Sister is the 16th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Edens Zero.


Witch states that although Edens Zero has returned to its true appearance, it has not yet regained its true power. Witch reveals that she heard of their plan to go and find Mother beyond the Sakura Cosmos – due to her nature as being part of the ship itself – and that the only way of them making it past Dragonfall is with the power of the Four Shining Stars, of which she is just one of them.

Later Rebecca receives a massages from Witch who reveals herself to be programmed with all kinds of massaging techniques such as oil massage, electric massage and mind-numbing torture & pleasure massage which alarms Rebecca. Happy eagerly accepts the last one on the list and finds it delightful.

As Witch continues to give a full-body massage to Rebecca, she gives more information regarding the other three Shining Stars of Edens Zero and states that one of them called Sister was last seem headed to Blue Garden after they disbanded. Shiki, Weisz and E.M. Pino discover a sealed room marked as CORD 3173 which Witch explains from a distance is one of Edens Zero's greatest secrets and can only be accessed when all of the Shining Stars are brought together.

The group arrive at Blue Garden where Weisz says his goodbyes and leaves them. The rest of them head towards the guild to see if they can find any information on the missing Shining Starlight, Sister. On their way they run into Clarisse who is relieved to see them and Labilia who takes the opportunity to mock Rebecca for her unpopularity and request that Shiki be in one of her B-Cube videos which Shiki refuses. Labilia leaves, unconcerned about being denied by Shiki again.

Clarisse informs Rebecca that the guild master wishes to see her which surprises Rebecca. Meanwhile, Labilia and four bodyguards are walking down an alleyway and run into a mysterious cyborg that appears to be working for Sister.

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