PariahParadox PariahParadox 11 November 2020

Theory: Gravity Ether gears are named after Demons.

Considering the latest chapter introduces Shura and we know for quite some time that he has a Gravity Ether gear. I think that it would be pretty boring if the 4 characters had the EXACT same Gravity Ether Gear: Satan Gravity. There could be a Lucifer Gravity, Mammon Gravity etc. Here is a link to some other names it could be.

We also know that anybody who has a Gravity Ether gear has "Demon King" Ether as confirmed by Britney & Orc Chapter 115, page 15. All seven of those demons are princes in the aforementioned link, but only one can be King. Gravity attracts Gravity.

IIRC Xenolith was the founder of Gravity Ether Gear tactics, it doesn't specifically mention "Satan Gravity", but it seem…

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Warmachine375 Warmachine375 6 August 2020

Possible Complete Overdrives for Rebecca, Homura, Weisz and Kris & Kleene

Since Drakken Joe and Shiki have displayed their Complete Overdrive, I think it would be awesome if Rebecca, Homura, Weisz, and Kris & Kleene to have their own respective Complete Overdrives in the future. Of course like Draken Joe said, each of them should push their Ether to its critical point, thus changing to their physical appearance into a different form

For example, I can see Homura viewing her Complete Overdrive as a substitute for Battle Dress: Valkyrie Armament System since she is the human member of the Four Shining Stars and successor of Valkyrie Yuna; or Weisz further enhancing his Arsenal Suit into something more powerful and stronger than the previous model with his Complete Overdrive.

I can't wait to see what's in store of Ma…

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Warmachine375 Warmachine375 21 July 2020

What destroyed Edens One in World No. 29?

Since we are at the Edens One arc where Ziggy apparently became evil and disregarded everything he had preached to Shiki and the Four Shining Stars after reactivating at Granbell and took command of the Edens One piloted by Captain Connors along with the Four Dark Stars in World No. 30, it made me wonder who was behind the destruction of Edens One where Captain Connors was the only survivor and is taken in as a guest and ally too as well in Edens Zero in World No. 29?

Considering Ziggy had claimed that the Four Dark Stars, who were first introduced inside Edens One, are supposed to be the more advanced generation of machines compared to the Four Shining Stars and also seeing how powerful Edens One is with Captain Connors in command compared…

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Warmachine375 Warmachine375 16 July 2020

Interstellar Union Army's Role in EZ series

Hi, guys and this is my first blog. And I would like to say that Eden's Zero is quite a fun series that I grow to like since Chapter 1. Now recently in the new arc, we have Ziggy apparently turn evil after reactivating and showed Shiki and his crew the Eden's One with Captain Connors and the Four Dark Stars.

Of course, the topic of the subject would be the Instellar Union Army where Justice, Victory, Creed and Jaguar are members of. One thing I hope is that Mashima give the space law enforcement some justice, no pun intended, and show that they are not pushovers at all even in the face of threats like the Oracion Seis Galactica and recently Ziggy the Demon King who became the villain.

Heck, we even saw a glimpse of Justice about to use his E…

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Damage3245 Damage3245 24 March 2020


As the only active Admin for the wiki, I'd like to become a Bureaucrat so that I can promote some active editors on here to be content moderators. I have tried contacting the wiki's original Bureaucrat who has been inactive for a year and I've had no success.

Does anyone have objections to this?

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Glen Gable Glen Gable 29 February 2020

Shiki's status

Hey guys. I wasn't on Fairy Tail Wiki for a while an active poster. Now, time for a poll.

Shiki was killed (or supposedly killed) by Drakken Joe. How will Mashima get around this? It was not only anti-climatic, it happened still when 1/6 of the series is happening (if pretty late, since Drakken is the direct force and we know of his elites).

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Damage3245 Damage3245 28 November 2019

To-Do List

  • Add Color Page sections to relevant image galleries.
  • Rename color page images to Color Spreads, add actual cover pages.
  • Update categories for chapters.
  • Add Status symbols to all Navboxes.
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Real Godisme Real Godisme 12 March 2019

Edens Zero Wiki: Hunger Games Signups

Hello and Good Day to all two of you who actually come to this wiki. I'm God and I'll be your host for the fantastic slaughter we call the Hunger Games. Some of you may remember this from the Fairy Tail Wiki and I am bringing it back. How this works is that you sign up, provide me with the relevant information I need, then I throw it all into a sim where I systematically murder each and every one of you ^_^. How can you resist the chance to kill one of your fellow wikians/discordians? Once the games are a go, I will make a new blog where I will post twice a day. In the mornings(EST) you will find out what happened over the night to each of you and later that evening I will post the events of the day. Now for how to sign up

Copy and paste th…

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Real Godisme Real Godisme 8 October 2018

The Demon King's Ship

Dat cover! Dat bath scene! Dat fall from the bath scene!! K, Im back now. EZ was getting kind of boring so I stopped making blogs, but this chapter deserves a blog.

