Dragons (ドラゴン Doragon) are large creatures who live in space. They resemble robots, with gears on their bodies.


Dragons have big gears on the underside their bellies, and objects that look similar to solar panels along their wings. They have a tail and two legs, with three claws on each foot. They also have four objects sticking out of their collars, that look similar to sword hilts, which each one having four "V"s pointing toward the rest of the Dragon's body. In the center of their chest they have heart shaped objects with a ball in the center.[1]


When Shiki, Ziggy, and Michael were looking at the stars, Shiki noticed a streak and Ziggy claimed that it was a Dragon, though Michael argued against that fact. It is unknown if that was actually a Dragon or not.[2]


Intro arcEdit

While Shiki, Rebecca, and Happy were flying away from Granbell, a Dragon passed above them.[1]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Flight: Dragons are able to fly in space at their own pleasing and at incredible speed.[3]


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