We will continue to welcome all. Just like the Edens Zero, when they rescued a small girl with nowhere else to go. I believe our time together creates bonds between us. Thus you build a family when you live life on a ship.

—Elsie Crimson, Chapter 112

Elsie Crimson (エルシー・クリムゾン Erushī Kurimuzon?), also known as the "Armored Space Pirate" (鎧の宇宙海賊 Yoroi no Uchū Kaizoku?), is a former princess of an unnamed planet in the Kaede Cosmos, one of the Oración Seis Galáctica,[2] the captain of the pirate ship Skull Fairy, and the leader of her own pirate crew, as well as a fleet of space pirates.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Elsie has crimson hair and brown eyes and wears an eye patch that covers her right eye that she lost. She wears a black, high-collared coat, that shows her space pirate insignia on the back, a gauntlet, and wields a cutlass. She also has a tattoo of her flag’s crest on her left upper arm.[3]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Elsie is a roguish yet good-spirited pirate who loves excitement. She appears to enjoy terrorizing her captives out of mischief instead of genuine malice,[4] although it is ambiguous how much this is actually the case, as she admits to "half-joking" about selling Shiki and his friends to Guilst when she means to help them.[5][6] When faced with an activity she deems to be boring, she adds a degree of challenge to make it more enjoyable for herself, such as watching Shiki battling an alien parasite imposter of her over possession of the Edens Zero instead of just giving it to him as intended, while also testing his ability.[7]

Despite her behavior, Elsie has a degree of honor. She is extremely loyal to Ziggy, faithfully following his request to deliver his ship to his grandson out of a debt of gratitude,[8] and regards him as a very good friend, enough to regard him by his real name rather than his title of "Great Demon King".[9]. According to the Kawpicatt S4 impersonating her, however, she also aims to surpass Ziggy in some manner.[10] When Elsie found out about Ziggy's change in demeanor, she expressed great sadness and disbelief at his hostility towards his own grandson and old warship.[2]

As a captain, Elsie is firm but kind towards her crew, allowing them periods of rest and recreation.[11] She does, however, threaten to cut one of her crew in half for shouting.[12] She also has standards against her crew taking pictures of Rebecca being ensnared by Kawpicatt tentacles.[13] She also maintains a certain rivalry with Justice, which she treats more playfully than he does.[14]

Elsie sports a self-satisfied grin when Jesse and her other subordinate explained how she became a pirate, which Rebecca noticed.[15]

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

Elsie was once a princess of a kingdom on an unnamed planet located somewhere in the Kaede Cosmos. She was betrothed to James Holloway at a young age, who was a prince from another kingdom on her planet, where their union was a means to unite both kingdoms. During their time together, Elsie proposed to James that they should kiss, flustering the young prince. He retorts how that their parents decided for them to get married so her kingdom could absorb his, but Elsie prepares for the kiss anyway. Blushing he nervously tries but is stopped by the young princess, saying that they should wait until they are older, flustering him more. Later on, she finds out that the government had plans which were capable of destroying the entire Kaede Cosmos. Both Elsie and James came up with plans of their own to counter the government. However, Elsie had taken action first and exposed the government's plans, which resulted in a civil war on their home planet, where James and Elsie lost everything, forcing them to abandon their fatherland.[16]

Afterward, Elsie became a refugee made homeless by the war. She aimlessly wandered the Cosmos until she was picked up by the Edens Zero. She was only on the ship for a few weeks but she got to know the crew, Ziggy and the Four Shining Stars, like a family. Shiki was a baby at the time and Elsie even changed his diapers. When they reached Granbell, Ziggy took Shiki in a space pod down to the planet and left the Edens Zero with Elsie. He asked her to give the ship to Shiki the day he would set out into space.[17] After that, Witch disguised the ship and went into sleep mode, and the rest of the Shining Stars went their separate ways.[18]

Elsie as one of the Oración Seis Galactica

However, Elsie proved rather quickly to be inadequate with machines as she was unable to draw out the disguised Edens Zero's full abilities and she eventually ran out of provisions. Out of desperation, Elsie started stealing from every port in the Cosmos and before she knew it, people started calling her a pirate.[19] By X492, Elsie's power, and notoriety earned her a spot among the Oración Seis Galáctica, where she became known as the dread Armored Space Pirate who conquered the Seven Cosmic Seas[2], with a fleet of space pirates at her command. Eventually, she acquired a flagship for her fleet and kept the disguised Edens Zero as a storage ship.[20]