So I'm gonna go ahead and say right off the bat that Rebecca is definitely hotter than Lucy. So now that we have that out of the way, lets discuss the chapter. Shiki is now the captain of his very own ship and we now know why the series is called Edens Zero. Also we now have this weird android thing that does whatever Shiki says... this will be interesting.

Also, I continue to be confused by ether gear. At first we thought it was magic or something, then we are told its equipment, but now it looks to be magic again cause Rebecca did not have one before, gets into a bath and now c…

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MarxusBTW MarxusBTW 29 September 2018

Edens Zero 13

ok first review, i dont know why im doing this but screw it

yaaaaaaay not a oneshot

so damn, kinda sad how the king passed that way, the fight itself was ok i guess we didnt really see much of what ugly space erza can do, someone who has somehow "surpass" the king, hopefully next chap we see something

hey shiki gets a new cool move yaaaaaaaaay

now we have the space government stuff, and hey space gray is here or space jellal or a space guy

overall 4/10 i guess, now if you excuse me i'll be reading rave now

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CNBA3 CNBA3 28 September 2018

Shiki vs Elcy Review

Since no one has made a review for this, I guess I will make one even though I know it’s late but here we go.

This was rather intriguing chapter as it reveals a little bit more about what the demon king was like in his earlier years. We get a little Intel about some sort of cosmic government, and we get new characters belonging to the government. Can’t wait to see where this goes.

As for the fight, well I am fairly certain that whoever that thing was that Shiki was fighting is not really Elsie. But despite all that he really does show some incredible strength yeah cool new form I might add, could this form be what causes great concern too many people?

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Real Godisme Real Godisme 18 September 2018

Skull Fairy No.1



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Real Godisme Real Godisme 12 September 2018

Machina Maker

I read this chapter the other day but didn't have the time to make a blog. So sorry. Anyway, I... actually really enjoyed this chapter.

It seems Ether Gear will be the power of this series, anyone with abilities will have some kind of an ether gear, which makes sense and I'm cool with. Also, according to that cover, we are going to get two more team members, one of them being Griffon Kato as a giant mech of sorts? Griff back as a character in this series would be great, loved him in Rave.

Im not sure how I feel about the time eater. On one hand, it makes it so Weisz can join the crew with no paradoxes, but at the same time, i think it would have been interesting seeing the crew having to try and avoid those paradoxes.

Anyway, I have shit to d…

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Real Godisme Real Godisme 4 September 2018

We're friends, aren't we?

HOORAY, SIBIR WASNT ONE SHOT! He was only two shot instead. Anyway, this chapter was pretty meh. Not awful like last chapter but not good either. Weisz joining the crew was super unexpected.... said no one ever. So right now we got a human buffoon, a hot chick, a young version of an old man and two robots, one which used to be a cat. Sounds like a great ragtag group.

Honestly, the thing that surprises me the most about this series is that the people who did nothing but trash on FT on reddit now love this series and call it great. I don't know about you guys, but I'm just not feeling this so far.

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Dinosel Dinosel 29 August 2018

Fetisch Brothers

God is lazy writing a review and I need my weekly dose of ranting.

First of all, as I expected the bot was not Michael. I mean why wouldn't Mashima waste a third of the chapter for literally no point at all. Just Shiki talking to a random bot that's not even Michael for the sake of plot development at least. But no, the moment you expect something spicy you get a turn off instead.

Second, last chapter I said theres no way we will see Rebeca dealing with the Foot Fetisch Brothers but we will get Shiki oneshoting them instead. And guess what happened y'all.... Exactly that... Not even a fight... Uhm... Sure ggwp.

Last of all, now heres where things get serious. Sibir... The dude that served as the first mini boss of the series... With his cool …

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Real Godisme Real Godisme 21 August 2018

Clash!! The Sibir family!

Alright, The International is on so you guys get a super short blog for a super meh chapter.

1. seems awfully familiar :thinking:

2. So Michael here means one of a few things. Either that aint Michael and is just a basic robot that looks like him, Michael time traveled as well, Shiki time traveled again, or Shiki and Granbell are from even further in the past and Rebecca accidentally time traveled when she went to Granbell. Personally feel Shiki time traveled again, but we really don't know.

So take your pic on theories.

As always comments and bla bla bla bla bla, I'm going to watch dota now.

