In the name of Justice, I will not let you see tomorrow.

—Justice, Chapter 122

Justice (ジャスティス Jasutisu?), once known as James Holloway (ジェームズ・ホロウェイ Jēmuzu Horowei?),[4] is a former prince from an unnamed planet in the Kaede Cosmos and a member of the Interstellar Union Army. He is also the commander of the commando carrier Angel Feather and one of the Oración Seis Interestelar.[5]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Justice is a tall, slim young man with light blue eyes and effeminate, bushy white hair. His only attire consists of a black-and-white armored spacesuit that covers his entire body.[6]

When Justice activates his Ether Gear, his hair spikes up and turns from white to a dark color, along with a distinct Ether marking formed around his right eye.[7]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Justice is shown to be a serious and determined man with no sense of humor, dedicated to capturing Elsie Crimson in his namesake.[6][8] However, he has shown empathy after chiding Victory for brushing off the erasure of many Guilst's citizens, even if they were criminals, by the Chronophage devouring the planet's 1,200 years of time, as a life is a life.[9] Despite that, Justice is obsessed with capturing or killing Elsie as his one and only interest due to a great loss he suffered from her in the past.[10] It goes to the point that he is also willing to kill Shiki who has ties with the Armored Space Pirate and imprison his friend Homura while stating that Ziggy or Poseidon Nero means nothing to him despite the dire situation happening on Foresta.[11]

Justice is confident in his abilities as an Ether Gear master, reminding Victory about it with a small smirk.[12]

According to Eraser, Justice is a stickler for rules.[13]

History[edit | edit source]

James Holloway was once a prince of a kingdom on an unnamed planet located somewhere in the Kaede Cosmos. He was betrothed to Elsie Crimson at a young age, who was a princess from another kingdom on his planet, where their union was a means to unite both kingdoms. During their time together at the castle's courtyard, Elsie proposed to James that they should kiss, flustering the young prince. He retorts how that their parents decided for them to get married so Elsie's kingdom could absorb his, but Elsie prepares for the kiss anyway. Blushing he nervously tries but is stopped by the young princess, saying that they should wait until they are older, flustering him more. Later on, it is revealed that the government had plans which were capable of destroying the entire Kaede Cosmos, as pointed out by Elsie. Both James and Elsie came up with plans of their own to counter the government. Elsie, however, had taken action first and exposed the government's plans. This resulted in a civil war on their home planet, where James and Elsie lost everything, forcing them to abandon their fatherland. As a result of the war, James abandoned his name and took on the codename "Justice" as his new identity upon joining the Interstellar Union Army, living up to his goal to bring justice throughout the Cosmos.[14]

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Skull Fairy arc[edit | edit source]

Leading the Interstellar Union Army fleet within the Angel Feather, Justice receives a report from recon that Elsie's ship has not moved from Point 52-C-N9 and acknowledges it. Having found his target within the vicinity, Justice vows in the name of the Interstellar Union Army that today is the day he will take her in. Victory jokes that Justice's pursuit of Elsie is starting to sound like a love story, but the joke is not understood by Justice. Suddenly, Justice detects an abnormal Ether reaction and knows that it did not come from Elsie after Creed reported that it came from Elsie's ship. He deduces that there is someone else on that ship and fighting, wondering who the person is. After hearing Creed report that the mystery Ether levels rose up to almost 100,000, Justice is surprised.[15] He wonders what is happening on that ship, while noting that there has not been any change in Elsie's Ether.[16] As the Interstellar Union Army fleet surrounds Elsie Crimson's space pirate fleet and is within firing range, Justice declares that it is time to bring down the "hammer of justice" before his forces open fire in a barrage of warning shots.[17] However when one ship that has the Demon King Ether reading managed to get away during the fleet engagement between Justice and Elsie's forces according to Creed, Justice is displeased and activates his Ether Gear for battle, lividly muttering the Armored Space Pirate's name.[7]

Guilst arc[edit | edit source]

