The Planet Guilst is the 20th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Edens Zero.


Within Illega Tower, inside of a large cell, Rebecca and the twenty-eight other B-Cubers are imprisoned and greeted by their captor, Illega. He welcomes them to him residence and reveals that his plan is to convert all of the B-Cubers gathered into furniture as it is his hobby.

He gives them a demonstration through a transparent wall, revaling a kneeling girl who was once a super star on another planet. Despite begging for her life one of Illega's soldiers shoots her with a petrification gun that converts her into solid stone while still holding her earlier pose. Rebecca and the others are horrified and some beg for mercy which Illega cruelly rejects.

With a snap of his fingers Illega releases a flood of bubbles into the room that melt through the clothing of the B-Cubers, stripping them all naked.

In space the Edens Zero completes its fast travel course and arrives above Guilst.

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