See? It was a learning experience, right? You want to dream about being heroes? Going on adventures? Fine. But there are some people in the cosmos that you just shouldn't mess with. Get the message?

—Drakken Joe, Chapter 83

Drakken Joe (ドラッケン・ジョー Dorakken Jō), better known as the "Dark Alchemist" (闇の錬金術師 Yami no Renkinjutsushi), is one of the Oración Seis Galáctica[1], the former owner of the Belial Gore, and the founder and CEO of his own criminal organization. He is also known as "Undead Joe" (不死者(アンデッド)ジョー Andeddo Jō) for his unaging body, and "DJ Zombie" (DJゾンビ DJ Zonbi) while he was operating on Norma.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Drakken is a tall and muscular man with dark red eyes with dark shadows, a curled beard and dark red spiky hair that resembles feathers. His main attire consists of a fur-collared, light-colored overcoat draped over his shoulders, a long-sleeved, high-collared jacket, and a turtleneck underneath with a dark-colored design that resembles flames.

After losing his youth, Drakken's body ages to the point of becoming a shriveled old man, gaining wrinkles, light-colored hair and losing his muscular physique.[2]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Drakken Joe is shown to be a violent and greedy person. He believes money is the most important thing in the cosmos and is only interested in making more of it at the expense of the people who are debt slaves to him. Joe has shown that he will go as far as torturing and maiming someone for not returning the money he has loaned to them. However, he is willing to let a person who can not pay him back live, solely so he can force them to earn more money for him by doing grueling types of jobs. Joe seems to be somewhat forgetful as he did not remember who Spider was despite telling him that they were brothers after he fixed his computer in the past. One thing Joe cannot stand is his reputation being dragged through the mud, as he makes his living off of it, and doing so enrages him to the point that he had Seth kill Spider on spot for using it after he lost to the Crew of Edens. Drakken Joe can be quite sadistic at times such as ordering Fie to cut off Weisz Steiner's arm and laughing as he screamed in pain.

In actuality, he is a scared man who is desperately obsessed with immortality. In the past, he was initially a kind child who wanted to make friends as Shiki once he got rid of his short lifespan effect, but his obsession and transformation into an Ether Gear user corrupted his humanity instead.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

Drakken Joe was born prior to X292 on a planet where humans were bred as experimental guinea pigs with a maximum lifespan of fifteen years. During his childhood, Drakken learned about humans from other planets that could live for decades, which led him to question the purpose of his short lifespan and, ultimately, desire to grow into adulthood and make new friends. After being shunned by the other children for this line of thought, Drakken discovered a book about alchemy that inspired him to convert others' life force into his own, eventually learning the Alchemist form of Ether Gear.[3] Eventually, Drakken succeeded in acquiring a life-support device with such a function, extending his life for centuries;[4] however, he became disillusioned with his childhood desire for friendship,[5] and instead became purely obsessed with power and survival.[6] In time, people became so unnerved by Drakken's unchanging age that he gained the moniker "Drakken Joe Zombie".[7]

By X432, Drakken became a prominent figure on Norma under the alias "DJ Zombie", causing the deaths of dozens of people—including Weisz Steiner's mother—over the next ten years with his device, although none could point to him as the cause.[8] By X442, Drakken served as the fixer for countless small-time gangs on Norma, including one run by Weisz's friend Sibir. Following a falling out with Sibir, Weisz unknowingly stole a briefcase containing the money that belonged to Drakken, mistaking it for Sibir's. Upon discovering the theft, Drakken had Weisz's right arm amputated as punishment, which left a profound impact on Weisz and inspired him to abandon his life of crime.[9] Shortly afterwards, Drakken moved his business away from Norma and found greater success as a loan shark on the beautiful tourist planet Guilst, which fell into a state of complete depravity under his influence.[10][11]

Drakken Joe as one of the Oración Seis Galactica

Sometime prior to the year X477, Kurenai Kōgetsu became one of Drakken's debtors,[12] and was forced by him to pay off her debt through a certain line of work that utilized her beauty.[13] At another point, a tech employee from Drakken's company, Spider, became fixated on Drakken after receiving a passing compliment from him for repairing his computer, which Drakken promptly forgot.[14] By X492, the numerous planets ruined in Drakken's wake had earned him a spot among the Oración Seis Galáctica,[10][15] while his tendency to brutally retaliate against those who defied him solidified his reputation as the "Dark Alchemist", the most powerful and evil figure in the Sakura Cosmos's criminal underworld.[16][17]

