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News Bulletin[edit source]

The News Bulletin is a place where news and changes about the wiki and the series are archived.

Guidelines[edit source]

  • Every change or news should have its own bullet and should be under its correct category.
  • If you are unsure under which category something should go contact Relikz or IamJakuhoRaikoben or bring it up on the talk page.
  • Only major or important news should be listed.
  • In this page only the current month's news should be listed; older news should be archived here at the end of each month.
  • Recent news from 1-2 days should use a big font. This can be done by typing <big>Text</big>
  • Episode and chapter pages' creations don't need to be here.
  • For discussion announcements please use the Discussion Announcement template.

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