B-Cube (B・キューブ B Kyūbu) is a video sharing site where numerous channels are displayed.[1] It is accessed by a small, cubical terminal that is also called a "B-Cube".[2] Content producers of the site are known as B-Cubers (B・キューバー B Kyūbā).[1]


  • Aoneko Channel – Managed by Rebecca and Happy. It has 105 subscribers.[3]
  • Labilia Christy's Channel – The channel is noted for having high production values and a sizeable subscriber count.[4]
  • Mogumogu Channel (モグモグch.(チャネル) Mogumogu Chaneru) – Managed by Couchpo, showcasing her voracious appetite.[5][6] It has 1.93 million subscribers.[3]
  • Ricchan and Nacchan's Channel – The channel's content and subscriber count are unknown.[5]
  • Tokkō Channel (特攻ch.(チャネル) Tokkō Chaneru) – Managed by Milon.[5] The channel produces fully scripted suspense videos where Milon enters dangerous situations, including one where she is seemingly infected by a virus, leading viewers to believe they are actually real, death-defying stunts.[7] It has 1.2 million subscribers.[3]
  • Copa's Channel – At least one of the videos on the channel features a koala.[5][6] It has 850,000 subscribers.[3]


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