Castellan (城主 Jōshu) was a machine of Granbell, as well the former ruler of Granbell Kingdom.​​​​


In accordance with his name, Castellan was a machine that looked much like an elderly king. He wore a dark-colored robe, trimmed with fur with the symbol of Granbell Kingdom emblazoned on the back. As well as a multi-color, stripped crown on his head. He had a thick mustache and beard and gear-like decorations around both of his eyes.[1] When entering into battle, Castellan discarded his robe revealing a robotic-body similar to a medieval knight's armor.[2]


Castellan is a loyal friend, aiding in fulfilling Ziggy's wish even while knowing that his battery was already beginning to run out.[3]


Castellan was built along with many other machines for the Granbell Kingdom back when it had many visitors. After the park was abandoned a century ago, he and the rest of the machines were left to fend for themselves. About ten years before all the Granbell machines ceased to function, when the Demon King discovered an orphaned boy named Shiki, Castellan and the others looked after the boy who in turn looked after their repairs.[4] When the Demon King's body broke down and he ceased to function, he left Shiki to be looked after by Castellan and the other Granbell machines. And he requested that Castellan and the other machines make Shiki leave them behind as he knew he would be all alone once their batteries died.[3]


Intro arcEdit

While everyone is in Granbell is partying, a messenger comes and informs Castellan about Rebecca's presence in the kingdom.[5] Later, while Rebecca and Happy were asleep, Castellan and the other Robots tied Rebecca to a post on a pyre, declaring their intent to kill her and steal her ship to exact revenge against humanity as a way to enrage Shiki. After an argument and the other robots attacking Shiki, Castellan and Shiki fight, leaving Shiki victorious and driving Rebecca, Happy, and Shiki off Granbell.[6] As Castellan lies defeated, he thinks back on the Demon King's death and remembers what the Demon King had requested of him and the other machines - that they make Shiki leave them behind and explore space at all costs so that he wouldn't be lonely when they ceased to functions. Castellan, along with his machine comrades, express their happiness at Shiki being able to leave before they all cease to function.[3]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

King Combat Ready Model

Combat-Ready Machine

Combat-Ready Machine: Castellan is a Combat-Ready Machine, meaning he is a machine with combat capabilities.[2]

  • Enhanced Strength: Castellan could punch with enough brute force to make fissures in the ground.[7]
  • Machine Gun: Castellan could convert his arm into a machine gun which he could fire in rapid succession.[8]


  • Shiki Granbell vs. Castellan


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