My heart was in darkness. I couldn't show my emotions very well... But now the sun is out. ...In my heart. It feels nice. Like a gentle breeze.

—Kleene Rutherford, Chapter 129

Kleene Rutherford (クリーネ・ラザフォード Kurīne Razafōdo?), codenamed "Sylph" (シルフ Shirufu?), is Jinn's younger sister and a former member of Drakken Joe's special forces, the Element 4.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Kleene is a petite young woman of average height with red eyes and short, green hair with an electronic hair clip on the right side and the left side. It is in the form of a bob.

Her main attire consists of a plain, light-colored spaghetti strap dress with loose, black sleeves around her arms, and like her fellow members, she has a pair of dark-colored tattoos on each shoulder that resembles wings.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Initially, Kleene was shown to be a rather emotionless person, barely displaying any emotion on her face beyond a passive, neutral expression. Her only changes in expression come from when she is surprised and her eyes widen more than usual. Other than that, any other emotions are shown through the digital hairpins she wears on her head. Despite this, Kleene appears to be dedicated to her role as one of the Element 4 and takes it seriously, preferring to be called her code name as opposed to her real name.

It is later revealed that Kleene doesn't show any emotions because the digital hairpins she wears suppress her emotions. This is first seen when Kleene has an emotional breakdown at the thought of Drakken absorbing her for failing and the devices quickly suppress her panicked state. It is later explained by her brother that feeling any emotion can cause her to have a mental breakdown, which is why she wears the digital hairpins, which are actually Emotion-Suppressing Devices.

But despite her outward feelings being suppressed, Kleene is shown to be quite an emotional young lady. She has a caring side to her, especially with regards to her brother, as she left with Jinn when he walked away after what Fie did to Weisz.[1] Kleene is also a very open person who is eager to get in on anything fun, like when she allowed Hermit to dress her up in the Dress Factory, or when she wanted to join the rest of the crew at the beach on Red Cave. She is also very forgiving as shown when she told her brother to forgive Homura for hurting her in their fight, as she herself had already forgiven her.

After Sister Ivry heals her emotional state, Kleene is able to express her emotions and has become more eager to get along with the rest of the crew.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

As a child, Kleene lived with her family, which consisted of her mother, father, and her brother, Kris Rutherford. The Rutherford Family were patrons of Müller Royal Laboratories and funded their research. However, in the year X479, after Müller was arrested, the Rutherfords found out about the truth of his research, and withdrew their financial support. In the year X482, sometime after Müller's escape, the family was visited by him, where he killed her parents and kidnapped her and Kris to use as guinea pigs for his O-Tech experiments. She was tied to a pole, crying out for help, and forced to watch as Müller dismembered her brother limb by limb, as an experiment to see how long before her emotions broke down entirely.[2] After this traumatic event, she developed a unique disorder that caused her to break down after high emotional events.[3]

Eventually, they were rescued by bill collectors under the employ of Drakken Joe. Her brother promised her that he would find someone called "Sister" so that she could make Kleene feel better and left in search of her.[4] At some point, she joined Drakken's Organization and eventually became part of his Element 4 under the codename of "Sylph of the Wind", unaware of the reason the Dark Alchemist needed the Element 4.

Belial Gore arc[edit | edit source]

World No. 29[edit | edit source]

Kleene fighting Homura

Drakken Joe summons the Element 4, including Kleene, and orders them to catch Shiki and his team.[5]

Kleene intercepts Rebecca in a starfighter while she is flying to the Belial Gore in her own starfighter, and engages her in combat.[6] Kleene summons a swarm of drones to attack Rebecca, but they are destroyed by her starfighter's guns and missiles.[7] Kleene's wind catches a missile launched at her and sends it back to Rebecca but she evades using Leaper.[8] Kleene watches Rebecca dash towards the Belial Gore and claims she will stop her wind.[9] Kleene intercepts Rebecca and Happy in Material Loading Gate 2 and traps them in her Wind Cage.[10]

Kleene hands over the captured Rebecca and Happy to Drakken Joe. She later intercepts Homura and Shiki back in Material Loading Gate 2 and attempts to capture Homura in her Wind Cage, but Shiki nullifies it.[11] Kleene then evades an attack from Shiki and remarks to her brother that he is just as he described him, the brother is then revealed to be Jinn.[12] He tells Kleene to go after Homura while he handles Shiki. Kleene complains to Jinn about using her real name than her codename but nevertheless pursues Homura.[13]

She intercepts Homura and absorbs the sword she swung at her. After Homura uses smoke to escape, Kleene tracks her down to Spica, a dance club, and absorbs all the bystanders in the club. The two continue their fight, but Kleene overpowers Homura and captures her and the medicine in her Wind Cage, telling her everyone is powerless before Drakken.[14]