Intro arc[edit | edit source]

At the bridge of the Skull Fairy, Elsie receives a report from one of her subordinates whom she previously threatened to cut him down for annoying her that Shiki has left Granbell and was seen at Blue Garden. Leaving her throne, she tells him that they are going to Blue Garden.[21]

Norma arc[edit | edit source]

The Armored Space Pirate and her crew arrive at Blue Garden where they entered the premises of Shooting Starlight, the Adventurer's guild to look for Shiki as she asks Clarisse Layer at the reception booth. Upon finding out that Shiki, Rebecca, and Happy had left for Planet Norma from one of its guild members, she informs everyone that the planet is already dead.[22]

Skull Fairy arc[edit | edit source]

After Shiki and co. escape from Norma, Elsie intercepts their ship Aqua Wing and pulls it into her ship, the Skull Fairy. She introduces herself to the group and announces that she is stealing their ship, and will be sending them to the planet Guilst, where only the worst of the worst people go. When Shiki claims he will plunder her ship from her, she gives him directions to her location and cuts the broadcast.[23]

After she is seemingly defeated by Shiki, it is revealed that the Elsie that Shiki fought was not really her, but a parasite that copied her and that copy was somewhat weaker than she was, and that she herself, is on board another ship.[20] Elsie then tells them that the Skull Fairy was once the Demon King Ziggy's ship that he used to search for Mother, and that she was planning on giving it to Shiki, by Ziggy's request.[24] She also comments that she was only "half-joking" about sending them to Guilst. When Shiki says they can't just take her ship, the Armored Space Pirate reveals that she has a vast fleet. She then engages in combat with her enemy, Justice and his fleet, to allow Shiki and co. to escape.[25] Elsie claims her debt is repaid and she never wants to see Shiki again. When they escape, she orders her ships to leave the sector and tells Justice that she isn't that easy.[14]

After escaping the Interstellar Union Army, Elsie heads to Granbell in order to pay a visit to Ziggy's grave and tell him that she had kept her promise. However, when she arrived at his grave, she sensed small traces of Ether coming from Ziggy's broken-down body, but it was a dark, evil Ether that was not familiar to her. The strange Ether concerned Elsie so she left a Fairy Drone to secretly monitor Ziggy's remains and left Granbell.[26]

Digitalis arc[edit | edit source]

Elsie talks briefly with Jesse about playing video games, saying he should not overdo it.[27]

Edens One arc[edit | edit source]

Elsie finds out about Ziggy waking up from her Fairy Drone and arrives at the scene of the battle between the Edens Zero and Edens One, rescuing the Zero from the One's attack, and becoming saddened that Ziggy would attack his old ship and crew so mercilessly. After the Edens One retreats, Elsie tells the Crew of Edens that she's coming to the Edens Zero to talk to them about Ziggy.[28]

Immediately after arriving on the Edens Zero, Elsie demands a bath in the Spa of Eden with Rebecca and Homura before meeting about the situation with Ziggy. While relaxing, Elsie claims it is to build friendships when asked why by Rebecca. While in the bath, Homura challenges Elsie to a duel, to which she readily accepts, much to Rebecca's shock.[29] Elsie doesn't stand on guard, however, when Homura takes a swing at her, the Armored Space Pirate effortlessly catches her Ether blade with her bare toes and throws Homura bodily across the spa with a simple swing of her leg. Elsie points Homura's Ether blade she held at her and she quickly admits defeat. Elsie compliments Homura's fighting skills, then asks Rebecca if she wishes to duel as well, to which Rebecca swiftly declines.[30] Elsie enters the locker room with Rebecca and Homura and finds Shiki already waiting there, looking glum. Ignoring Rebecca and Homura, Shiki turns to Elsie and, with a steeled face, demands her to tell him about Ziggy. Elsie reassures him that Ziggy isn't going anywhere as this Cosmic Sea is connected to everywhere in the Cosmos.[31]

