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New Friends is the 12th episode of the Edens Zero anime.

After escaping from Guilst, the crew watches as the planet is eaten by the Chronophage. Now that Rebecca is safe and that they found Sister, they plan on finding Valkyrie and Hermit. Witch asks Homura that her sword belonged to Valkyrie. She confirms and reveals that she too is trying to find Valkyrie, her teacher. The crew lets her stay and Weisz decides to join them as well. Meanwhile, the Interstellar Union Army check on the damage of the Chronophage, Colonel Jaguar notes that because of this Drakken Joe has been released into the Sakura Cosmos.


Guilst's tree growing super fast

While waiting for Shiki, Pino tells Rebecca that she is glad they saved Copa. She then receives a message from the ship, informing her that Shiki and the others will be there soon. Buildings start to collapse and Pino explains there are abnormal readings from the gravitational field as the planet ether is flowing in reverse and the tree is starting to grow super fast. Rebecca falls into a large pit, but Shiki arrives in time, saving her, and takes her out as the others arrive. Edens Zero appears, but as the tree is growing it prevents them from landing. Witch requests they remove the tree. Homura and Weisz then start cutting the tree and burning it, surprising Sister for Homura having that sword and Weisz for pulling flamethrower out of nowhere. However, Witch informs them there is still not enough space for the ship to land, but Shiki states that it is big enough and they will be landing. Grabbing everyone's hands, Shiki reverses the gravity and they start "falling" towards Edens Zero. They manage to get on Edens Zero and leave Guilst moments before the Chronophage eats its time. Xiaomei narrates that on this day, Guilst was purged, and from a planet brimming with money and greed, it returned to a time of prosperity. Many lives were lost and 1,200 years worth of time was consumed.

The crew watching as Guilst is eaten

Shiki's group observe the Chronophage eating Guilst. Pino hopes that everyone managed to escape, but Sister doubts it. Witch reveals that it had eaten 1,200 years' worth of time according to her calculation and anyone left is no longer alive. Happy is glad that Rebecca is alive and she thanks them for saving her. As she recalls moments from Guilst, she gets scared and starts to cry, causing Shiki to cry too as he realizes he could have lost a friend. Witch and Sister talk and they both know Shiki is the child that master Ziggy took years ago and gave up on the quest to find Mother and instead to raise him. Having saved Rebecca and found Sister, the group sets their eyes on finding Valkyrie and Hermit and reclaim Edens Zero's true power. They have no clue on where to look next, but Witch comments that Homura's sword belonged to Valkyrie. Homura confirms and reveals she is also looking for Valkyrie, her teacher. Weisz then realizes why she was so interested in the ship. Homura states that her desire to challenge the Demon King is real because her master told her stories of his power and that he is stronger than her. As Shiki is his successor, she hopes to challenge him as a warrior. However, Shiki states he doesn't want to fight a friend, which surprises Homura that she is considered a friend. He explains that Homura was trained by a friend of his grandfather, so that makes them friends. Homura agrees but still wishes to challenge him in a contest. She wishes to stay on the ship and help them find Valkyrie. Shiki agrees and accepts to have their contest after they find Valkyrie. Weisz comments they still don't have any clue about Valkyrie or Hermit. The group then thanks him for helping them and realize he will be joining them. Shiki welcomes him as a friend and Weisz having nowhere else to go agrees. Mosco then appears and Shiki and Weisz wonder what is an enemy mercenary doing there. Sister explains he is her minion and the ship's caretaker, and the wannabe Sister had remodeled him into one of her goons. She found him in quite a bad state as he was shot so many times and wishes to find the one who did it to punish him. Weisz gets scared but managed to shut up Homura before she reveals it. Mosco then attempts to push his button on the belly that states "don't push", however, Sister stops him each time, causing the group to wonder what the button does.

Rebecca, Happy, and Homura in the spa

The Interstellar Union Army arrive at Guilst and confirm its state, realize they lost 1,200 years of time and only 10% of its citizens managed to escape. Colonel Jaguar states he thought of Guilst as cageless prison and as long as the scum stayed there, he didn't care what they do. But due to the Chronophage, a man worst than Illega or Rogue Out is now free. The man that turned Guilst into a hive of villainy and one of Oracion Seis Galactica, Drakken Joe, the Dark Alchemist. Rebecca, Happy, and Homura take a bath in the spa. Homura finds it a bit too hot, but part of her training, and wonders if Rebecca uses her Ether Gear powers to endure it. Rebecca tells her that this isn't Ether Gear yet. Homura is surprised to learn that if you soak frequently in the bath it will grant you the ability to use Ether Gear but figures Rebecca is then training. Homura wonders what power Rebecca wishes to use and Rebecca guesses its auto-aim, that will let her hit their targets each time with her guns. Rebecca decides to show it and tells Happy to turn into guns. Homura gets excited and wants to challenge her to a duel, but being in the bath and naked, Rebecca isn't that excited. Witch and Sister chat and Witch reveals that she stayed on the ship all this time to defend it, but in reality, Elsie defended it this whole time. Sister recalls a little girl that gotten attached herself to Ziggy and Witch reveals she is a fine woman now and a pirate. Sister comments that Pino is the next generation and will one day be the Light of Edens. Mosco wonders what is he to the Edens and Sister tells him that he is the Pig of Edens, which excites him.

Iron Hill

Shiki had found Rebecca's B-Cube on Guilst and returns it. Rebecca thanks him and explains that the Professor brought it for her and Happy. {Weisz wonders where is Homura as he had conditions for her staying on the ship. Rebecca explains she received a mind-numbing torture & pleasure massage from Witch and is out of commission for a bit. Weisz reveals that Homura had agreed to wear the dresses he picks from the wardrobe room for her and plans on making her wear a bunny girl suit. Clarisse calls Rebecca and is glad that she is alive and informs her that the Guild Master managed to escape Guilst as well. However, she tells her to not come to Blue Garden for a while and shows her that all the B-Cubers talked about how she saved them and she is hot news right now. Happy checks their channel and sees their views had gone through the roof, but they are receiving only bad ratings. To use this opportunity, Rebecca decides to make great videos and Shiki expresses a desire to participate dressed as a bunny girl. As the Edens Zero is near Iron Hill, they look through the window and sees the large statues of the twelve heroes that guarded the Sakura Cosmos during the dark ages. They are the Heavenly Knights of the Dancing Sakura. Pino notices a person on top of one of the statues. As they zoom in, Sister comments she had a few leads but didn't expect her first guess to pay off and find Hermit.

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  • Xiaomei's segment is brought earlier than in the manga, omit her line about Hermit and the sadistic nature of the next arc.

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