Elsie Crimson (エルシー・クリムゾン Erushī Kurimuzon) is the leader of a group of Space Pirates.


Elsie has crimson hair and wears an eye patch that covers her right eye. She wears a black coat that shows her Space Pirate insignia, a gauntlet, and wields a cutlass.



Elsie was saved by the Demon King Ziggy and when he was close to shutting down, he asked her to give his battleship to his adopted grandson.


Intro arcEdit

Elsie receives a report from one of her subordinates that Shiki has left Granbell and was seen at Blue Garden. She tells him to plot a course to Blue Garden.

Norma arc Edit

They arrive at Blue Garden, at the adventurer's guild, looking for Shiki. Upon finding out that Shiki, Rebecca and Happy had left for planet Norma, she informs everyone that the planet was already dead.

Skull Fairy arcEdit

After Shiki and crew escape from Norma, she pulls their tiny ship into her ship, the Skull Fairy, and announces that she is stealing their ship, and will be sending them to the planet Guilst, where only the worst of the worst people go. After she is seemingly defeated by Shiki, who planned to take the Skull Fairy, it is revealed that the Elsie that Shiki fought was not really her, but a parasite that copied her and that copy was a bit weaker than she was. It was also revealed that she herself, is on board another ship in her vast fleet. She also reveals that the Skull Fairy was once the Demon King Ziggy's ship that he used to search for Mother, and that she was planning on giving it to Shiki, upon the request of Ziggy, and that she was only "half-joking" about sending them to Guilst. She then engages in combat with her enemy, Justice and his fleet.


Skull Fairy (スカルフェアリー Sukaru Fearī) (former): A large spaceship used by Elsie as her means of transportation.[1]


References Edit

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