I found something that I want to do... I found a dream. Someday... I want to be human.

E.M. Pino, Chapter 42

E.M. Pino ((イー)(エム)=ピーノ Ī Emu Pīno) is a miniature anti-bot machine created by Ziggy, the former Demon King. She becomes the friend of new Demon King Shiki Granbell and joins the crew of Edens Zero.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

E.M. Pino's Color Scheme

Pino is small in structure as a robot, she has a chestnut hairstyle with an arrow shaped frontal hair on her forehead with an odd shaped symbol labeled on said hair, She has small set of eyebrows and has eyeliner with little blush on her cheeks. She also has what appears to be a standard maid's outfit with braces and high heel(s). As for her robotic structure, she appears to have thick antennas with multiple joints along her arms and legs. She temporarily had to use a screw for a left leg after a part of it was torn off due to one of Sibir's harsh punishments.[2] Weisz has since used his Ether Gear to restore her lost leg.[3]

Pino's digital avatar resembles a young human girl with rabbit-like ears. She wears a necktie that is decorated with a single large heart.

In later chapters, Pino has been given a more chibi appearance, with a bigger head, and a rounder body. She wears a sleeveless shirt with a heart on it.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Pino appears to have a rather indifferent expression with an indifferent personality, she also seems to be rather lay back about certain situations such as when Shiki wants to be her friend, which was uncertain at first but allows it.[4] She also can feel emotions at times such as fear of angering Sibir and even runs off to him.[5] She also is self aware to express her inability of performing tasks such as dancing.[6] Though she does seem to be rather defensive and disobedient of any orders received when it comes to her memories of her master.[7] Pino wishes to someday become human.[8]

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

Pino was created as the personal property of the Demon King, whom she designated as her master, having her latest maintenance dated in the year X492 by Weisz Steiner.[9][10] She was subsequently sent to the planet Norma, which had fifty years of time stolen by a Chronophage, leaving it perpetually stuck in the year of X442. Her briefcase was found by Sibir and his gang, who sought to exploit her EMP functions for monetary gain. She became the subject of abuse and cruelty, such as getting her leg torn off and replaced with a screw when she was unable to dance for Sibir's entertainment, and having her memories of her master erased, forcing her to designate Sibir as her new master, which was recorded on her B-Cube.[11]

Norma arc[edit | edit source]

Approximately one week after having her memory erased,[12] Pino is stolen in her briefcase by Weisz Steiner, who mistakes the case's contents for money and flees Sibir's Gang.[13] At an underground bar, after Shiki Granbell mischievously takes the briefcase from Weisz and argues with him, Pino's EMP activates and shorts out his Satan Gravity, which causes him to drop her case and open it by accident.[14] Pino emerges, thinking she heard her master's voice, before realizing her mistake and introducing herself, momentarily shorting out the bar's lights as a result of her EMP. Shiki is impressed by her powers and eagerly asks her to be his friend, to which she accepts after a moment's consideration. When Weisz questions Pino about her master, thinking she belongs to Sibir, her damaged memory reloads and she completely registers Sibir as her master. Overcome with fear, Pino runs off to meet him to avoid incurring his wrath.[15] She returns to Sibir's side at his hideout, meekly agreeing to her part in his plan to take over the city.[16]

Skull Fairy arc[edit | edit source]

Guilst arc[edit | edit source]

Digitalis arc[edit | edit source]

When Shiki and his friends enter the world of Digitalis to search for Hermit and bring her back to Edens Zero, Pino chooses an avatar of a young human girl with rabbit like ears and meets up with her friends who chose their respective avatars in Digitalis.

Mildian arc[edit | edit source]

Sun Jewel arc[edit | edit source]

Belial Gore arc[edit | edit source]

World No. 29[edit | edit source]

Seven days after the death of Shiki by Drakken Joe's hand, Pino and Happy were shown to be deactivated and lying among the discarded junk in Belial Gore.

World No. 30[edit | edit source]

Edens One arc[edit | edit source]

Red Cave arc[edit | edit source]

After escaping the giant space fish in the Poseidon Nero Sector, she marvels with the others at the sight of the Aoi Cosmos outside their windows, comparing it to an aquarium.[17] They soon arrive at the Fire Planet, Red Cave, amazed by the pretty view of an ocean.[18]

Foresta arc[edit | edit source]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Electromagnetic Pulse (電磁パルス Denji Parusu): Pino is capable of creating bursts of electromagnetic pulses (also known as EMP) that short out electronics such as lights and machines for a few seconds. Her ability also cancels out Ether Gear when it is in use.[19][20]

Analysis: Pino's cybernetic senses allow her to analyze a location's or person's structural composition. She could determine from viewing Jinn that he was a cyborg with 60% of his body being modified.[21] Using her analysis feature Pino could detect a bullet hole in their surroundings and calculate the trajectory of the shot and distance to the shooter.[22]

View-Point Video: Pino can broadcast her vision through cameras in her eyes to the Edens Zero, allowing other people to see what she can see live.[23]

  • Video Recording: Pino can record what she sees for later rewatching.[24]
  • Magnification Screen: Pino can project a holographic screen of what she sees and can magnify her vision to allow others to see things from a distance.[25]

Facial Recognition: Pino has a facial recognition feature that allows her to identify new individuals whose appearance she can see.[26]

Machine Physiology: As a machine, E.M. Pino does not have any issues with breathing or communicating while underwater.[27]

Equipment[edit | edit source]

B-Cube (B・キューブ B Kyūbu): She uses a B-Cube terminal with a lightning bolt-shaped symbol to record videos.

