The Skull Fairy is the 12th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Edens Zero.


As the Skull Fairy’s tractor beam pulls in the Aqua Wing, Happy and Weisz begin to panic while Rebecca notices the ship's flag and identifies it as the symbol of Elsie Crimson, the dread pirate who conquered the Seven Cosmic Seas. Despite Weisz's efforts, the Aqua Wing is pulled fully onboard and a holographic image of Elsie is displayed who introduces herself and her ship.

She praises their ability to escape the time-consumed planet Norma while insulting them for being captured by her tractor beam. Shiki demands to know her intentions to which Elsie answers that she wants nothing more than to plunder; she declares that they will be taken to the planet Guilst to be sold as slaves which encourages her crew to taunt Rebecca who is dreading the prospect. Weisz attempts to bargain his way to freedom by pledging to be their mechanic which annoys Shiki.

Shiki declares that he will instead plunder the Skull Fairy from Elsie as he's in need of a large ship which shocks his comrades. Elsie gives him directions on where he can find her and closes off the communications between them. Shiki runs off but Rebecca expresses doubts that Shiki could beat someone as infamous as Elsie Crimson.

Shiki discovers that the ship is infested with disgusting alien growths and finds a crowd of space pirates shuffling towards him. Prepared to fight, Shiki is shocked when the arms of the pirates all transform into tentacles and begin to attack him. Quickly recovering, Shiki defeats several of them with ease as he proclaims space is awesome.

Meanwhile, Rebecca, Happy and Pino have been captured by several tentacles with Weisz swiftly being trapped as well. Pino identifies the tentacled creatures as Kawpicatt S4. Rebecca and Happy escape however after Happy transforms into a pair of blasters and enable Rebecca to destroy the tentacles around them in a barrage of ether blasts.

Shiki discovers Elsie's room and barges inside but is surprised when Elsie turns around and reveals that she seemingly has a demonic skull-like face. Elsie declares that she will surpass the Demon King and that she's been waiting for Shiki's arrival.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Happy
  2. Weisz Steiner (X442)
  3. E.M. Pino
  4. Rebecca
  5. Shiki Granbell
  6. Elsie Crimson

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