Into the Sky Where Cherry Blossoms Flutter is the 1st episode of the Edens Zero anime.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Under the night sky, a young boy named Shiki watches a shooting star pass by alongside two machines, his grandfather the Demon King and his friend Michael. The Demon King tells Shiki the star is a dragon, while Michael says it's a comet, much to the Demon King's amusement. He then tells Shiki that one day, he should leave their home and see new lands and make all sorts of friends, calling them the most important thing in the world because they'll have your back and that if they cry for you, then he should treasure them forever. Shiki thinks he is talking about Michael, who says machines can't cry because they don't have hearts, to which the Demon King says everyone has a heart no matter who they are. Shiki asks what's in space, which the Demon King lists many things including bugs, much to the boy's terror, and that somewhere out there is Mother. someone who can grant wishes. Michael asks the boy what his wish is, to which Shiki answers that it is to make lots of friends.

Years later, a girl named Rebecca and her cat Happy arrive at the Granbell Kingdom to make videos for their Aoneko Channel. When the knight bot tells them that they're the first customers in a hundred years, the other machines open up everything in the Kingdom and throw an elaborate opening, though Rebecca forgets to record it. The B-Cubers ask for an event to film, to which the butler bot suggests that they go on a quest. Later they face a giant robot cat as part of the quest when it suddenly collapses with Shiki on top of it. Rebecca freaks out and punches the boy when he starts poking her body. After freaking out over a bug, he marvels at seeing Happy and asks if he can eat him, which Happy hastily declines. After pondering for a bit, Shiki then asks Rebecca and Happy to be friends, as he's never met another human before, which causes the two to panic and run back to the park, only to find that he followed them. Shiki introduces them to all the machines and proclaims that they are all good friends. Rebecca and Happy introduce themselves to Shiki before the machines start celebrating their first customer with a party. Unknown to them, a hunter bot watches them before heading to Granbell Castle to inform the Castellan about their guests, saying the time has come.

At the inn, Shiki explains to Rebecca that he was repairing the cat bot because they've been acting up, and after finding out where they came from, he tells her that he wants to leave and see the world, but he stays to fix up the machines. Once Shiki falls asleep and breaks the table, startling the B-Cubers, Rebecca asks if she can give Shiki a haircut. Michael tells her that the Demon King brought him to the park ten years ago as his grandson, and they've taken care of him since he broke down. The robots offer the two a room for the night but ominously stare at their room.

The next morning, Shiki awakens to find his hair cut short and runs off to find Michael, only to hear Rebecca's scream. He finds Rebecca and Happy tied to stakes. The former asks Shiki to untie them, but the Castellan orders him not. Shiki defends them, saying they're his friends and are not bad people, but the Castellan says that they've been waiting for this moment for someone with a ship for a century. He refuses Shiki's request and states that he's going to kill her. They intend to kill the two and use their ship to escape. After becoming self-aware from a virus, making the robots despise humans. Castellan explains to Shiki that they have been abandoned for a century by humans, thus their intent on gaining the ship and leaving Granbell. Adding that they only let Shiki live because of the Demon King, to his disbelief. As the machines beat the shocked Shiki into the ground, Rebecca tearfully asks them how they could do such things after Shiki called them his friends. Shiki gains the will to fight and sends the machines flying before facing the King and remembers what his grandpa said, that if he finds friends who will cry for him, then treasure them forever. 

Happy frees Rebecca, who explains that Shiki possesses Ether Gear, an old power that can use his body's Ether flow to reconfigure t as power. Shiki defeats the Castellan with a single punch that causes the ground to collapse before rescuing Rebecca and Happy, revealing that his Ether Gear is of Gravity that allows him to float before. After flying them to their ship, the Aqua Wing, Shiki says he intends to stay behind, but Rebecca drags aboard and takes off. After they clear Granbell, Rebecca reveals that it was part of the Sakura Cosmos, with Aqua Wing being a spaceship. Just as Shiki understands that they are in space, what appears to be a comet passes the ship, with Rebecca revealing it to actually be a Dragon.

