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Andrew Wolfwood
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• 6/26/2018

Chapter Review

Kay, so I had a lot of expectations from this series and the first chapter didn't disappoint me.
I love the new characters. Shiki, Rebecca, and Happy. Many people are talking about them being same as Natsu and Lucy but I think that they are quite different.
Shiki being carefree, not knowing anything about the outside world, wanting to make lots of friends, and more importantly having the courage to stand up for his friends. I love all of these qualities about Shiki.
Rebecca is shown to be caring, have a desire to be famous, have the courage to die for his friend, and awesome barber skills :).
Well Happy is Happy (Aye)
I love where this is going. This time it's not about the world or a guild. This time it's about protecting the entire Universe.
I'm gonna stick with this series.

Alright! Piece!
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• 11/16/2018

happy really isn't a new character other then him begin a robot

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