Kleene later appears with Drakken, Jinn and the rest of the Element 4 before the captured Crew. When Drakken asks what medicine Rebecca is talking about, Kleene shows the case containing the medicine and gives it to him.[15] She later notices her brother walking away and asks him where he is going. Jinn tells her that he doesn't have fond memories of mutilation and she says she'll go with him and leaves with Jinn.[1]

World No. 30[edit | edit source]

Edens One arc[edit | edit source]

The Crew of Edens visit Granbell, where they soon clash against the Edens One. Jinn and Kleene feel the ship tremble, not knowing of the ongoing battle.[16] After Elsie saves the Edens Zero and subsequently leaving. She and her brother watch as the Crew of Edens discuss their plans to find Mother and defeat Ziggy, where she notes their excitement.[17]

Red Cave arc[edit | edit source]

The Edens Zero goes through Dragonfall, where they are pursued by the Dragons that survived the Edens One's visit. When Jinn refuses to forgive Homura for hurting her, Kleene corrects her brother that it is Drakken Joe to blame. Whereupon she asks him to forgive "Homuran", which he quickly does.[18] After they go through the Poseidon Nero Sector, Kleene and her brother comment that they're in the Aoi Cosmos, calling it the fish cosmos. She walks away with her brother soon after.[19] At the planet Red Cave, they watch the crew play around at the beach, she laments over wanting to go there but her brother does not want her to associate with them. Her hair clips give off a sad expression, quickly changing the mind of her brother who allows her to go. She shows her swimsuit to Hermit and watches as the light and water Ether fuse to make sparkling rain, she comments on how pretty it looks.[20]

When Shiki and the others are having trouble getting to the Mother Beacon inside the temple, she and her brother accompany Witch to Blue Garden in order to get help. At Scheherazade Theatre, they confront the middle-aged lead singer, where she comments that it has been a long time meeting with her former fellow Element 4, making the singer reveal himself as Laguna Husert with a holographic disguise as Witch asks for his help.[21] She was brought along to assist Witch, as the Shield of Edens assumed negotiating with Laguna would be long.[22]

Foresta arc[edit | edit source]

Kleene is in the Briefing Room of the Edens Zero with Jinn and Laguna, where she waves as an agitated Weisz notes of their presence. She expresses disappointment when her brother firmly states to the Crew of Edens that they will leave the ship after she is healed, saying that she will miss them. She then asks Laguna what he is looking for, which he reveals that he seeks to live on a nice, comfortable planet in the Aoi Cosmos, since he is a wanted man in the Sakura Cosmos, as part of the pact he made with Witch. She then leaves with her brother and Laguna, after the two reject Shiki's proposal for friendship.[23] Later on, the three are in the Edens Kitchen conversing with each other while eating at a dining table. While sipping a cup, Kleene remarks that "Laguna" is his real name and not a codename like her and her brother. When Laguna points out that she was a part of Drakken Joe's "business" to Jinn, she asks about her doing evil acts, which Jinn immediately defends her that she did nothing wrong. After Mosco serves them a fresh batch of food at their table, Kleene mischievously tells Laguna that Mosco is her brother's best buddy, much to Jinn's chagrin.[24]

At Sister Ivry's infirmary, Kleene remains silent at the Life of Edens who is analyzing her vitals from the check-up finished recently. Putting her shirt back on, she tells Sister that she does not have to fix her. Because if she's healed, she will have to leave, but she likes the Crew of Edens and if she said goodbye, she would miss them. After Sister states that she can stay if she wants, Kleene has doubts because of her hardheaded brother.[25] Suddenly, Kleene and Sister hears an emergency alert from Witch who informs everyone that several hostile attack drones are currently approaching the Edens Zero from the airspace above Foresta and declares that she will fight too.[26] During an aerial dogfight with the attack drones, Kleene boards one of the starfighters from the unlocked hanger and uses her Wind Flow to protect herself from the Ether bullets, stating that they will not work on her. In retaliation, Kleene redirects the intercepted Ether bullets right back at several attack drones, destroying them which impresses Witch and Sister of the former Element 4 member's power.[27] Kleene warns her brother Jinn that more enemies are approaching at 3 o clock which he noted and took them down swiftly.[28]

