Shiki vs. Elsie is the 13th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Edens Zero.


Shiki faces off against Elsie and remarks that her skull-like face must mean she isn't human. Elsie demands to see the power than he inherited from the Demon King but before he can get an explanation from her, she launches an immediate attack and slaps him backwards with a tentacle. Shiki redirects gravity to move to the ceiling but Elsie is on him too quickly for him to react and she slams him back down to the ground. Evading more of her attacks, he attempts to launch a Magimech Attack at her but is hit once again before he can do it.

In a flashback, Shiki recalls his youth where he sparred with the Demon King and was unable to beat him. The Demon King used his Ether Gear to suspend Shiki in the air and stop him from fighting. When Shiki complains about this, the Demon King offers him the chance to learn how to control gravity. Even after being taught gravity techniques however, Shiki is still unable to beat the Demon King.

In the present, Shiki punches back Elsie and demands to know what she is. Elsie simply repeats her introduction back to him and asks who he is. Shiki declares himself as Shiki, an adventurer, that plans to go find Mother outside of the Sakura Cosmos. When Elsie counters this as being a vain goal, Shiki resumes the fight.

In the past, Shiki asks why his grandfather has stopped moving and tries to fix him. Michael tries to explain that it is too late but Shiki refuses to accept it as his grandfather hadn't even taught him the Gravity Comet yet.

In the present, a fleet of warships from the Interstellar Union Army from the Cosmic Government appear led by Justice who is accompanied by Victory and Creed. Victory declares that today he will finally arrest Elsie Crimson. An abnormal ether reaction aboard the Skull Fairy gets his attention and he recognizes that it is not Elsie's ether.

Shiki continues to fight Elsie while Elsie explains that even Demon King Ziggy himself could not find Mother which surprises Shiki. The levels of Shiki's ether approach a hundred thousand as he activates Gravity Gear through his entire body and he launches himself at Elsie, taking her down with the Gravity Comet.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Shiki Granbell
  2. Elsie Crimson
  3. Ziggy (flashback)
  4. Michael (flashback)
  5. Castellan (flashback)
  6. Justice
  7. Victory
  8. Creed

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