Shortly after, everyone convenes in the Briefing Room, where Elsie has a heartfelt reunion with the Shining Stars and expresses sorrow at what happened to Valkyrie. She explains how she came to be on the Edens Zero, as well as the time she spent with the crew and Shiki, who was only a baby. She then tells everyone that Ziggy entrusted the ship to Elsie to give to Shiki one day. When Happy and Rebecca ask why she was given the Edens Zero as a child, Elsie reveals that as a child, she was already skilled enough to challenge Valkyrie. Then Hermit continues, saying that it was also Elsie's strength of heart. Ziggy knew that she would keep her promise.[32] Then Jesse and his fellow crewmate reveal to everyone about Elsie's ineptitude with machines and how she became known as a pirate, to which the Armored Space Pirate is shamelessly proud of with a grin. She brings the conversation back to Ziggy and tells the crew about her visit to Granbell, and what she felt at Ziggy's grave. Elsie confirms that she doesn't know what changed him, but that she is certain that he is not the old Ziggy. She then shows the crew what the Fairy Drone recorded Ziggy saying immediately after waking up, "I will... go see Mother."[33]

The meeting ends and Elsie tells Shiki that she will be going after Ziggy, feeling obligated to stop him as she owes him her life. She tells Shiki that if he is ready to do what must be done, then come with her to outer space. She then returns to her Skull Fairy and goes to chase down Ziggy.[34]

Red Cave arc[edit | edit source]

Sometime after, Elsie and her crew enter the Aoi Cosmos where her fellow Oración Galactica member, Poseidon Nero resides.[35]

Foresta arc[edit | edit source]

Arriving at the Coral Sector with the Skull Fairy, Elsie learns that Ziggy must have come to the Aoi Cosmos and may have gone to see Poseidon Nero which she hoped she was wrong. She tells her crew member that they are both kings to either pay each other respect or destroy each other. Elsie cheerfully states she'd rather not deal with Poseidon Nero and tells her crew to find a good planet with good food and stay there for a while. However, the Armored Space Pirate has been informed by her crew that the Interstellar Union Army fleet appeared and gave pursuit to the Skull Fairy which she mutters Justice's name in annoyance. She orders Jesse next to her to get rid of them much to the man's confusion before telling him to drop the act now and accused him of bringing Justice and his forces here, perplexing the crew who thought she was a little harsh for her usual teasing. Turning to Jesse, Elsie asks him if he really thought she did not notice and reveals to the crew that Jesse is a government spy, shocking them. Elsie tells Jesse that this is his last chance to rid of them and in exchange, she will hear him out if he does. When a compromised Jesse did not respond amidst his shaking body with cold sweat, the Armored Space Pirate is disappointed and orders her crew to send him back to Justice's ship.[36]

Her crew is angry and demands Jesse's execution for treason and spying inside the Skull Fairy but Elsie calms them down that he is just a boy and intends to let him go home. Elsie revealed to her subordinates that she knew Jesse was a spy for about a month and did not say anything until now, commenting that he is so cute despite their concerns that Jesse leaked all of their secrets to the Cosmic Government. Elsie gives a self-satisfied grin when Gowen and Hyoga of the Princess Guard appeared on the bridge and explained to everyone that they made all of the important intel Jesse thought to have sent be untransmittable and that Elsie cannot handle intel so she came to them for help. Although Elsie tells Gowen and Hyoga to stop bickering over who she came to them first. Seeing Jesse still shaking and upset, Elsie explains that Gowen and Hyoga used to be a firefighter and a doctor before becoming space pirates and her crew came from different backgrounds. She believes that even an agent of the Galactic Intelligence Agency could become a part of the family after living with them in the Skull Fairy for a while and that is the reason she did not out him earlier until now. After Jesse lividly declares that she will never beat the Interstellar Union Army, Elsie is further disappointed and had him placed inside the space pod to be ejected back to Justice and his pursuing forces. When Gowen and Hyoga declared they needed to do better background checks for every new crew member from now on and prevent another attempt of infiltration into the Skull Fairy, Elsie insists that she will continue to welcome them regardless and believes that their time together creates bonds between them and builds a family when they live life on a ship, reminiscing her childhood past at the Edens Zero with the Four Shining Stars who took her in. With the two Princess Guard members simply conceded by their leader's words, the Armored Space Pirate orders her crew to set course for Foresta.[37]

