady is complimented by Cedric who affectionately touched her face for her beauty and her authority to command Sun Jewel and its infinite wealth and offered to warm her bed. Ward asks Kurenai if she approves of him, only for the Crimson Lady to disapprove instead.[14]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Piloting: Kurenai has shown to be a proficient pilot of her Kurenai Dragoon in combat.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Satellite Blaze (サテライトブレイズ Sateraito Bureizu): Satellite Blaze, also known as Oculus Kurenai (紅の目 Kurenai no Me),[15] is a satellite that is capable of tracking anyone or anything's location on Sun Jewel.[16] It is also installed with an overheat beam of light that can completely vaporize its target, leaving no trace beyond a crimson stain on the ground,[17] as well as to transport people to other areas on the planet.[18][19] However, it has no effect on anyone who uses a jamming device.[20] It was stolen by Drakken Joe.

Kurenai blocking Shiki's punch with her gauntlet

Kurenai's Gauntlet (紅の籠手 Kurenai no Kote): Kurenai possesses a mechanical hand brace that generates searing heat, severely burning any surface her hand touches.[21] The gauntlet also reinforces the wearer's strength, allowing them to withstand special abilities such as Satan Gravity.[22]

Kurenai Dragoon (紅鉄騎 Kurenai Tekki): The Kurenai Dragoon is the latest and strongest model of Knight Gear that boasts extreme power, mobility, and durability against any attack.[23] It is later destroyed by Shiki.[24]

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Manga Appearances[edit | edit source]

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98. Advent of the Demon King Absent
99. The Pendant Absent

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Hiro Mashima based Kurenai's name on the Japanese word for "crimson" for the same reason he named Homura, whose name means "flame", which gives the impression of fire and the color red.[25]

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