Vs. the Foote Brothers is the 9th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Edens Zero.


Shiki is shocked at Michael's appearance but then thinks that it's him from fifty years in the past and has yet to go to Granbell. The damaged robot comes online, and then says that it's not actually Michael, but called Johnny. He and Michael are a mass-produced model of robots, many of which litter the pit before Shiki.

Shocked, Shiki tries to repair Johnny just as he did for the robots back on Granbell. Having been made for Sibir and then discarded, Johnny says that he never expected to meet such a kind human and that he was glad to have met Shiki in the end as he shuts down.

Meanwhile, E.M. Pino tells Weisz and Happy that if she doesn't do her job, all the robots Sibir had abused will die, as Sibir himself continues his pursuit of the three. Back at Sibir's hideout, the Foote Brothers attack Rebecca, who narrowly manages to dodge their kicks. As she continues to dodge them, the brothers, enamored by her beautiful legs, stop attacking and ask to "inspect" her legs. Furious, Rebecca just starts shooting at them, but they dive straight for her legs. Just then, Shiki leaps up from the floor below and finishes off the Foote Brothers with a Magimech Style: Heavy Spin Kick. After Rebecca tells him where Weisz and Pino have gone to, Shiki runs off to face Sibir while Rebecca deals with the Foote Brothers.

Sibir, meanwhile, has managed to corner Weisz, Pino, and Happy with his mech, and then fires a missile telling Weisz to die. Suddenly, Sibir is torn from his mech suit by an enraged Shiki. Furious, Sibir tells Shiki that it's been a while since he had gotten so mad at someone, with Shiki saying he took the words out of his mouth as he delivers a devastating punch to the criminal's face.

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