After a Chronophage finished consuming Guilst, Justice asked Creed about the planet's situation and learned from his fellow officer that 1,200 years of Guilst's time have been consumed and less than 10% of the planet's population survived the attack. Justice chided Victory for his lack of empathy for the countless lives that were lost to Chronophage, even if they were criminals from Guilst, as a life is a life. Then he overhears Colonel Jaguar commenting, and expressing concern, that due to the disaster on Guilst, an old threat has been set loose in the Sakura Cosmos. When he asks Jaguar who he is referring to, Jaguar answers that he is talking about Drakken Joe of the Oración Seis Galáctica.[18]

Red Cave arc[edit | edit source]

Justice learns from Creed's report that Elsie Crimson has entered the Aoi Cosmos where her fellow Oración Seis Galáctica member, Poseidon Nero, resides and the Edens Zero that has had few dealings with the Armored Space Pirate is headed for the same location too as well. When Victory and Creed were impressed that the Galactic Intelligence Agency's Sakura Cosmos branch has a team powerful enough to take down Drakken Joe, Justice interjects his fellow soldiers that the report from Noah Glenfield was not telling the whole truth. He reveals that he was monitoring the Ether on Belial Gore, recognizing it as that of the Demon King and belonging to someone from Edens Zero. After Victory expresses disbelief that there is an Ether Gear master as good as Drakken or Elsie that is not part of the Oración Seis Galáctica, Justice reminds him that they have one right here as he briefly manifests his Ether Gear with a smirk. Suddenly, they receive an emergency transmission from Colonel Jaguar via a holographic screen and is left alone when his superior officer, who orders both Victory and Creed to step outside the bridge of the Angel Feather for they have a Prayer Council.[19]

After Victory and Creed leave the bridge, Justice is confused because the Prayer Council was scheduled for next week. Jaguar tells him that they can not wait that long and reminds the soldier to not address him as Colonel for there are no ranks in a Prayer Council. Justice tries to protest but Eraser appears alongside Holy, Cure, and Feather, via holographic screen transmissions, as he comments that Jaguar's subordinate is a stickler for rules. After the six members of the Interstellar Union Army reveal themselves as the Oración Seis Interestelar, Justice immediately confirms to Eraser that he will take the mission to go to the Aoi Cosmos and chase down Elsie Crimson. Holy teases him for being in love with the Armored Space Pirate, which he ignores. Justice activates his Ether Gear as he shows his conviction, declaring that he will apprehend Elsie this time in the name of the Oración Seis Interestelar. He angrily states that she took everything from him and he will kill her with his own two hands.[20]

Foresta arc[edit | edit source]

In the Aoi Cosmos, Justice and his Interstellar Union Army fleet arrived on the Coral Sector, a neutral territory, and gave pursuit to the Skull Fairy as he lividly mutters Elsie's name.[21] However, Justice became solemn after Victory and Creed reported to him that they have detected a space pod that was ejected from Elsie's ship and received a signal that it looks like that her space pirate crew is releasing a prisoner.[22] Upon arriving on Foresta, Justice senses Elsie's Ether reading which got the attention of Victory and Creed. The two soldiers warn Justice that Foresta is a neutral planet and that it's in Poseidon Nero's territory but he remains undeterred. He declares that by his authority as a member of the Oración Seis Interestelar, Elsie will be arrested.[23]

After Victory and Creed defeated and subdued Beast Squad 1 with ease, Justice walks in and briefly wonders why Poseidon Nero did not deploy Oceans instead of Beasts despite the situation with hostile bots on Foresta. Noticing Shiki and Homura, Justice believed them to be civilians until Victory pointed out the unusual Ether they sensed. With a frown on his face, Justice recognizes Shiki's Ether from Elsie's ship and identifies him as the Demon King. Justice pointed out to Shiki that Ziggy is the one destroying the Verdant Planet and learned the young man inherited his adoptive grandfather's Ether Gear. He orders Creed to apprehend Homura with his Ether Lock much to Shiki's shock. Ignoring Victory's protests, Justice orders him and Creed to return to the Angel Feather, declaring that he will be operating as a member of the Oración Seis Interestelar from now on. When Shiki charges at him for taking Homura, Justice reveals that he cares more about Elsie's capture than Ziggy or Nero, claiming that if Shiki has ties to Elsie, that is reason enough for him to kill the young man. He easily blocks Shiki's Satan Gravity-empowered punch with his right hand and declares that in the name of justice, he will not let him see tomorrow.[24]

