Clash!! The Sibir Family is the 8th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Edens Zero.


Shiki, Rebecca, and Happy head towards Sibir's hideout. When Happy asks what Rebecca's plan is, she says that she's counting on Shiki to beat them up. Shiki confidently says that he'll never let his friends down, as the three vow to save Pino.

At the hideout, Pino, terrified, tries to explain that she was stolen, but Sibir angrily threatens to tear off her other leg. Watching from the shadows in disgust, Weisz throws a rock at Sibir, causing him to drop Pino into Weisz's hands, saying that she's wasted on the likes of Sibir.

Just as Sibir moves towards Weisz, Rebecca, Happy, and Shiki crash through the wall on their motorcycle. Shiki angrily demands they give Pino back before launching a Magimech Attack: Gravity Wave, causing all the gang members to be sucked towards Shiki as he follows up with a Magimech Attack: Gravity Fist Frenzy. As Rebecca congratulates Shiki, Weisz grabs their motorcycle and takes off with Pino, with Happy still on board. While the two are distracted, Sibir drops a metal crate on Shiki, as Rebecca looks on in disbelief. Sibir then leaves to chase Weisz, ordering his right-hand men, the Foote Brothers, take care of Rebecca.

On the streets, Sibir pursues Weisz's group in a Knight Gear Model, while Pino says that she needs to do Sibir's work, otherwise the robots she cares about will be hurt. In the hideout, Shiki is revealed to have fallen through the floor into a room filled with junk. As he looks around the junk pile, he sees the deactivated and broken body of Michael, causing tears to roll down his eyes.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Shiki Granbell
  2. Rebecca
  3. Happy
  4. E.M. Pino
  5. Sibir
  6. Weisz Steiner
  7. Foote Brothers

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