The Foresta arc is the eleventh story arc of the Edens Zero series and the second arc in the Aoi Cosmos Saga.

The Crew of Edens have found their first Relic, one of many artifacts scattered across the cosmos that could lead them to Mother. The Relic's Ether guides the crew to the next Relic on the Verdant Planet of Foresta, only to find it caught in a robot uprising! The crew decide to take care of the virus that's driving the robots insane, putting them in direct conflict with the ruthless minions of Poseidon Nero—supreme ruler of the Aoi Cosmos and one of the Oración Seis Galáctica—sent to destroy the robots. With the planet in chaos, can the crew undo the virus before it affects every last machine on Foresta?

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Foresta: The Verdant Planet[edit | edit source]

Crew of Edens vs. Beast[edit | edit source]

The Strength of the Interstellar Union Army[edit | edit source]

Confrontation on the Server[edit | edit source]

The Doomsday System[edit | edit source]

After the Battle of Foresta[edit | edit source]

Story Impact[edit | edit source]

  • Elsie reveals her knowledge of Jesse being a government spy with the help of Gowen and Hyoga of the Princess Guard, and gives him a chance to properly join her crew. He refuses and is released in a space pod to be given over to the Interstellar Union Army.
  • Master Xenolith, an instructor of the Magimech Arts and founder of the Ether Gear Satan Gravity, is mentioned by Hermit.
  • A group referred to as Poseidon Nero's Commando Team, Beast, consisting of Mora, Orc and Britney, arrive on Foresta with the intent of killing all the bots on the Verdant Planet.
    • It is revealed that they are the sixth squad in Beast and that the first squad consisting of another three members is on Foresta as well.
  • The Crew of Edens discover that the machines on Foresta have taken over the planet and enslaved the humans there.
    • Couchpo reveals herself to the group and informs them that a machine with a skull-like face appeared at Foresta a week ago which kickstarted the robot revolution. The crew deduces that it was Ziggy who is carrying out his plan for robots to rule over humans.
    • The Crew discover that a giant server orbiting the planet is distributing a virus that is turning the machines on Foresta hostile towards humans.
  • Poseidon Shura, the son of Poseidon Nero and another gravity wielder with Demon King level abilities, is introduced.
  • Rebecca learns more about her Cat Leaper Ether Gear, unlocking the ability Reverse.
  • The Ether Gears of Elsie, Victory, Creed, and Justice are revealed.
  • Justice's real name is revealed by Elsie.
    • His real name is James Holloway
  • The Kaede Cosmos is mentioned by Elsie.
  • Xenolith appears to be alive and reveals that he was once Ziggy's mentor.
  • Muller returns as an O-Tech, serving as the appointed guard of the server by Ziggy.
    • He reveals to Weisz and Hermit that he experimented on the Rutherford siblings and is the cause for Kleene's condition and the reason why Kris is an O-Tech.
  • Rebecca rescues a little girl called Aruna and brings her abroad the ship.
    • It is revealed she was friends with Miimi, a small machine that was killed by Mora earlier.
  • Hermit reprograms the server, fixing all of the effected machines on Foresta.
  • After Kleene suffers a mental breakdown, Sister finds the source of her illness and heals her.
    • Kleene smiles for the first time in years, bringing Kris to tears.
  • Poseidon Nero holds a meeting to discuss the matter with Ziggy.
    • The Oceans 6 are introduced.
    • Poseidon Shura is put in charge of the matter with Ziggy.
  • Xenolith vows to grant Shiki his power so that he may find Ziggy and defeat him.
  • Kleene, along with her brother Kris, officially join the Crew of Edens, much to the joy of Shiki and the others.
  • Xenolith trains Shiki and the others on the Zero's VR room for seven days, including to rid the Ether Gear's weakness to being tied up.
  • Ziggy is revealed to have awakened and has regained his lost memories, including the reason he was drawn to Shiki.

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