After blocking the young man's punch, Justice explains that the Interstellar Union Army was formed to strike down the evil that runs rampant through the cosmos, be it the Oración Seis Galáctica, Ziggy, or lawless space voyagers like Shiki. He then throws Shiki back and notes that the Edens Zero is an unregistered ship formerly owned by Ziggy and Elsie. The Oración Seis Interestelar member believes that this will require further investigation which angers Shiki into charging at him again. Easily blocking the gravity wielder's spinning axe kick with his right arm, Justice tells the young man that he is about to die with no future beyond this point, charging an Ether blast from his left palm, and fires at Shiki who dodges it and sticks at the tree in a safe distance, noting how aggressive the government he is working for. Justice questions if Shiki is trying to say that his government is oppressive, but admits that there are certain protocols that must be followed, such as not harming civilians. However, Justice adds that those of the Oración Seis Interestelar are given certain privileges and they have the right, in any situation, to eradicate any target they determine to be evil. Activating his Ether Gear, Justice believes that despite being a mere boy, with the Demon King's power in his Ether and his link with Elsie, Shiki will certainly become a great evil one day if allowed to live.[25]

Justice attempts to finish off Shiki with Grand Chariot.

In his transformed state, the Oración Seis Interestelar member declares that he will execute Shiki right here and now in the name of justice. Using Meteor, Justice attacks Shiki in a lariat strike with incredible speed and throws him several meters across Foresta. Easily catching up to Shiki, Justice attacks the young man only to miss and hit the ground instead. However, Justice quickly appears behind Shiki and knocks him down from the sky before flying below, and knee the young man in the chin, followed by an elbow strike on the head. Then Justice assaults Shiki in multiple directions with Meteor Frenzy, heavily injuring his opponent. Overhearing Shiki trying to comprehend his power, Justice asks him in a derisive tone if Elsie hid her abilities from her friends. The soldier reveals to Shiki that he uses the same Ether Gear as hers; Star Drain, allowing him to absorb a planet's Ether and make it his own. Justice explains that this power is equivalent to "Heavenly Body Magic" which was feared in the Dark Ages, a force that could control the stars. Intending to finish off the young man in one powerful attack, Justice unleashes Grand Chariot on the grandson of the Demon King.[26] When the smoke clears away, Justice is surprised to see Shiki is still alive after being struck by his attack. Summoning Antares in his hands, the soldier describes it as "a spear of light to pierce evil" and intends to put the injured boy on the ground out of his misery. Suddenly, his strike is blocked by Elsie wielding her own Antares, becoming enraged upon seeing her and lividly mutters her name.[27]

Confronting the Armored Space Pirate, Justice angrily notes that she has the gall to show her face to him. He changes his Antares into a katana and declares a sentence of death to Elsie for violation of cosmic travel laws and multiple other crimes. Justice clashes his weapon with Elsie's own katana, causing a massive shockwave of Ether that is seen across Foresta.[28] Justice and Elsie clash their swords against each other, causing shockwaves that destroy the surrounding area around them. After Elsie notes that he had gotten better in their fight, using his real name James Holloway. However, Justice states that he abandoned that name long ago and calls her a traitor to the fatherland. When the Armored Space Pirate claims that the nation had no meaning, the soldier powers up and angrily retorts that he lost everything in that so-called meaningless nation because of her treachery. Using Meteor, Justice tackles Elsie, taking them several meters away into an abandoned city in Foresta. He sends Elsie flying into the wall of a building with a hammer fist strike. He tries to hit her with a kick but she uses Meteor and dodges out of the way.[29]

Justice clashing with Elsie.

