Annie (アニー Anī) was one of the machines of Granbell. She ran the restaurant in the kingdom.[1]


Annie has a small mouth and two black circles for eyes. She wears a black hat and an apron with a chicken on it. She also has two lines from the top of her head to the sides, while simultaneously running through her eyes.[1]


Annie was built along with many other machines for the Granbell Kingdom back when it had many visitors. After the park was abandoned a century ago, she and the rest of the machines were left to fend for themselves. About ten years before all the Granbell machines ceased to function, when the Demon King discovered an orphaned boy named Shiki, Annie and the others looked after the boy who in turn looked after their repairs.[2] When the Demon King's body broke down and he ceased to function, he left Shiki to be looked after by Annie and the other Granbell machines. And he requested that Annie and the other machines make Shiki leave them behind as he knew he would be all alone once their batteries died.[3]


Intro arcEdit

Annie is one of the three machines that Shiki introduces to Rebecca and Happy. After the introductions are finished, Annie, along with the others, throw a party to celebrate the first visitor in Granbell in 100 years. When Shiki falls asleep, Annie along with the other machines explain to Rebecca exactly why Shiki is living on Granbell before escorting her to bed.[4] The next morning, Annie, along with the other machines, ties up Rebecca and attacks Shiki before Shiki attacks back to save Rebecca.[5] Annie and the other machines then pursue Shiki, Rebecca, and Happy as they flee, but they manage to escape.[6] Once they are gone, Annie and the other machines, who have only attacked Shiki as a ruse in order to make him leave before he ended up alone, express their happiness at him being able to leave before they all cease to function.[3]


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