A Man Named Weisz is the 5th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Edens Zero.


A mysterious girl introduces herself as Xiaomei and calls herself the narrator of the story. She then tells readers not to think too much about the time jump at the end of the last chapter, because, in this story, time doesn't matter much.

Back in the garage, Rebecca tells the young man calling himself Weisz that they came looking for ProfessorWeisz, though the man accuses them of working for someone called Sibir. Before they can go any further, Shiki points out that there is someone on the floor above them, moments before shots start firing on them.

Shiki leaps up to the ceiling and, using the goggles to locate the attacker, finishes him off and sending him falling below. Meanwhile, Weisz gets onto a motorcycle and flees while everyone is distracted. The attacker tells them to deliver a message to Weisz: that those betray them will die by Strong-Man Sibir's hands, much to Shiki's amusement.

At a riverside restaurant, Rebecca tries to make sense of what happened and why the young man has the same name as Professor Weisz but is much younger. While Happy and Shiki think he created a youth-restoring drug that wiped his memories, Rebecca realizes that she can't connect to the Net, with Happy unable to do so either. Just then, a news report comes on about how a new Adventurer's Guild, Shooting Starlight, had been founded on Blue Garden; only Shooting Starlight was founded 50 years ago.

Rebecca remembers how she and Happy had visited Weisz one time and asked to live with him only to be turned down because, according to Weisz, the planet was dying. Back in the present, Rebecca takes the three outside the restaurant and realizes how old all the technology is. Shocked, Rebecca realizes that they somehow traveled back to Norma 50 years in the past, the year X442, meaning that the man they met was Professor Weisz 50 years ago!

While the three try to put together what has happened, a giant robot suddenly appears, piloted by the one calling himself Sibir. Assuming the three are with Weisz, Sibir is determined to make them pay for Weisz stealing from him. Meanwhile, in another part of the city, Weisz holds onto a briefcase that he says is his and will never let Sibir get his hands on.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Xiaomei
  2. Rebecca
  3. Shiki Granbell
  4. Happy
  5. Weisz Steiner
  6. Sibir

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