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Real Godisme Real Godisme 7 August 2018

Iron Tears

Man, this manga sure is taking its sweet time revealing any of its grand plot isnt it? We are 7 chapters in and still know nothing about the ultimate goal of the series other than time travel shenanigans. I'm starting to think not even Mashima knows what this series is actually about.

Most of the plot this chapter was pretty generic. It seems Shiki is going to ask every person they encounter to be his friend. Its already gotten old. But what I really want to harp on is Sibir. This dude appears to be the first villain of the series and he is generic as all hell. Mashima usually does a decent job with his villains, making them interesting and unique in some way, but this dude is just as generic as it comes. He is a thief, he is a bad guy, he …

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Real Godisme Real Godisme 31 July 2018


Mkay, so this Sibir dude has a giant mech and talks to a bird.... interesting. So aside from a bunch of jumping and flying around, there wasn't much to this chapter until the end.

Weisz now knows that Rebecca and Shiki are from the future and he is... surprisingly unshocked. Like if someone told me they came from 50 years in the future I'd be mind blown, but this dude is just like "hmm, okay". The only thing that surprises him is he is losing his hair in 50 years.

So anyway, the dude has a briefcase with him and Shiki is just all "Hey, lemme imitate a robot I met once and steal this". And inside the briefcase is... a robot, of some sort. Idk, I was expecting some kind of big reveal and something game changing would be inside but instead its …

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Real Godisme Real Godisme 24 July 2018

Chapter 5

Ok so Jaiminisbox hasnt released the new chapter yet and when I tried to ask when it would be coming out, they decided rather than just giving me an answer, they would prefer to try and troll me. So someone linked me a fan translation which is pretty good. You can read it here.

So I won't really get into plot details cause there is only a single plot detail that matters: time. We have this Xiao Mei girl declaring she is the narrator for the story and in this series, time has no meaning. So what does that mean? Seeing how Natsu and Lucy..... I mean Shiki and Rebecca just casually time traveled without even noticing, I'm guessing it means that we are going to jump back and forth through time constantly. In Rave, Ma…

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Real Godisme Real Godisme 16 July 2018

Chapter 4: Nouma

Alright Mashima, I see you. "In unscientific terms, you could call it magic". Here I am thinking we are getting some sci fi series where everything is tech and then Mashima is all "jk, its magic again.". So I've been rereading Rave and its really night and day between the two series and I want to touch on that. We are still in the beginning stages of EZ, but Mashima is throwing exposition all over the place. For some reason he feels the need to outright explain every little detail of his series, but in Rave, there was very little exposition. Rather than be told how the world works, we came to observe how the world worked. We didn't need to be told there was magic, because he showed us there was magic. I want to see more showing here rather…

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Dinosel Dinosel 16 July 2018

Chapter 4, Review

Hey, Barbs here. So, we start getting some plot development finally. First we get to know that for a tech guy, Shiki doesn't know how to run vehicles at all, lovely.

We also got some nice explanation about how ether works and it got me wondering. Will we see wizards in Eden's Zero. Is the control of ether a forgotten practice from the Dark Ages, or are there people out there that still practice magic?The concept of ether gears is still fresh though so I doubt we will get any answer soon.

We also got to see planet Nouma that.... doesn't seem so dead after all. But something weird has happened like....uhm..... time reversion?

And that ending... 20.000 years in the future? What? What happened? It confused me so much. Any idea why that timeskip w…

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Ltmaroon57 Ltmaroon57 11 July 2018

Elsie/Shiki Speculations

I thought ti would be fun to create this blog to see everyone's different ideas on how exactly Elsie knows of Shiki, and why she is hunting him. Fire away!

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Ltmaroon57 Ltmaroon57 11 July 2018

Chapter 3 Review!

Okay, I know I;m late, but oh well.

Just like the previouse two chapters, I really enjoyed this one! I like that Hiro Mashima expanded a bit more on what Ether can do, other than just give you incredible power. I also really like Clarisse! She's so sweet and innocent, I just wanna hug her! She's basically the Mirajane of this series, which is a good thing for me :). With this chapter, this is shaping up to be a great first story arc of the series. I can't wait to see what mysteries lie on the Planet River, and what caused the planet to go dead. What possible villains might be looming around. And, let's not forget, Elsie Crimson. The question still remains in this chapter, "how does she know about Shiki, and why is she hunting him?" (I will…

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SuperHotLynx SuperHotLynx 10 July 2018

Planet or Star?

well.. every planet in edens zero is reffered to as 'star' .. wonder if we stick to 'planet' or change it to 'star' .. does the official manga refer it the same way?

