Norma is the 4th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Edens Zero.


On the Aqua Wing, Rebecca tells Shiki he can stay in the guest room, refusing to share her room with him. When Rebecca tells him that the ship is on autopilot, he asks to fly it for a while. Rebecca and Happy, thinking they could get a lot of views from him flying for the first time, agree.

Later, the Aqua Wing has crashed on planet Norma, with Rebecca furious yet happy that she got footage of it. As Happy wonders about what to do with the ship, Shiki lifts it up and sets it back down, revealing he can make things lighter with his Ether Gear.

At that moment, an alarm goes off warning the three that there it is about to rain earth ether crystals, much to Shiki's shock. Happy explains that Ether is the source of all "power" present in everything in the universe; in simpler terms, it's magic. In Shiki's case, his Ether Gear can rearrange the flow of Ether in his body like that of a machine.

As the Earth Ether continues coming down, the group heads below the surface, revealing a massive, underground city where Shiki is amazed at all the people and animals present.

As they arrive at Professor Weisz's house, Rebecca realizes that he is nowhere to be found, Happy noting that he hasn't read his emails, either. Shiki picks up a set of goggles and starts messing with them, and discovers that they give him x-ray vision. Rebecca tells him to stop messing with the Professor's stuff, but just as she tries to take the goggles off, a man with a gun appears telling them not to move.

The man asks them why they are in someone else's house, and Rebecca and Happy nervously explain that looking for Professor Weisz Steiner, the man who fixed up happy. The man says that he is Weisz Steiner before asking them who they are, much to everyone's shock.

20,000 years into the future, a pair of explorers finds two human corpses, one male, the other female. They then pick a B-Cube necklace, and find the word's "Eden's Zero" written on the back

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Rebecca
  2. Shiki Granbell
  3. Happy
  4. Weisz Steiner

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