Elsie using Grand Chariot against the hostile bots of Foresta

Upon arriving on the Verdant Planet, Elsie looks unimpressed and asks where is the delicious food that she was told about as she and her crew are confronted by a mob of angry bots. Sighing at their hostility, she comments that no one is happy to see pirates, though she agrees with Hyoga's statement, where she states that there is something wrong on this planet that forced the machines to attack humans whether they want to or not. She pities them but also declares that she must protect her family and asks them to forgive her. She transforms her outfit with Star Drain: Foresta much to the delight of her crew and the fluster of her two Princess Guard members. The Armored Space Pirate tells the bots that they have done nothing wrong so she will end this quickly. Elsie uses Grand Chariot to defeat them all.[38]

In another part of Foresta, Elsie manages to block Justice's strike on a heavily injured Shiki with her own Antares, saving his life. She apologizes to Shiki, stating that it is her fault, and reassures the young man that her crew will get Homura back from Interstellar Union Army custody. Enraged, Elsie declares that she will make Justice pay for hurting Shiki.[39] Confronting Justice, Elsie changes her outfit into a high collared battle gear and her Antares into a katana with Star Drain. She states that she is done playing games with Justice and tells him to begone this instant. Elsie clashes her weapon with Justice's own katana, causing a massive shockwave of Ether that is seen across Foresta.[40]

Elsie and Justice clash their swords against each other, causing shockwaves that destroy the surrounding area around them. She notes that Justice had gotten better in their fight, calling him by his original name James Holloway. After being called a traitor to their fatherland, she claims that the nation had no meaning, angering Justice who reveals that he lost everything because of her treachery. Elsie is tackled by Justice, taking the both of them several meters away into an abandoned city in Foresta. She is sent flying into the wall of a building by Justice's strike and dodges out of the way as the soldier tries to kick her.[41]

Elsie clashing with Justice

They continue their sword fight in the air. She expresses how she lost everything too, but the Interestelar member retorts back that if she had not betrayed them, they would not have lost everything. She disputes with Justice's accusation of her betrayal that someone had to do something or they would have lost the entire Kaede Cosmos. Elsie's strike shatters the entire building which Justice jumps out of the way, calling her logic twisted. She retorts to the soldier that if there was any real justice, he would have seen it. While battling in the air, Elsie tells Justice that he would have seen how the government was and what they were plotting. After hearing the soldier's intentions to change the government, the space pirate explains that they were too young to have that kind of power and there was not enough time. Because of that reason, she told everyone the truth about the government which Justice points out that she ended up starting a war as a result. Engaged in a close range grappling hold against each other, the Galáctica member defends that it was the only way to right what was wrong and mocks the soldier for his obsession of false justice, knowing that he would not understand. Elsie asks Justice if he remembers the last time their faces were this close to each other in the past as children.[42] After both have stopped their respective Meteors, she teasingly proposes to Justice that they should finish what they have started and wonders if their kiss will engender forgiveness in their hearts. However, Elsie is surprised to see Justice moving close to her for a kiss and calls him a brave man. Upon their first kiss, the two simultaneously stabs each other in the abdomen with their katanas much to their surprise. Staggering from her wound, the space pirate finds their first kiss wonderful and memorable and agrees with Justice that it seems that this is their fate.[43]

Resuming their fight, Elsie and Justice call out each other's names before punching each other in the face that causes a huge shockwave. Suddenly, a group of Foresta drones ambushed the two after detecting their powerful Ether. The Armored Space Pirate dodges out of the way from the machines' bombardment and swiftly eliminating them before clashing with Justice once more. In mid-air, Elsie and Justice simultaneously unleash Grand Chariot against each other, causing massive destruction.[44] Grievously injured and exhausted, Elsie notes that the mysterious gravity that interrupted her fight with Justice did not come from Shiki or Ziggy. She sees Behrman flying in to tell her that they should get off of the planet. The Armored Space Pirate asks him if Homura is rescued.[45] Elsie boards Behrman's flying vehicle and tells the Interstelar member that they will settle their fight later and teases him about their first kiss. She bids farewell to the soldier with his codename before leaving the battlefield.[46]