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Real Godisme Real Godisme 10 July 2018

Chapter 3: Adventures

Mkay, this chapter was kind of a let down compared to last chapter. This felt like too much of a setup chapter and not enough of anything else. We see Clarisse, who seems like she is going to be the Levy of this series. Then we get adult Wendy with half her hair cut off and for some reason magnetically floating by her head. Oh and she also has horse feet.... for some reason. But obviously the big focus here is on Mother. She is as big as the galaxy and Shiki somehow knows her. So obviously, because this is Mashima, Shiki is probably like her immaculately conceived child fated to change the world. Also, Space Erza is doing stuff. Idk, the chapter was pretty meh.

Also, looks like all the FT characters will be minor characters in Edens Zero li…

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IamJakuhoRaikoben IamJakuhoRaikoben 10 July 2018

Chapter 3: Adventurers, Review.

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Ltmaroon57 Ltmaroon57 3 July 2018

Chapter 2 Review!

Okay, it's been three years since I wrote a blog post reviewing anything on a wikia site. I must say, it feels good to be back! :) Before I begin this short review, let me sorta introduce myself . I'm totally new here, as most of you probably are. I am a big fan of Fairy Tail, which lead me to start Hiro Mashima's new series, "Eden's Zero." I am usually weary about starting a new series from a creator of a series I like, worried that it might not live up to my expectations set by their previous work. This new series, was no exception. A bit of anxiety set in the moment I clicked on the first chapter to read it. I must say, even though we're only two chapters in, my worries were completely unfounded! :D

Okay, so, I loved pretty much everythi…

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Aoneko Rebecca Aoneko Rebecca 3 July 2018

Wikia's theme

Hello everyone!

I am new here, but i have visited this Wikipedia from the very start.

After seeing the French wiki page i find that they put such a good theme to it. the logo, the background and template.

So wish you could do the same to this fandom because she is my favorite and i wish the best for you.

Thank you.

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IamJakuhoRaikoben IamJakuhoRaikoben 3 July 2018

Chapter 2: The Girl and the Blue Cat, Review.

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Real Godisme Real Godisme 2 July 2018

The Girl and the Blue Cat

So new chapter and I must say... I actually really enjoyed it. The flashback intertwined with the current action gave much more depth to the story. Finding out that Happy was basically killed and then turned into a robot actually almost made me tear up. The relationship between Happy and Rebecca already feels kind of deeper than the relationship between Happy and Natsu. I don't like power of friendship bullshit, but when you flesh out the relationship and show us why friends mean so much to these characters, then Im ok with it. Plus Happy turning into a pair of guns and seeing Rebecca blast people to bits was actually amusing. Overall, really enjoyed the chapter, and next week we get Space Erza with an eyepatch!

As always, comments are very…

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FleetAdmiral88 FleetAdmiral88 2 July 2018

Eden's Zero Chapter 2 Review


So just a heads up. My reviews include a recap and can be lengthy.

We begin with the first two pages showing some kind of Aether titan in the cosmos, I presume to be the deity of this series or something.

So the chapter really begins with us discovering B-cube....okay, well as long as it doesn't have the restrictions of YouTube then Rebecca should be fine. Its an interesting concept actually with these cube-portable viewing devices. Throughout the chapter we see Shiki react to a new environment, and he acts pretty much as anyone would expect someone that's lived away from human civilization for their entire life to, so already more realistic then Fairy Tail.

As hes being dazzle…

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IamJakuhoRaikoben IamJakuhoRaikoben 26 June 2018

Chapter 1: In The Cherry Blossom Filled Sky, Review.

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Real Godisme Real Godisme 25 June 2018

Chapter 1 Discussion

So for chapter 1, it was ok, but it wasnt the strongest opening chapter. It didn't really set up the series beyond the first chapter. I didn't really get a glimpse of the overall conflict of the story and whats ahead in the plot. There were too many fairy tail references and Shiki and Rebecca were almost indistinguishable from Natsu and Lucy. I did like the space reveal. Overall, an ok chapter, but not really great.

What did you guys think?

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Relikz Relikz 5 June 2018


Hey guys so I waited basically an eon waiting for Rai to make a blog and it just goes to show that he is the laziest man on planet Earth and you can't expect him to ever actually get off his ass and do the most minimal thing so....

Mashima announced on Twitter that the official name of the series is Edens Zero, throwing away the pesky apostrophe and I'm glad he did it. So thank you Mashima-sensei.

Anyway I was to make this blog look pretty but I'm creating it from my phone so it's not that easy but I wanted to know what you guys think the series will be about based on the small amount of information which is just the name Edens Zero and the color spread of who we guess are the main characters.

Based on all the robots and Androids it definitel…

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