Guilst arc[edit | edit source]

Drakken manages to escape the Chronophage's arrival to Guilst, having the Belial Gore detach from the lawless planet.[10]

Digitalis arc[edit | edit source]

On the Belial Gore, Drakken Joe is in the middle of a "meeting" with Murray Morrison, one of his debtors, when he is interrupted by the hacker Spider, whom he did not recognize despite the hacker's insistence that they knew each other as "brothers". Drakken continued with his interrogation of Murray who had not paid back the 2,000,000 Glee with the interest of 3,000,000 Glee he borrowed from him. He tortures Murray for a bit with a bottle he turns into Dramour Ore and silences Spider who tries to cheer for him to kill the debtor, explaining that it's not good business at all. Drakken then gives Murray a list of jobs to repay the debt and then orders his assistant to take Murray away.The Dark Alchemist asks Seth how much they lost in the disaster on Guilst who was unable to give an answer; he then brings his attention back to Spider and what he wants.[18]

Drakken Joe threatening Spider for tarnishing his reputation

At his office, Spider tells Drakken about the Edens Zero and it's crew, but when he finds out that Spider had dropped his name to the crew and was defeated by them, he was not happy. He told Spider that he did not like his reputation being tarnished and ordered Seth to shoot the hacker in the head, killing him seconds later. He claims that Spider did not smell like money anymore, but then claims that the Edens Zero does smell like money.[19]

Later, he contacted Noah Glenfield, the Guild Master of Shooting Starlight, for information about the ship.[20]

Sun Jewel arc[edit | edit source]

On the planet Sun Jewel, Drakken Joe is found in a room with Madame Kurenai, commenting about the Satellite Blaze, a machine that condemns every criminal on the planet. He then asked her to use her "divine retribution" to find the Edens Zero while saying he smells money coming from it.[21] Later, he is back on his ship and he hacks into Kurenai's Satellite Blaze, taking it as interest on her loan. Drakken Joe reminisces about the time Kurenai came to him begging for money, then calls her a tacky old hag.[22]

He then spots the Edens Zero and begins chasing it down. It is revealed much later, that the Edens Zero Drakken Joe was pursuing was a hologram. When asked what they will do next, Drakken claims that he knows where they are going.[23]

Belial Gore arc[edit | edit source]

World No. 29[edit | edit source]

The Belial Gore manages to catch up to the Edens Zero, and Drakken Joe smiles to himself when he listens in on the conversation between the Crew of Edens and Hermit, completely aware that they are on the Belial Gore.[24]

Drakken Joe demonstrating what True Overdrive is to Shiki and Jinn

Later, Drakken Joe initiates a ship-wide broadcast, telling the crew that he knows they're on his ship. He tells them he knows they sneaked in through the Guest Dock, and that he will be taking their ship.[25] Drakken the jams communications and locks down the Guest Dock, and tells the crew not to make a scene, saying that the lives of the people on the Edens Zero depend on them.[26] After Drakken finds out Maria, Seth and Diego, were beaten by the crew on the Edens Zero in their boarding attempt, he says they may run into some turbulence as he summons his special task force, the Element 4.[27]

Drakken initiates another ship-wide broadcast, addressing the citizens of Belial Gore. He shows the pictures of the intruders to the population and tells them that he wants them alive, and says anyone who captures them will have their debts erased as a reward. At his residence, Drakken's assistant questions the use of the population when he's mobilizing the Element 4, to which Drakken replies that he's just having some fun, and he has to throw the population a bone sometimes. He then claims the intruders won't stand a chance against the Element 4. He comments on the four elements and how they lay the foundation of alchemy. He says the Element 4 are a part of him and it's time to show the intruders what they can do.[28]

World No. 30[edit | edit source]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Drakken Joe is a member of the Oración Seis Galáctica, noted to be the cosmos's strongest warriors, being renowned for crushing entire planets.[15] His Ether capabilities were compared to those of his fellow Oración Seis Galáctica member Elsie Crimson, the Overdrive-using Shiki Granbell, and Justice of the Oración Seis Interestelar.[29] To support his power, Drakken Joe required four Ether masters of each element in order to balance out his own Ether due to his advanced age. Once the Element 4 were defeated and his Life Support Device was destroyed, Drakken Joe became weak enough to point where Shiki Granbell could overcome him.[30]

