Thief is the 6th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Edens Zero.

Shiki, Rebecca and Happy confront Sibir 50 years in the past, who takes them for Weisz's accomplices in having stolen a valuable item of his. However, not wanting to change the past they run away and hide at a bar, where they once again meet with the Professor.


Having found the group in the middle of the city, Sibir demands that Shiki, Rebecca, and Happy tell him where Weisz is, saying that he stole money from him. Rebecca nervously says they don't know where he is, and while Sibir argues with his men to attack them, Rebecca suggests they run for it so they avoid changing the past.

Shiki and Rebecca flee from Sibir

Shiki and Rebecca flee from Sibir

As they try to flee, Sibir's men take notice, causing them to chase after them. Shiki uses his Gravity Ether Gear to have them fly down the street as Sibir and his men look on in shock before starting to shoot at them with missiles. Just when Sibir is about to catch up to them, Shiki counters with his Heavy Fist technique, causing Sibir's mecha to explode. As Shiki, Rebecca, and Happy take the opportunity to escape, Sibir furiously says that they will definitely come back.

Hiding out in a local bar, Shiki is amazed to see all the aliens there as Rebecca explains that the aliens living amongst humans having a language and culture similar to humans; technically, Shiki is an alien, too. Rebecca explains she knows about the bar because Weisz told him it was a hideout for him.

Shiki grabs the case

Shiki grabs the case

At that moment, Weisz himself appears, much to everyone's shock. In a fit of panic, Rebecca quickly begins explaining everything to Weisz, describing the group's current circumstances, something which Weisz doesn't want to believe. At the very least, he acknowledges the fact that Rebecca and co. aren't part of Sibir's party and the group's attention switches to the item that Weisz has supposedly stolen, with Shiki eventually taking it from Weisz. However, his gravity powers suddenly blink out and Shiki drops the case, much to Weisz' horror. It then opens and a talking machine pops out, complaining that it's not being taken with great care.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Sibir
  2. Rebecca
  3. Happy
  4. Shiki Granbell
  5. Weisz Steiner
  6. E.M. Pino

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Powers usedEdit

Skills usedEdit

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  • Flight

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