The two continue their sword fight whilst flying in the air. After Elsie expresses that she also lost everything, the Oración Seis Interestelar member retorts back that if she had not betrayed them, they would not have lost everything. Jumping out of Elsie's strike that shattered the entire building into pieces, Justice calls her reasoning behind her betrayal to be twisted logic. While battling in the air and hearing her accusation towards him for not knowing the government's plotting, the soldier retaliates that with his faith in justice that he was going to change the government and he would have made it a better nation. He points out that Elsie started the war after she told the truth about the government. Engaged in a close range grappling hold against each other, the Interestelar member mocks Elsie as the mighty princess who is now a lowly pirate, commenting that there truly is justice in the cosmos. Justice is confused by Elsie's question if he remembers their past as children.[30] After both have stopped their respective Meteors, Justice is not amused by Elsie's proposal to fulfill their childhood promise in a teasing manner. However, Justice moves closer to Elsie for the kiss and states that it will engender nothing. Upon their first kiss, the two simultaneously stabs each other in the abdomen with their katanas much to their surprise. Staggering from his wound, the soldier comments that he knew it would engender nothing and reaffirms his conviction to kill Elsie.[31]

Resuming their fight, Justice, and Elsie call out each other's names before punching each other in the face that causes a huge shockwave around them. Suddenly, a group of Foresta drones ambushed the two after detecting their powerful Ethers. The Interestelar member dodges out of the way from the machines' bombardment and swiftly eliminating them before clashing with Elsie once more. In mid-air, Justice, and Elsie simultaneously unleash Grand Chariot against each other, causing massive destruction.[32] Grievously injured and exhausted from their destructive battle, Justice notes that the mysterious gravity made himself and Elsie miss each other's vital organs, interrupting their fight.[33] Watching Elsie boarding on Behrman's flying vehicle, the soldier tries to go after her despite his wounds but the Armored Space Pirate tells him that they will settle their fight later and teases him about their first kiss before bidding farewell with his code name and leaving the battlefield. An annoyed Justice is contacted by Holy via a holographic screen transmission where his fellow Interestelar member comments on Elsie's strength as the youngest member of the Galáctica. He is reminded by Holy to keep Nero in mind for she believes that the Emperor will make some sort of move and take revenge on Ziggy for what he did to Foresta.[34]

Returning to the Angel Feather, Justice is covered in bandages over his wounds and contacts with Holy in the bridge where he learns from his fellow Interestelar member that Nero's top officials, the Oceans 6 and his son Poseidon Shura have assembled on the planet Nero 1: The Temple. Unconcerned, Justice states that he does not care about Shura which Holy chides him that he should because the son of the Emperor could be a real threat. The soldier is warned that Nero is old and once he dies, Shura will take over the Nero Empire. After Holy advises him to let Jaguar and Eraser, who are on their way to the Aoi Cosmos, help him, Justice asks her if she is not going to do anything.[35]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Justice is a member of the Oración Seis Interestelar, a group of six warriors who exist to fight the Oración Seis Galáctica[36], and in a class of his own even within the Cosmic Government.[37] He is able to fight evenly with Elsie Crimson in battle.[38][39]

Star Drain (スタードレイン Sutā Dorein): Like Elsie, Justice uses this Ether Gear to forge into battle gears by absorbing the Ether of a planet.[40] As well as manipulating the Ether directly to attack. Justice states that he has mastered his Ether Gear on the same level as Elsie Crimson and Drakken Joe, two members of the infamous Oración Seis Galáctica and Shiki using Overdrive.[41]