Alchemist (アルケミスト Arukemisuto): Drakken Joe uses Ether Gear to perform alchemy that changes the material of objects, such as turning an Ether shield to gas or a space ship's metal hull into scrap paper.[31] He is also capable of imbuing weaponry with his alchemic powers, enabling others to use them to a degree.[32] Drakken can convert his own body into a different material for defensive purposes, such as converting his hand into Dramour Ore, or converting his opponents body into solid stone to petrify them.[33] Drakken can also convert matter into explosions.[34]

  • Ignition Floor (イグニッションフロア Igunisshon Furoa): Drakken creates a mark that branches away from him, proceeding to change the floor at the end of the mark into an explosion.[35]
  • Thunder Wall (サンダーウォール Sandā Wōru): By creating marks to the top of the walls Drakken can turn them into electricity, shocking anyone who makes contact with it.[36]

Drakken Joe's full Overdrive

Overdrive (オーバードライヴ Ōbadoraivu): As an experienced user of Ether Gear, Drakken possesses knowledge of Overdrive, a transformation that occurs when he pushes his Ether power beyond its limits. By doing so, the composition of his body changes, giving him more monstrous, crystalline features as Ether lines spread across his body.[37] When using Overdrive at its fullest, Drakken's physiology completely changes into that of a gargantuan dark-skinned beast with white ether markings all over his body, while his hair becomes white and more crystalline, and a reptilian tail.[38]

  • Shapeshifting: After activating his Overdrive, Drakken Joe's entire body becomes larger and more monstrous but he can alter his physical form further by transforming his entire arm into a bladed weapon.[39]
  • Augmented Durability: His body becomes even sturdier than before, being able to block Metallica Explosion from Arsenal with his bare hand.[40]
  • Mutated Form: After Drakken Joe's Life Support Machine was sent into reverse by Hermit, the accumulated life energy underwent a bizarre fusion with Drakken's Ether, causing him to undergo a drastic physical alteration despite being weakened.[41] In this form Drakken becomes an enormous monster with beastly features and sprouts multiple tentacle-like arms from his back which spread rapidly throughout the surrounding area.[42] Drakken Joe is still capable of using his Ether Gear in this form to send lightning through the air and zap his opponents[43] or shapeshift his body parts into weapons such as a handgun.[44]
    • Augmented Shapeshifting: Drakken's body undergoes even further changes with multiple rapidly growing tentacles spreading throughout the whole of the Belial Gore, capable of piercing through people with ease.[45] From these tentacles Drakken can manifest monstrous faces to see through and speak to others.[46]
    • Technology Assimiliation: Drakken's tentacles can merge with machinery allowing him to take over computers and remotely control the Satellite Blaze.[47]

Immense Strength: Drakken Joe proved strong enough to knock both Shiki and Kris to the ground while both were using an incomplete version of Overdrive.[48]

Immense Speed: Drakken Joe could intercept attacks from Shiki and Kris aimed at each other and knock them both to the ground before either could react to his presence.[48]

Immense Durability: Drakken Joe could withstand being pushed through several floors of his own spaceship by Shiki's gravity without taking notable damage.[49] He can augment his durability further through the use of his Ether Gear by changing his body into different substances.[50]

Longevity: Through the use of a machine aboard the Belial Gore, Drakken Joe can absorb the life force of people from a planet or from his spaceship which he uses to fuel his own lifespan giving him the appearance of being unaging.[51] He is rumored to have lived for more than two hundred years which is beyond what current medical technology can sustain.[52] After the Life Support Machine was sent into reverse by Hermit, Drakken Joe rapidly aged to his true appearance and became a withered, elderly man.[2]

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Belial Gore (ベリアル・ゴア Beriaru Goa): Drakken Joe's personal giant space fortress.

Life Support Device: Drakken has a machine that he uses to rejuvenate his body and improve his vitality. Absorbing the life energy of the people around Drakken, both when he lived in Norma and in Guilst; and currently at the Belial Gore. Exactly how it works is unknown.

Satellite Blaze (サテライトブレイズ Sateraito Bureizu): Drakken Joe stole the Satellite Blaze from its former owner, Kurenai Kōgetsu. He attempted to use it to destroy Blue Garden, but before he could succeed the satellite was destroyed by the Edens Zero.[53]

Manga Appearances[edit | edit source]

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Digitalis arc
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Edens One arc
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Foresta arc
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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Drakken's name comes from the video game title Drakkhen.[54]

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