After returning to the Skull Fairy, Elsie is covered in bandages over her wounds and contacts the Crew of Edens which she is relieved that they all made it back to their respective ships. She reassures a concerned Shiki and his friends that the Skull Fairy is equipped with the latest in medical technology and asks about their injuries which Rebecca replies that they have Sister to heal them for it. The Armored Space Pirate tells a grateful Homura to thank Gowen and Hyoga for saving her from Interstellar Union Army custody. Sitting on her throne, Elsie answers Happy's question that the Oración Seis Interestelar are indeed a big deal and explains to the Crew of Edens that each six of them are in a class of their own even within the Cosmic Government and their power supposedly even rivals even that of the Oración Seis Galáctica. She apologizes to Shiki and his friends that Justice singled them out as enemies because of their association with her and tells the young man to be careful from now on. Elsie states that she and her crew will continue the pursuit of Ziggy after confirming that the Demon King did come to the Aoi Cosmos. Ending communications with the Crew of Edens, she says that they will meet again.[47] Elsie with a solemn look continues her search in the Aoi Cosmos to find Ziggy and defeat him.[48]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Elsie is a member of the Oración Seis Galáctica, a group that is stated to be the cosmos's strongest warriors, being renowned for crushing entire planets.[49] The Demon King Ziggy opted to withdraw in the face of a confrontation with her, judging her to be too much trouble.[50] As a young child, Elsie already possessed enough skill to provide a real challenge to Valkyrie Yuna, one of the Demon King's Four Shining Stars.[18] She is able to fight on par with Justice, a member of the Oración Seis Interestelar.[51][52] Elsie's power as the youngest member of the Galáctica is praised by Holy, a member of the Interestelar, who expects nothing less from her and is afraid to see what Elsie will be capable of within 5 or 10 years from now.[53]

Star Drain (スタードレイン Sutā Dorein): By using this Ether Gear, Elsie can absorb the Ether from whatever planet she is on and turns it into battle gear for her to use in combat. It also seems that whenever she activates it, her undressed state as she equips a battle gear is visible considering her crew's reaction of delight and fluster. She also gains a distinct Ether marking around her right eye and under her mask.[54] As well as manipulate Ether directly to attack. Her Ether capabilities are compared to those of her fellow Oración Seis Galáctica Drakken Joe, the Overdrive-using Shiki Granbell, and Justice of the Oración Seis Interestelar.[55]

  • Grand Chariot (七星剣(グランシャリオ) Guran Shario): By placing both her hands on top of each other, with the top hand having only the index and middle fingers spread out. Seven beams erupt from the ground around her, dispatching her opponents.[56]
  • Antares (天蠍槍(アンタレス) Antaresu): Elsie can summon Antares, a spear that consists of a dark-colored polearm, a cross-shaped spearhead with four diamonds adorning it, having three blades made from Ether jutting out. On the other end is a similar diamond with a jewel embedded in it.[57]
  • Meteor (流星(ミーティア) Mītia): Elsie's body is surrounded by a cloak of Ether, allowing her to move at incredible speeds through the air.[58]

Immense Strength: Elsie possesses tremendous levels of physical strength, being able to easily halt an attack from Homura's Soul Blade by catching it between her toes and fling Homura away head over heels with a simple movement of her leg afterward.[59] During her battle with Justice, the force of their swords colliding together created a massive shockwave.[60]

Immense Durability: Elsie possesses tremendous physical durability, capable of taking attacks from Justice and survive a simultaneous Grand Chariot against each other.[51][52]

Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Elsie is an extremely skilled swordsman. She is shown capable of holding Homura's Soul Blade much to the latter's surprise,[61] and was able to fight on par with Valkyrie Yuna, a master swordsman, even as a child.[18] She is also able to battle on par with Justice, a member of the Oración Seis Interestelar, in a sword fight.[62]

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Skull Fairy (スカルフェアリー Sukaru Fearī): Elsie's flagship.[63]

Edens Zero (エデンズ ゼロ Edenzu Zero?): A large spaceship formerly used by Elsie as a storage ship.[20] She bequeathed it to Shiki Granbell.[64]

Fairy Drone (妖精型ドローン Yōsei-gata Dorōn): A small floating bot that is able to send and record whatever it monitors. It is also able to replay whatever it had recorded.[65]

Cutlass: Elsie wields an intricate cutlass for battle.[66][67]

