B-Cube (B・キューブ B Kyūbu) is a video sharing site where numerous channels are displayed across the cosmos.[1] It is accessed by a small, cubical terminal that is also called a "B-Cube".[2] Content producers of the site are known as B-Cubers (B・キューバー B Kyūbā).[1]

Channels[edit | edit source]

  • Aoneko Channel: Managed by Rebecca Bluegarden and Happy, known for showcasing amateur-level content.[3] During the B-Cuber kidnapping incident on Guilst, it had 105 subscribers.[4] The channel saw a massive rise in viewership after it was promoted by more popular B-Cubers that Rebecca rescued, although the general reception was overwhelmingly negative.[5]
  • Labilia Channel: Managed by Labilia Christy.[6] The channel is noted for having high production values and a sizeable subscriber count,[7] and typically updates with videos every day,[8] at least two of which are dedicated to harassing Rebecca and her channel.[9][6] Following a change in the website policies, the channel was demonetized for malicious content.[8]
  • Mogumogu Channel: Managed by Couchpo, showcasing her voracious appetite.[10][11][4] It has 1.93 million subscribers.[4]
  • Ricchan and Nacchan's Channel: The channel's content and subscriber count are unknown.[10]
  • Tokkō TV: Managed by Milon.[10] The channel produces fully scripted suspense videos where Milon enters dangerous situations, including one where she is seemingly infected by a virus, leading viewers to believe they are actually real, death-defying stunts.[12] It has 1.2 million subscribers.[4]
  • Copa's Channel: At least one of the videos on the channel features a koala.[10][11] It has 850,000 subscribers.[4]
  • Stem Girls Channel: Managed by Miyako. At least one of the videos on the channel features Miyako talking about what happens to air when heated up.[13] It has 610,000 subscribers.[4]
  • Bom Bo-Bom TV: Managed by Flanker Yocchi. Its content is unknown, but it is famous among B-Cubers.[14]
  • Nino's Channel: Covers anime- and otaku-related news and content. Its subscriber count is unknown, but it is extremely popular and well-known among other B-Cubers.[15]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Bom Bo-Bom TV is based on the real life Japanese YouTube channel "Bon Bon TV", which is hosted by online personalities Yocchi, Ricchan, and Nacchan. Its hosts also serve as the basis for the B-Cubers of the same name (Flanker Yocchi, Ricchan, and Nacchan, respectively).
  • Nino's Channel is based on the real life German YouTube channel "Ninotaku TV", which is hosted by Nino Kerl and covers anime- and otaku-related news and content.

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