  • Meteor (流星(ミーティア) Mītia): Justice's body is surrounded by a cloak of Ether, allowing him to move at incredible speeds through the air. With this, Justice assaults his opponents with quick and powerful melee attacks.[42]
    • Meteor Frenzy (流星乱舞 Ryūsei Ranbu): While using Meteor, Justice rapidly assaults his opponent with incredibly fast melee attacks in multiple directions.[43]
  • Grand Chariot (七星剣(グランシャリオ) Guran Shario): By placing both his hands on top of each other, with the top hand having only the index and middle fingers spread out. Seven beams erupt from the ground around him, dispatching his opponent.[44]
  • Antares (天蠍槍(アンタレス) Antaresu): Justice summons a spear called Antares and describes it "a spear of light to pierce through evil". It consists of a dark-colored polearm, a cross-shaped spearhead with four diamonds adorning it, having three blades made from Ether jutting out. On the other end is a similar diamond with a jewel embedded in it.[45]

Immense Strength: Justice possesses tremendous physical strength, as shown when he easily blocks a gravity-enhanced punch from Shiki and easily throws the young man back with his right hand.[46][47] During his battle with Elsie, the force of their swords colliding together created a massive shockwave across Foresta.[48]

Immense Durability: Justice possesses tremendous physical durability, capable of taking attacks from Elsie and survive a simultaneously Grand Chariot against each other.[38][39]

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Justice is highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, using his Meteor technique in conjunction.[49]

Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Justice is a highly skilled swordsman, as shown when he battles on par with Elsie Crimson in a sword fight.[50]

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Angel Feather (エンジェルフェザー Enjeru Fezā): Justice's spaceship in the Interstellar Union Army.[51]

High Collared Battle Gear: Using Ether from an unknown planet, Justice is adorned with a dark-colored coat with floral-themed edges, four strips fall from the sides, light-colored pants, bands around his forearms, and thigh-high boots. On the back is the insignia of the Interstellar Union Army.[52] (Unnamed)

  • Katana: Justice can summon a katana with a crisscrossed patterned hilt and a blade made of Ether.[48]

Battles and Events[edit | edit source]


Manga Appearances[edit | edit source]

Skull Fairy arc
12. The Skull Fairy Absent
13. Shiki vs. Elsie Debut
14. Born Again Appears
Guilst arc
15. Warship of the Demon King Absent
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19. Geniuses at Coming Up with Fun Ideas Absent
20. Planet Guilst Absent
21. Soul Blade Absent
22. The Great Naked Escape Absent
23. Million Bullets Absent
24. Sister Ivry Absent
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27. The Great Guilst Escape Absent
28. New Friends Appears
Red Cave arc
105. Dragonfall Absent
106. Prayer Council Appears
107. A Planet Where Stars Fall Like Rain Absent
108. Nadia, Love of My Life Absent
109. Red Cave Absent
110. A Robot in Love Absent
111. The Sky of Days Long Past Absent
Foresta arc
112. When You Live Life on a Ship Appears
113. In the Doghouse Absent
114. Glue Absent
115. The Battle of Foresta Absent
116. The Sky Sweeper Absent
117. Shiki vs. Orc Absent
118. Star Drain Appears
119. Homura vs. Mora Absent
120. Rebecca vs. Britney Absent
121. Darling Little Piece of Junk Absent
122. Titanic Victory Appears
123. The Light of Justice Appears
124. Kiss & Die Appears
125. Heart of Gravity Appears
126. This Doctor, Armed and Dangerous Appears
127. The Doomsday System Absent
128. What's Important Absent
129. So We Can Smile Brighter Absent
130. Oceans 6 Appears
131. VR-C Absent
132. Chrono Witch Absent
133. Following Ziggy's Path Hologram
Sandra arc
134. Judgment Day Absent
135. Desert Oasis Absent
136. Goodwin Absent
137. Empire Dice Absent
138. Prelude to the Aoi War Absent
139. White Flash Appears

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Justice shares most of his character design with Jellal Fernandes and Sieghart Caeser, characters from Hiro Mashima's previous works, Fairy Tail and Rave Master respectively. The similarity becomes more apparent when he activates his Ether Gear, in which his hair changes color and a tattoo appears around his right eye.

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