Jinn (ジン Jin) is a cyborg and mercenary from the disbanded team Rogue Out, having been originally tasked with abducting B-Cubers on Planet Blue Garden.


Jinn is a tall and muscular cyborg with red eyes and spiky green-colored hair with the bangs brushed to the right and held by a dark-blue headband. He wears an unknown type of attire and a dark-blue cloak that partially covers most of his entire body, giving him the physical appearance of a ninja.


Jinn appears to be serious and dedicated to any particular assignment he is working on. Though he is a mercenary and is capable of kidnapping people without objection, he does have a degree of morality as he isn't sadistic and doesn't go out of his way to torture them. He is also aware that he did terrible things while working under Sister.

Jinn is a loner and claims that he doesn't have friends. The only person that he has any connection with is his sister, Kleene.


At some point Jinn began working under Sister in exchange for her to cure his sister, Kleene.


Guilst arcEdit

Jinn is sent to abduct Labilia Christy. He is talking to Sister via communication. He disposes of Labilla's bodyguards with ease and tells Labilia that his job to bring her back home. She screams for help and Shiki comes to her rescue. The two end up fighting only to stop. He tells Shiki he can find him in Guilst and disappears with the wind.

He shows up on Rogue Out's spaceship transporting a group of kidnapped B-Cubers to Guilst. When Ganoff sadistically tortures Rebecca for standing up to him, Jinn intervenes and spares her more pain.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Wind Ether Gear (風のエーテルギア Kaze no Ēteru Gia): By using Ether Gear, Jinn can control and manipulate wind. He can move swiftly and incapacitate multiple enemies,[1] stop his fall by floating on air[2] and vanish like the wind.[3]

  • Skymech Ninjutsu Attack: Windstorm Slash (天械流 忍術 烈風斬 Tenkai-ryū Ninjutsu: Reppūzan): Jinn fires a blast of wind on his target that is strong enough to lift various vehicles, leaving a large X-shaped crater behind.[4]
  • Cyclone Blades: Jinn is capable of creating cyclones that cut as Blades everything they catch inside.

Master Ninjutsu Specialist: Jinn is a fighter specialized in ninjutsu. When combined with his Ether Gear, he utilizes wind through long range attacks such as flying slash attacks.

Cybernetic Enhancements: As a cyborg, Jinn's body is modified in order to help him in combat.

  • Rocket Arms: Jinn can detach his arms and fire them towards his opponent using rocket thrusters. He can control the movements of the flying arm by making gestures with his other attached arm.

Enhanced Agility: Jinn is incredibly agile, being fast enough to swiftly dodging Shiki's gravity attacks at high speeds.

Battles & EventsEdit

Battles & Events


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