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Edens Zero (エデンズゼロ, Edenzu Zero, romanized as EDENS ZERO in Japan) is a Japanese anime series based on the manga of the same name by Hiro Mashima.

The anime was officially announced on June 12th, 2020.[1] On September 26th, 2020, on Konami's TGS live stream, it was announced the anime will air in April 2021. Shinji Ishihira will be the chief director, while Yuushi Suzuki will direct at J.C.Staff. Mitsutaka Hirota will handle the series composition and Yurika Sako will design the characters. Takuma Terashima will voice Shiki Granbell, while Mikako Komatsu will voice Rebecca Bluegarden and Rie Kugimiya will voice Happy. On January 13, 2021, the first teaser trailer revealed the premiere date as April 10 at 24:55 (effectively April 11, 12:55 a.m.).[2]

Netflix acquired streaming rights to the series and its first 12 episodes was released outside of Japan on August 26, 2021,[3] with the remaining 13 on November 24.[4]

On February 8, 2022, a second season was announced after a brief tease back in October 2021 that "Shiki's adventure will continue".[5][6] It premiered on April 1, 2023.[7][8][9]


Shiki Granbell, an orphan raised by robots on the deserted theme park planet Granbell, meets and befriended Rebecca and her cat Happy when they visited the park in order to record videos for the video-sharing website Aoneko Channel. Shortly after their meeting, Rebecca and Happy were abducted by residents of the theme park which was later revealed to be a ruse to make Shiki leave the planet with Rebecca and Happy since all the residents are about to shut down. Shiki rescues her and together escaped the planet to explore the Sakura Cosmos with Shiki aiming to gain 100 friends along the way.


Voice cast[]


Introduced in Season 1[]

Introduced in Season 2[]


Introduced in Season 1[]

Introduced in Season 2[]


Opening themes:[]

Season 1[]

  1. "Eden Through the Rough" by Takanori Nishikawa (T.M.Revolution) (Episodes 1-12)
  2. "Forever" by L'Arc-en-Ciel (Episodes 13-25)

Season 2[]

  1. "Never say Never" by Takanori Nishikawa (T.M.Revolution) (Episodes 26-38)
  2. "Kaibutsu" by Tani Yuuki (Episodes 39-50)

Ending themes:[]

Season 1[]

  1. "Bouken no Vlog" by CHICO with Honeyworks (Episodes 2-12)
  2. "Sekai no Himitsu" by Sayuri (Episodes 13-25)

Season 2[]

  1. "Rinne" by Asuka Ōkura (ASCA) (Episodes 26-38)
  2. "My star" by Lozareena (Episodes 39-50)


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