Battles & Events[edit | edit source]


Manga Appearances[edit | edit source]

Norma arc
4. Norma Absent
5. A Man Named Weisz Absent
6. Thief Debut
7. Iron Tears Appears
8. Clash!! The Sibir Family Appears
9. vs. The Foote Brothers Appears
10. We're Friends, Aren't We? Appears
11. Machina Maker Appears
Skull Fairy arc
12. The Skull Fairy Appears
13. Shiki vs. Elsie Absent
14. Born Again Appears
Guilst arc
15. Warship of the Demon King Appears
16. Sister Appears
17. The Collection Appears
18. Wind Howls on the Highway Appears
19. Geniuses at Coming Up with Fun Ideas Appears
20. Planet Guilst Appears
21. Soul Blade Appears
22. The Great Naked Escape Appears
23. Million Bullets Appears
24. Sister Ivry Appears
25. Take Aim Absent
26. Two Sisters Appears
27. The Great Guilst Escape Appears
28. New Friends Appears
Digitalis arc
29. Iron Hill Appears
30. The Super Virtual Planet Appears
31. The People of Digitalis Appears
32. Mass Murderer Jamilov Appears
33. The Girl on the Hill Appears
34. Survive the Night Appears
35. The Girl and the Monster Appears
36. The G.I.A. Appears
37. Great Kaiju Shiki Appears
38. 22 Hits Appears
39. Spider the Genius Hacker Appears
40. Operation C7 Appears
41. Fireworks Appears
42. Pino's Dream Appears
43. Smells Like Money Appears
Mildian arc
44. The Temple of Knowledge Appears
45. The Battle Coliseum Appears
46. Footsteps of the Warrior Maiden Appears
47. Words Will Give You Strength Appears
48. From the Planet of Eternity Appears
Sun Jewel arc
49. Captain Connor Appears
50. Madame Kurenai Appears
51. Stones Appears
52. Kurenai's Gauntlet Appears
53. Wibble Wobble Ruby Bobble Appears
54. The Truth Is in the Cube Appears
55. Black Rock Appears
56. Reset Appears
57. My Mother, the Machine Absent
58. A Silent Reunion Appears
59. I Know You Can Keep Pressing On Appears
60. Until the Day it Turns to Strength Appears
61. Enter Arsenal Appears
62. The Legend of Me Appears
63. Taking Up the Torch Appears
64. Leaper Appears
65. The Swordswoman Incapacitated Appears
66. Gravity's Gonna Crush You Appears
67. Someone to Love Appears
68. Valkyrie Appears
Belial Gore arc
69. Rebecca's Nightmare Appears
70. Belial Gore Appears
71. The Steel Sorceress Appears
72. The Element 4 Appears
73. Don't Shed a Tear Appears
74. Weisz vs. Laguna Appears
75. A Wind Blows Through the Sakura Cosmos Appears
76. Rebecca vs. Sylph Appears
77. The Winds that Bind Appears
78. No.29 Appears
79. That Which Obstructs and That Which Steals Appears
80. 60-Day Commemorative Coin Appears
81. Intercession Appears
82. Scolding Appears
83. The Shot Heard Round the Underworld Absent
84. A World Without Shiki Appears
85. Our Future Appears
86. EZ-Attack!! Appears
87. 4 on 4 Appears
88. Eye of God Appears
89. Hermit vs. Fie Appears
90. Sister vs. Daichi Appears
91. Homura vs. Sylph Appears
92. The Sword of Edens Appears
93. The Execution Site Appears
94. Shiki vs. Drakken Appears
95. Kris Rutherford Appears
96. A Young Man's Memories Appears
97. The Time Is Now Appears
98. Advent of the Demon King Appears
99. The Pendant Appears
Edens One arc
100. Edens One Appears
101. Singularity Appears
102. Time to Say Goodbye Appears
103. Clash of the Cosmos Appears
104. The Woman They Called Pirate Appears
Red Cave arc
105. Dragonfall Appears
106. Prayer Council Appears
107. A Planet Where Stars Fall Like Rain Appears
108. Nadia, Love of My Life Appears
109. Red Cave Appears
110. A Robot in Love Appears
111. The Sky of Days Long Past Appears
Foresta arc
112. When You Live Life on a Ship Appears
113. In the Doghouse Appears
114. Glue Appears
115. The Battle of Foresta Appears
116. The Sky Sweeper Appears
117. Shiki vs. Orc Appears
118. Star Drain Appears
119. Homura vs. Mora Absent
120. Rebecca vs. Britney Appears
121. Darling Little Piece of Junk Appears
122. Titanic Victory Absent
123. The Light of Justice Absent
124. Kiss & Die Absent
125. Heart of Gravity Appears
126. This Doctor, Armed and Dangerous Appears
127. The Doomsday System Appears
128. What's Important Appears
129. So We Can Smile Brighter Appears
130. Oceans 6 Appears
131. VR-C Appears
132. Chrono Witch Appears
133. Following Ziggy's Path Appears
Sandra arc
134. Judgment Day Appears
135. Desert Oasis Appears
136. Goodwin Appears
137. Empire Dice Appears
138. Prelude to the Aoi War Appears
139. White Flash Appears

Appearances in Other Media[edit | edit source]

Mashima HERO'S[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Ether Power ☆☆
Intelligence ☆☆☆☆
Rabbit? ☆☆☆
  • According to Pino's Analysis, her stats are:[1]
  • As of Volume 4, E.M. Pino was Hiro Mashima's favorite character.[28]
  • E.M. Pino's full name is a "cute" pun on the word EMP, an abbreviation of "Electromagnetic pulse" which is also her signature ability.[29]
  • Her name is also a nod on Pinocchio, a puppet who wishes to become a real human.

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