We're Friends, Aren't We? is the 10th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Edens Zero.


Sibir and everyone else present is shocked that Shiki just managed to land a blow on him. Enraged, Sibir then proceeds to fly up to meet Shiki using the reinforced arm Weisz made for him, saying he'll show him what happens to those who mess with his city. Shiki retorts, by telling him that machines are alive and that he should take care of them, finishing the criminal off with a Magimech Attack: Gravity Cannon.

Just then, Sibir's bird uses his mech to grab Shiki as it activates its self-destruct. Suddenly, E.M. Pino stops the mech by activating her EMP, proclaiming that she is not Sibir's toy. Weisz then stands in front of Sibir pointing a gun at his head. When he pulls the trigger though, the gun jams due to the EMP, so Weisz simply smashes Sibir's robot arm.

As Shiki asks Pino if she's okay, Pino asks why he's worried about a machine when he's injured himself. Shiki says that it's because they're friends, to which Pino tearfully agrees.

Back at Sibir's hideout, Rebecca explains that Sibir had been stealing military robots around town using Pino's ability, but they've been turned over to the police. Happy asks how Pino, an android from their time, wound up in the past, with Pino responding that she can't remember anything thanks to Sibir's memory wipe. Weisz brings up the fact that the last maintenance was done on her by Professor Weisz. They think that if they return to the future, then Pino's memories will return.

Just then, the police arrive. While Rebecca is initially not worried, Pino points out they will be in trouble since they don't have an ID, causing them all to run for it. Weisz proceeds to follow them when the police recognize him from Sibir's gang.

Back at the Aqua Wing, Shiki, Happy, Rebecca, and Pino prepare to head to Blue Garden in order to find a way back to their time. As soon as they lift off, though, the police catch up to them and begin shooting at them. While the Aqua Wing can easily outrun them, it is suddenly prevented from leaving the planet by an unknown energy field. Just then, Weisz appears, having snuck onto the ship in order to escape. He then tells the group that if they hand the ship over to him, then he can help them get into space.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Shiki Granbell
  2. Sibir
  3. Weisz Steiner
  4. Happy
  5. E.M. Pino
  6. Rebecca

Powers, Skills, and Abilities usedEdit

Powers usedEdit

Skills usedEdit

Abilities usedEdit

  • EMP Generation

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