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Hiro Mashima

Hiro Mashima (真島ヒロ, Mashima Hiro) was born on May 3, 1977 and is a Japanese manga artist recognized for his fantasy manga Rave Master, Monster Soul, Fairy Tail and Edens Zero.

He was a notable guest at the 2008 San Diego Comic-Con. He won the Kodansha Manga Award for shōnen manga in 2009. He was also given the Harvey Awards International Spotlight award in 2017 and the Fauve Special Award at the 2018 Angoulême International Comics Festival.

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Chapter 42: Pino's Dream

Spoiler Alert! Read at your own risk!

After Hermit stopped Spider, she apologized for being uncooperative and Witch forgives her. Sister on the other hand seems very angry at her which makes Hermit states that she hates Sister in return, claiming that she always teases her. Sister then tells Hermit that she's glad to have her back.
In the meantime, Homura, Rebecca and Happy takes a bath in the Spa of Eden. The three begins to talk about Homura's master, Valkyrie, only for Homura to (once agian) challenge Rebecca to a fight in the bath.
The boys and Pino are in the dining area while this happens. Shiki then asks Pino is she wants a taste of the burger that he is currently eating to which she says that she doent have taste buds which saddens Shiki to a great extend. Pino then explains that it's ok and that she has a feeling that she will one day get the ability to taste, revealing her dream of becoming human.
On planet Brown Sea Amira is chatting with Jesse. They discuss and argue about their time in Digitalis, and Amira expalins that she will infiltrate Drakken Joe. Jesse then cuts the connection since Elsie showed up. He is then revealed to be a spy who wants to bring an end to the Space Pirate.

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