Kleene in her starfighter continues shooting down a lot of Foresta's drones, commenting about it. After being informed about the giant server behind the machine virus, she is requested by Witch to back up Weiz and Hermit, who are on their way to dispatch it. Kleene complies in response, stating that she will help.[29] During the orbital battle near the satellite server, Kleene's mental state goes unstable. Panicking in a cold sweat and breathing erratically, she tells her brother and Laguna that somebody bad is here nearby.[30] Kleene in her panic state mutters repeatedly that somebody bad is here, while Jinn contacts Sister that he is bringing her back to the Edens Zero.[31] It is soon revealed that she senses Müller’s presence nearby.[32] After landing their starfighters at the Edens Zero's hanger, a still panicking Kleene clutches her head as her Electronic Hair Clip is unable to suppress her out of control emotions. She is taken to the infirmary by Sister carrying her in her arms as Jinn begs the Life of Edens to help her.[33] At the Medical Room of Edens Zero, an unconscious Kleene is in a hospital bed with only a blanket covering her body and hooked on life support as Sister states that she is losing her strength so fast not even her Heal Atomizer can keep up. However, with Hermit Mio’s communication to Edens Zero is back online, Witch Regret can send Ivry into Kleene’s mind digitally to find out what caused her traumatized in the past, and learn that Müller was behind all of this.[34]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Wind Flow (ウインドフロー Uindo Furō): Like her brother, Kleene can control the wind with Ether Gear, allowing her to create winds that surround her starfighter even in space.[6] This wind possesses the power to "steal" objects and people, absorbing them for her own use.[35]

  • Wind Cage (風の檻 Kaze no Ori): Kleene shrinks her opponents and sucks them into a swirling orb of wind.[36] The cage is virtually impossible to break from the inside, and the use of projectiles simply causes them to ricochet across the wind's surface. It also jams communication signals made from within.[37]
  • Wind Snatch (ウインドスナッチ Uindo Sunatchi): Kleene sends her wind circling around her target, changing its color and taking everything that comes into contact with it. She can raise the wind's quality level by at least one, preventing it from being cleaved. However the wind can be blocked and blown by an equal amount of wind.[38]

Piloting Skills: Kleene has displayed the ability to pilot her starfighter with ease, using it for battle.[6]

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Emotion-Suppression Devices: Kleene has two hair clips with digital displays on either side of her head, that suppress her emotions.[39]

Starfighter: Kleene uses a wing-themed starfighter for battle which she shields it with her Ether Gear.[6]

Battles and Events[edit | edit source]


Manga Appearances[edit | edit source]

Guilst arc
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23. Million Bullets Absent
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26. Two Sisters Mentioned
27. The Great Guilst Escape Absent
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Belial Gore arc
69. Rebecca's Nightmare Absent
70. Belial Gore Absent
71. The Steel Sorceress Debut
72. The Element 4 Absent
73. Don't Shed a Tear Absent
74. Weisz vs. Laguna Absent
75. A Wind Blows Through the Sakura Cosmos Appears
76. Rebecca vs. Sylph Appears
77. The Winds that Bind Appears
78. No.29 Appears
79. That Which Obstructs and That Which Steals Appears
80. 60-Day Commemorative Coin Appears
81. Intercession Appears
82. Scolding Appears
83. The Shot Heard Round the Underworld Appears
84. A World Without Shiki Absent
85. Our Future Absent
86. EZ-Attack!! Flashback
87. 4 on 4 Appears
88. Eye of God Appears
89. Hermit vs. Fie Absent
90. Sister vs. Daichi Absent
91. Homura vs. Sylph Appears
92. The Sword of Edens Appears
93. The Execution Site Absent
94. Shiki vs. Drakken Appears
95. Kris Rutherford Visually
96. A Young Man's Memories Absent
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98. Advent of the Demon King Absent
99. The Pendant Appears
Edens One arc
100. Edens One Appears
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103. Clash of the Cosmos Appears
104. The Woman They Called Pirate Appears
Red Cave arc
105. Dragonfall Appears
106. Prayer Council Appears
107. A Planet Where Stars Fall Like Rain Appears
108. Nadia, Love of My Life Absent
109. Red Cave Appears
110. A Robot in Love Mentioned
111. The Sky of Days Long Past Absent
Foresta arc
112. When You Live Life on a Ship Appears
113. In the Doghouse Absent
114. Glue Appears
115. The Battle of Foresta Appears
116. The Sky Sweeper Absent
117. Shiki vs. Orc Absent
118. Star Drain Mentioned
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120. Rebecca vs. Britney Absent
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123. The Light of Justice Absent
124. Kiss & Die Absent
125. Heart of Gravity Appears
126. This Doctor, Armed and Dangerous Appears
127. The Doomsday System Appears
128. What's Important Appears
129. So We Can Smile Brighter Appears
130. Oceans 6 Absent
131. VR-C Appears
132. Chrono Witch Appears
133. Following Ziggy's Path Appears
Sandra arc
134. Judgment Day Appears
135. Desert Oasis Absent
136. Goodwin Appears
137. Empire Dice Absent
138. Prelude to the Aoi War Appears
139. White Flash Absent

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Sylph is the name of a mythological wind spirit.
  • Kleene is a saxony german slang term for "little girl" or "little one", possibly refering to her little sister status.

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