In the Granbell Kingdom, the Castellan and Machines reveal that their actions were a ploy; years ago, they knew their batteries would soon die, so the Demon King begged them to send Shiki off, saying he will change the universe. As the robots begin to deactivate, Michael notes that if one were ever to feel such loneliness, they would not wish for a heart. As they leave the planet Granbell, Shiki tearfully says that the robots of Granbell were still his friends, thanking them and vowing never to forget any of them. As the trio begins their journey, Shiki decides that he's going to make a hundred friends in the universe.

As a Dragon continues to fly through space, it returns to a giant woman that dwarfs even it in size. The woman then wonders whether Shiki will become a legendary hero or a demon king that will bring destruction.

Characters in Order of Appearance[edit | edit source]

  1. Ziggy (Debut)
  2. Shiki Granbell (Debut)
  3. Michael (Debut)
  4. Rebecca Bluegarden (Debut)
  5. Happy (Debut)
  6. Mithra (Debut)
  7. John (Debut)
  8. Annie (Debut)
  9. Castellan (Debut)
  10. Mother (Debut)

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Manga & Anime Differences[edit | edit source]

  • Shiki, Ziggy, and Michael's conversation is extended in the anime, including showing Shiki's fear of bugs and mentioning Mother's ability to grant wishes earlier than in the manga.
  • The Granbell Kingdom's introduction is slightly different from the manga's, having a different arrangement of buildings and mountains in the back.
  • Rebecca and Happy's positions are flipped compared to their positions in the manga throughout various points in the episode.
    • Standing in front of the Granbell Kingdom's entrance.
    • Facing the giant cat robot and landing a few feet back after it drops on the ground.
    • Their first attempt at running away from Shiki.
  • The robot guard immediately signals to the kingdom that they have guests in the anime, whereas in the manga he asks first if Rebecca and Happy are guests.
  • In the anime, the robot butler lists the kind of dreams the two can have before welcoming them to the kingdom.
  • In the manga, Happy is the one to suggest going on a quest while they are in a restaurant. In the anime, the robot butler is the one to suggest it after Rebecca asks for an event they could film at the entrance.
  • A bug crawling near Shiki after Rebecca stomps on his face and his subsequent freak out is added in the anime.
  • Rebecca informing that she found a boy removes Mithra's line of her failing the quest and adds Rebecca reacting after hearing that the boy's name is Shiki.
  • She and Happy introducing themselves to him followed by her declining Shiki's request for friendship are added in the anime.
  • The party scene is solely accompanied by music, omitting the dialogue. It also takes place during the day, whereas it was nighttime in the manga.
  • The anime adds Happy reacting to Shiki breaking the table as he sleeps.
  • Rebecca asking to cut Shiki's hair happens before the Granbell bots tell her about the boy's past, which Michael saying that the Demon King has broken down in the anime.
  • Michael's line about reading Rebecca's thoughts from her expression is replaced with one where he explains he doesn't have a mind-reading sensor like Rebecca assumes.
  • The Castellan appears after Shiki finds Rebecca and Happy tied to the wooden poles.
  • The Castellan's speech about how none of the roles in Granbell are real is shortened in the anime.
  • The flashback of the Granbell Kingdom's past prior to humans abandoning it is different in the anime.
  • As Shiki is being stomped on by the bots, the anime adds a short scene of him remembering how Michael said they are friends when he was a kid before Michael says that they aren't.
  • The bots behind Michael as they chase after Shiki, Rebecca, and Happy are different in the anime.
  • In the anime, the Sakura Cosmos lacks the enormous sakura tree and instead has several planets of varying colors.
  • The dragon passes the Aqua Wing in the opposite direction in the anime.
  • Shiki's flashback of his time with the Granbell bots is omitted in the anime.
  • The size comparison between a dragon and Mother is different in the anime, where the dragon appears somewhat bigger than how it is in the manga.

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