Star Drain: Foresta (スタードレイン フォレスタ Sutā Dorein: Foresuta): Elsie absorbs the surrounding Ether from Planet Foresta and creates this Battle Gear. It takes the form of a revealing robe with a collar around the neck area, plant-patterned streaks going from the back to the front, and the edge of the dress. It has a pair of armbands with floral adornment, forearm-length gloves, and thigh-high stock, both of which have a curly patter by the borders. Additionally, a pair of wings are adorned on the side of her head, four long strips of dark cloth with light-colored borders flow from the back and includes no footwear.[68]

High Collared Battle Gear: Using Ether from an unknown planet, Elsie is equipped with a tight suit, having a primarily dark-coloration with light-colored accents around her hips and lower legs with bulbs placed behind them. Around her forearms are bands. Additionally, she wears a dark-colored collar, acting as a cape, with floral-themed edges, two long strips, and a back portion that has the insignia of the Skull Fairy.[69](Unnamed)

  • Katana: Elsie can summon a katana with a crisscrossed patterned hilt and a blade made of Ether.[60]

Battles and Events[edit | edit source]


Manga Appearances[edit | edit source]

Intro arc
1. Into the Sky Where Cherry Blossoms Flutter Absent
2. A Girl and Her Blue Cat Debut
3. Adventurers Appears
Norma arc
4. Norma Absent
5. A Man Named Weisz Absent
6. Thief Absent
7. Iron Tears Absent
8. Clash!! The Sibir Family Absent
9. vs. The Foote Brothers Absent
10. We're Friends, Aren't We? Absent
11. Machina Maker Appears
Skull Fairy arc
12. The Skull Fairy Appears
13. Shiki vs. Elsie Mentioned
14. Born Again Appears
Digitalis arc
29. Iron Hill Absent
30. The Super Virtual Planet Absent
31. The People of Digitalis Absent
32. Mass Murderer Jamilov Absent
33. The Girl on the Hill Absent
34. Survive the Night Absent
35. The Girl and the Monster Absent
36. The G.I.A. Absent
37. Great Kaiju Shiki Absent
38. 22 Hits Absent
39. Spider the Genius Hacker Absent
40. Operation C7 Absent
41. Fireworks Absent
42. Pino's Dream Appears
43. Smells Like Money Absent
Edens One arc
100. Edens One Absent
101. Singularity Absent
102. Time to Say Goodbye Absent
103. Clash of the Cosmos Appears
104. The Woman They Called Pirate Appears
Red Cave arc
105. Dragonfall Absent
106. Prayer Council Mentioned
107. A Planet Where Stars Fall Like Rain Absent
108. Nadia, Love of My Life Absent
109. Red Cave Absent
110. A Robot in Love Absent
111. The Sky of Days Long Past Absent
Foresta arc
112. When You Live Life on a Ship Appears
113. In the Doghouse Absent
114. Glue Absent
115. The Battle of Foresta Absent
116. The Sky Sweeper Absent
117. Shiki vs. Orc Absent
118. Star Drain Appears
119. Homura vs. Mora Absent
120. Rebecca vs. Britney Absent
121. Darling Little Piece of Junk Absent
122. Titanic Victory Mentioned
123. The Light of Justice Appears
124. Kiss & Die Appears
125. Heart of Gravity Appears
126. This Doctor, Armed and Dangerous Appears
127. The Doomsday System Absent
128. What's Important Absent
129. So We Can Smile Brighter Appears
130. Oceans 6 Appears
131. VR-C Absent
132. Chrono Witch Absent
133. Following Ziggy's Path Hologram

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Elsie shares most of her character design with Erza Scarlet, a female character from Hiro Mashima's previous work, Fairy Tail. Their names follow a similar pattern too, as their given names sound somewhat similar, and their surnames are synonyms for "red."
    • The "-sie" part of her name refers to the sea and pirates.[70]
    • The crest on Elsie's cape and flags bears a resemblance to the Fairy Tail guild’s symbol.
    • Elsie's eyepatch on her right eye is reminiscent of Erza losing her right eye and briefly wore an eyepatch before she was given an artificial eye by Porlyusica as a child.
    • She has her flag's crest tattooed on the same area where Erza has her guild mark located, being on her left upper arm.
    • Like Erza, Elsie uses suits of armor that enhance her already impressive level of power, in this case by creating them from the Ether of planets.

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