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The jet black wings that soar across the cosmos Ether Drive Eternal Navigation Ship. The interstellar warship, Edens Zero.

Witch Regret, Chapter 15

Edens Zero (エデンズ ゼロ Edenzu Zero?), falsely called the Skull Fairy (スカルフェアリー Sukaru Fearī?) as part of a trick when it was a space pirate vessel, is a spaceship previously owned by the Demon King Ziggy and the space pirate Elsie Crimson. It is currently owned by Shiki Granbell[1], the new Demon King.[2]

Description[edit | edit source]

Edens Zero Crest | Skull Fairy Crest

Edens Zero Crest.png

The true form of the ship resembles a demonic dragon where the figurehead is an open maw with a diamond-shaped plate where the nose would be and two curved horns on either side of it. Additionally there is a pair of wing-like protrusions on the side.[3] On the side of the ship the words "Edens Zero" are inscribed on a plaque. The name of the ship is an acronym where the first part stands for Ether Drive Eternal Navigation Ship.[4]

Layout[edit | edit source]

A map of the Edens Zero

Spa of Eden[edit | edit source]

Main article, Spa of Eden
The Spa of Eden (エデンの湯 Eden no Yu) is a giant bath in the Edens Zero. Repeated bathing in this water may awaken the person's ability to use Ether Gear.[5] It also includes a changing room and a massage room. It is located beneath the glass dome behind the dragon head of the Edens Zero.[6] The room's name was coined by Rebecca.[7]

Edens Kitchen[edit | edit source]

Edens Kitchen (エデンズキッチン Edenzu Kitchin) is an area that is used for dining, and automatically provides whatever food the Crew of Edens or guests desires for sustenance, such as curry burgers, pizza burgers, and energy restoring gel for machines. It is located in the bottom of the Edens Zero behind the dragon head, and next to the Infirmary.[6]

Infirmary[edit | edit source]

The Infirmary (医務室 Imushitsu) is the place where Sister Ivry attends to injured patients and crew members. It is located between Edens Kitchen and the Residental Quarters.[6]

Residential Quarters[edit | edit source]

The Residential Quarters (居住区 Kyojūku) are the rooms where the Crew of Edens stay and rest inside. It is located above the Storage and next to the Infirmary.[6]

Dress Factory[edit | edit source]

The Dress Factory (ドレスファクトリー Doresu Fakutorī), also known as the Wardrobe Room (ドレッサールーム Doressā Rūmu), is a room that manufactures an endless variety of outfits for its crew members to choose and wear whatever they like.[8] It is located above the Residential Quarters and next to a stairwell.[6] According to Sister Ivry, this is Hermit Milon's favorite room.

Storage[edit | edit source]

The Storage (格納庫 Kakunōko) is a hangar where the ship's armaments including cannons, and Knight Gears are all stored. This also includes the smaller starfighter Taurus FT-003 which is used for various tasks. It also contains a massive locked gate, "Code 3173",[6] which only opens if all four of the Four Shining Stars are present. It is unknown what is on the other side.[9] The capsule, which held Witch while her functions were suspended, is located inside the hangar.[10]

Bridge[edit | edit source]

The Bridge (操舵室 Sōdashitsu) is used for flying the Edens Zero. It is located in the top of the tower on the middle of the ship.[6]

Briefing Room[edit | edit source]

The Briefing Room (ブリーフィングルーム Burīfingu Rūmu) is used for strategy meetings, containing a table and chairs. It is located directly beneath the bridge in the ship's spire.[6]

Demon King's Room[edit | edit source]

The Demon King's Room (魔王の部屋 Maō no Heya) is a chamber located in an unknown part of the Edens Zero. It is more fancifully designed than the ship's other areas, giving the impression of an RPG's final boss room, according to Shiki. It is decorated with pedestals that hold dragon head sculptures in the edges of the room. In the center of the room is a hologram of some planets, which is surrounded by two tables with sofas around them, and a carpet leading toward a throne in the back of the room.[11] The throne can be activated by Satan Gravity and transfer ownership of the Edens Zero.[12]

Dive Room[edit | edit source]

The Dive Room is a room where you can log into the virtual world Digitalis with the set of pods to use for "diving".[13] It is located in an unknown part of the ship.[14]

Park[edit | edit source]

The Edens Zero has a park with a fountain, benches, multiple types of plants and a big telescope. According to Witch, Valkyrie loved to look at the stars from here.[15] The park is located in an unknown part of the Edens Zero.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Edens Zero can travel in space and pull smaller ships, preventing them from escaping with a tractor beam.[16] It also has four androids called the Four Shining Stars created by Ziggy that upkeep the ship.[17] It is said that Edens Zero will become alive if all four androids gather.[18]

The hangers of the Edens Zero are well-equipped with starfighters, cannons, Knight Gear, and its most highly classified secret: Etherion.[19]

Fast Travel: Edens Zero has fast travel capabilities that allow the ship to warp to any location in the cosmos almost instantaneously. It can be activated through a lever in the control room.[20] The fast travel can only be used to go to places that the Edens Zero has been to before.[21]

Tractor Beam: Edens Zero has at least one tractor beam that can lock onto smaller ships and draw them inexorably into its hull to capture them inside.[22]

Auto-Repair Function: Edens Zero is equipped with an automatic self-repair ability allowing it to recover from extensive damage over time and instantly repair minor hull breahces.[23][24]

Holographic Decoy: Edens Zero can produce an identical holographic copy of itself to fly in another direction and provide a decoy to anyone tracking and pursuing the ship.[25]

Guarnanium Armor: Edens Zero's armor is made of Guarnanium, and cannot be scratched by average weapons.[26] This armor gives the Edens Zero the ability to easily pierce the armor of some larger ships like the Belial Gore.[27]

  • Anti-Magic Shields: Edens Zero is equipped with anti-magic shields for additional protection.[28]
  • Edens Zero Shields: Edens Zero can create a shield in front of itself to block a lot of damage.[29]

Star Bringer (スターブリンガー Sutā Buringā): The Star Bringer is the main cannon of the Edens Zero.[30] It fires a destructive beam from the mouth at the front of the ship.[31]

Anti-Ether Mines: Edens Zero can launch energy mines, that explode after a short while, from holes on the sides of the ship.[32]

Scorpion Missiles (スコーピオンミサイル Sukōpion Misairu): Edens Zero is equipped with missiles that fires from the top of the ship at enemy ships that pursue it.[33]

Unmanned Fighters: Edens Zero can release small drones to attack enemy ships.[34]

Battle Stations: Edens Zero has stations where it's crew can fire guns against multiple targets around the ship.[35] Each station can use Ether Link Ammo to load the guns with its user's personal Ether. This makes the user able to transfer the abilities of their Ether Gear into the bullets they fire.[36]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The room inside the Edens Zero that is locked is labelled "Code 3173"; 3173 is the subject number of Elie, a main character from Mashima's previous work, Rave Master.
  • The original crest seen on the Edens Zero’s flag in it's storage ship appearance bears a resemblance to Fairy Tail’s guild symbol from another one of Mashima’s previous work of the same name.

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