Clarisse Layer (クラリス・レイヤー Kurarisu Reiyā) is a receptionist who works at Shooting Starlight.


Clarisse is a young woman with amber-blonde hair.


Clarisse is extremely polite and friendly, often breaking into tears at the slightest provocation. According to Rebecca, she is one of the few nice people she personally knows in the guild.


Norma arcEdit

Clarisse greets Shiki Granbell and Rebecca when they come to visit Shooting Starlight, expressing joy over Rebecca's safe return. Rebecca asks if Clarisse can register Shiki into the guild despite not knowing much about him, to which Clarisse agrees, adding that no one in the guild knows much about Rebecca's background, either. Later, Elsie Crimson and her crew come to the guild looking for Shiki and question Clarisse about his whereabouts, but Clarisse timidly pretends to be unfamiliar with him.



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